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London’s property market is looking wobbly – is it about to topple?

On the face of it, London’s property market is still going strong. But in reality, things are not so rosy. Matthew Partridge looks at how much longer London’s house-price bubble has to go before it pops.

Oil: expect a supply shock

Conflict in the Middle East could contribute to rising oil prices.

The tech industry has a new target

Mobile banking is set to become the next big thing, says Bengt Saelensminde. And for early investors, it promises to be a very lucrative market.

Shares in focus: Can Sainsbury’s defy the doom-mongers?

Tesco has slashed its dividend – can Sainsbury’s avoid having to do the same, and should you buy the shares? Phil Oakley investigates.

Don’t ditch the insurance policy

The crisis is over and the economic recovery seems to be picking up speed. Does that mean the case for holding gold is finished? We wouldn’t be so hasty.

Our advisers give their tips for investment trusts

Merryn Somerset Webb runs through some of the other suggestions for the MoneyWeek investment trust portfolio.

Burger King tie-up sparks tax row

Burger King’s takeover of Canada’s Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut chain has drawn flack from tax critics.

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