Libya versus Goldman Sachs

A clever bank meets an unsophisticated customer with a huge pile of cash. The customer and the cash part company. Did the bank do anything wrong? Simon Wilson investigates.

Trump's threat to Europe

Even if he loses, he could destroy the euro

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Too much money is pouring into tech funds

Big companies are pouring billions into tech funds. It would be better to pay that out as dividends and let shareholders invest it how they want, says Matthew Lynn.

What the art market tells us about stocks

The international art market has been in the doldrums. Could it be about to pick up, asks Chris Carter.

Reassuringly boring stocks to tuck away

Boring can be better when it comes to stock picking. Professional investor Nitin Bajaj tips three such stocks to buy now.

How to buy a share of your office

International Property Securities Exchange will enable owners of individual commercial properties to float their buildings on a regulated market.

Should you buy a ski chalet?

Sarah Moore looks at what you need to consider when buying a ski chalet.

Heavy lifting still to do for robo-advisers

Nutmeg, the online investment manager (or “robo-adviser”), has tripled its turnover since 2014, but it is yet to turn a profit. Sarah Moore reports.

Should Pokémon fiat money get its gold standard?

Virtual currencies in Japan may be about to enter the real world, says Chris Carter.

Can you trust the trustees?

Many members of collective schemes put their faith in fund managers, watched over by trustees. But is that wise, asks Max King.

Could Saudi Arabia’s massive debt issue mark the top for the bond market?

Saudi Arabia’s record-breaking bond sale was the biggest-ever issue of emerging-market debt. We could just have seen the top of the bond market, says John Stepek.

Brexit hits IPOs

The number of stockmarket flotations has taken a nosedive since Britain voted to leave the EU.

Marmite: love it or sell it?

Marmite maker Unilever picked a fight with supermarket giant Tesco. Its shares were the loser, says Ben Judge

Steer clear of oil junk bonds

Energy companies may be in much better shape that they were, but their revival in the junk-bond market is merely inflating a massive bubble further.

A dividend bonanza for investors

Reinvested dividends are crucial to long-term returns, so sterling’s plunge is good news.

US stocks will muddle on

With tepid economic growth and a strong dollar, US stocks may struggle. But they are unlikely to slide.

South Africa’s power struggle hits the rand

A power struggle between the shambolic, corrupt regime of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma and the country’s finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, means a volatile few months for the rand.

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