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Unilever sees off Kraft

US food giant Kraft, which swallowed up Britain’s Cadbury in 2010, has failed – for now – to do the same to Unilever. Ben Judge reports.

Thumping Trump

Mexico is cheap and the economy is set to boom

  • How populists could destroy the euro
  • Why it might pay to insure your pet

Finding the next world-beaters on Aim

Getting it right and avoiding the zombies is a big challenge, but investing in Aim stocks can still make a lot of sense, says David C Stevenson.

Beware of shoddy new builds

Housebuilders are setting aside millions to make right the shoddy work done on their new-build properties. Emma Lunn reports.

If you’d invested in: Indivior and Next

Drugmaker Indivior is on the up, while retailer Next, once a favourite with investors, has lost its way.

Get a steady income from your GP

Max King tips the best funds to profit from the move towards purpose-built doctors’ surgeries.

Three good growth stocks to buy now

Professional investor Algernon Percy picks three large international firms that can produce sustainable earnings growth over the long term.

Buy France, sell Germany

There are times when it could pay to be bullish on France and bearish on Germany. But this is one of them.

Emerging markets pick up steam

The MSCI Emerging Markets index has gained almost a tenth since 1 January, while its developed-market counterpart is up 5%.

The Trump trade gets a second wind

A few weeks ago, equity markets seemed to be reconsidering their initial enthusiasm for the new Trump administration. But in recent days the bulls have come back.

Chart of the week: don’t try to time the market

If you had missed the FTSE All-Share’s best 30 days in the past two decades, your portfolio would have lost money over the period. But if you had just sat tight, your initial stake would have tripled.

Mexico will have the last laugh as Trump builds his wall

Mexico will suffer if Trump’s plans to crimp trade come to fruition. But the country has its own hand to play. Smart investors should buy in now, says James McKeigue.

How passive funds are helping to drive the bubble in US stocks

Index funds are pushing up the price of US stocks, despite the market already being overvalued. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon passive investing, says John Stepek.

Warning: don’t touch lithium with a ten-foot bargepole

Lithium is the fuel of the clean tech revolution. That’s sent the stocks of lithium producers soaring. But we’ve seen this story before, says Dominic Frisby. It never ends well.

Hang on to your European stocks, despite the political mess

Europe is beset by political, economic and financial crises. And it’s only going to get worse. But European stocks could still perform well this year, says John Stepek.

The “boring” bubble is close to bursting – the Unilever bid proves it

Huge mega-mergers such as Kraft Heinz’s abandoned Unilever bid usually mark the top of the market. The “big, boring blue-chip” bubble is about to burst, says John Stepek.

Copper’s shine will fade

Copper has gained around 10% since the start of 2017. But don’t count on high prices lasting.

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