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How to profit as Australia’s economy finally runs out of luck

The Australian economy bucked the worst of the financial crisis, but now its luck has run out. Matthew Partridge reveals the best way to profit from the downturn.

China panic sweeps the world – here's what that means for you

Plunging Chinese stocks have sent shockwaves around the world. Andrew Van Sickle looks at what that means for your money.

Finding the hidden dragons in eastern Europe

Forget the Brics and the Asian Tigers – the beasts sitting on the largest hoards of treasure are to be found in eastern Europe, says Jonathan Compton.

How worried should we be about the recent market falls?

Most media pundits have taken a relaxed attitude to the recent market falls, says Merryn Somerset Webb. They could not be more wrong.

Is the gloom overdone on mining stocks?

As China-related panic spread this week, the mining sector slid. BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Glencore all fell by more than 7% on Monday.

Complexity catastrophe

The more complex a system becomes, the more fragile it is, says Dan Denning. That is no less true of the markets.

August angst rattles stocks

Global stockmarkets remained volatile after Black Monday, which saw some of the nastiest daily falls since the global financial crisis.

Oil has had a staggering slump – but we haven’t seen capitulation yet

Oil companies face a huge challenge – prices are collapsing, but they can’t stop pumping. The slide won’t stop until the bankruptcies begin, says John Stepek.

Getting the urge to ‘do something’ as the market crashes? Maybe you should

When markets are surging and sliding like this, it’s easy to feel the need to just ‘do something’. And maybe you should, says John Stepek.

Introducing creditism

You can’t survive a near miss in the markets like we’ve just witnessed and not put ‘Plan D’ into action, says Dan Denning. So what is plan D?

A preview of markets in free-fall

Investors got a peek of what to expect again and again in a drone-driven stockmarket, says Dan Denning.

Will the panic over China continue to spread?

The panic coming out of China has infected markets around the world. Should investors resign themselves to more of the same? John Stepek investigates.

The cronies are on the run

With stock prices tumbling, the truth is finally coming out, says Bill Bonner.

On ‘dipheads’ and true market signals

What does the recent plunge in stocks mean for investors, and is it really worth trying to time the market, asks Dan Denning.

Fund of the week: Bagging bargains during China’s bull

This China-focused fund is seeking out bargains amid the turmoil affecting markets.

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