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Eoin came to Money Week in 2006 having graduated with a MLitt in economics from Trinity College, Dublin. He taught economic history for two years at Trinity, while researching a thesis on how herd behaviour destroys financial markets.

Eoin acts as managing editor of MoneyWeek's newsletters.

Articles written by Eoin Gleeson

19/07/2012 25/11/2011

Profit from the fight against cybercrime

As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, billions are being spent shoring up internet security. That leads to opportunities for investors. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector, and tips the best firms to buy now.


Join the rush for rare earth metals

Rare earth metals are an invaluable industrial resource. And with consumption far outstripping supply, their price has shot up. Eoin Gleeson considers the case for investment, and tips two of the best bets in the sector.

30/07/2010 05/03/2010 05/03/2010

Forget Apple’s iPad, buy these gadgets instead

Apple’s iPad is causing a stir among the world’s technophiles. But there are plenty of other devices poised to make a splash that have slipped under the media’s rader.


Profit from the transport revolution

The planet’s transport problems will not be solved by electric cars, but by ‘reinventing the wheel’, say Eoin Gleeson and Jody Clarke. Here, we look at four big changes in transport – and how to profit from them.


Profit from the Google v iPhone war

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone, demand for smartphones has gone through the roof. And now with Google entering the hardware market, things will only hot up. Eoin Gleeson looks at the sector, and tips two companies poised to cash in on the popularity of next-generation mobile handsets.


How our sector tips played out in 2009

This time last year, it was a job to find any stocks that could survive the turmoil. But thanks to the world’s central bankers, stocks have surged. Here, Eoin Gleeson looks back over his sector tips for 2009, and sees how they’ve performed over the months.

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