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Why I’m buying bitcoins

Bitcoin has already had one boom and bust. It could be about to have another, says Charlie Morris. That’s why he’s buying.

Why I’m shorting this much-loved stock

Electric-car maker Tesla is one of the darlings of the American stockmarket. But today, Dominic Frisby has decided to short it. Here, he explains why.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues to slide

The FTSE 100 continued to slide yesterday, falling a further 0.9% to close at 6,185.

The world’s best stockpicker proves the case for passive investing

Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous stockpicker, has just given an update on an eight-year-old bet he made on the benefits of passive investing. The results might surprise you.

Here’s your next big investment bubble: robotics

Robotics is the “next big thing”. It’s following the classic path for boom and bust, says John Stepek. But it’s not something you can ignore. Get in at the right time, and you could make a fortune.

Markets: FTSE 100 ends the week on a low note

The FTSE 100 went into the long weekend on a low note on Friday, sliding 1.3% to close at 6,241.

Anarchy in the EU

Investors need not worry about who is or isn’t in charge of eurozone governments, says Matthew Lynn. As far as the markets are concerned, it makes no difference.

The revolt against executive pay

Once again, shareholders are up in arms about the soaring pay of underperforming bosses. Might they force change this time? Simon Wilson reports.

Feeling brave? Then head to the frontier

Investing in frontier stocks is of course risky, says Sarah Moore. But these two markets could hold rewards for the brave.

A rocky ride in emerging markets

Emerging-market stocks represent decent long-term value. But as David C Stevenson explains, it’s time to tread carefully.

Loosening the green belt

Greenbelt land has come under increased pressure from the demand to build more houses. Natalie Stanton reports.

Gamble of the week: beaten-up smoke alarms maker

This maker of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is a speculative punt, says Alex Williams. But its also looks excessively cheap.

Herbie on the naughty step

The furore over the emissions scandal could hardly have come at a better time for electric and driverless-car makers, says Alex Williams.

Small really is beautiful

Put simply, smaller companies tend to produce bigger returns over time. Matthew Partridge looks at the best ways to invest.

Chart of the week: orange juice goes out of fashion

Production is set to fall by a quarter and inventories are at a six-year low. That sounds like a recipe for higher prices for orange juice. But demand is declining.

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