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Chart of the week: the Bloomberg profanity index

Swearing among CEOS hit a high after the recession, but as the recovery gathers steam, use of profanity is falling.

How to hedge your portfolio against global conflict

It won’t take much to set off a domino-effect that leads to markets crashing. Bengt Saelensminde explains an easy way to protect your portfolio.

Latin America’s new best friends

Russia, China and Japan are starting to take Latin America seriously, and money is pouring into the region. James McKeigue looks into the opportunities for investors.

Gamble of the week: Dart Group

This package holiday company is not for the nervous, but it could be worth a punt, says Phil Oakley.

A perfect storm for Tesco

The supermarket faces tough challenges – so should you wait for a better time to buy? Phil Oakley investigates.

Have we just hit ‘peak gold’? I’m betting we have

Gold production hit a record high in 2013. But that record could stand for many years, says Dominic Frisby. New discoveries are drying up – we may have hit ‘peak gold’.

The best bets for investors in Latin America

Professional investor Xavier Hovasse favours reform-friendly emerging markets with a current-account surplus, strong growth prospects, and sensible monetary policies.

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