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Why now looks a good time to back Japan over the US

There are many reasons to buy Japanese stocks over US stocks. Here, John Stepek outlines three of the most compelling.

Markets: FTSE 100 slips back

The FTSE 100 slipped back yesterday, falling 0.3% to close at 6,136.

Markets: housebuilders drive FTSE 100 higher

The FTSE 100 ended the week on a high note on Friday, climbing 1.7% to close at 6,156.

What's behind the violence in Bangladesh?

Disturbing developments in Bangladesh suggest the country is turning into an authoritarian state. Simon Wilson reports.

Auction house price wars

Christie’s and Sotheby’s are taking chunks out of each other in the art market, waiving fees and entering risky deals to keep the market perky.

If you’d invested in… property management and fitness trackers

The contrasting financial fortunes of an Aim-listed property management firm and a maker of fitness tracking apps.

Three insurance stocks on which to build a fortune

The non-life insurance industry has a wide variety of companies of varying quality, which provide excellent opportunities for stock pickers. Professional investor Nick Martin picks three of his favourites.

Chocolate stocks fly

Hotel Chocolat, the chocolate maker inspired by David Bowie, has gone public – and the shares are a buy, says Alex Williams.

Brazil: the turmoil is priced in

Brazil is so cheap that the current imbroglio is priced in – and its long-term potential makes it well worth a look.

Can gold keep going up?

Gold has gained around a fifth in 2016 and is at its highest level in over a year. Can that continue?

A defensive route into US stocks

The US stockmarket can be a tricky place to invest. But you’d be very foolish to ignore American equities completely. So what shuld you do? David C Stevenson explains.

Should you buy active or passive funds?

Merryn Somerset Webb looks at the differences between active and passive funds.

Exploit China’s shares gap

If you’re planning to invest in China, it’s useful to understand that there are two classes of shares: “A” shares and “H” shares. Sarah Moore explains the difference.

Fund in focus: Marlborough Special Situations Fund

The Marlborough Special Situations Fund is based on a very simple premise: smaller companies tend to grow more quickly than large ones.

Commercial property: should you join the rush for the exits?

In February, investors pulled more cash from commercial property funds than in any month since 2008. Natalie Stanton investigates why.

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