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MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the week’s share tips

The stocks and shares the British press is tipping – and recommending you avoid – this week.

Ramadan boosts Vimto

Nichols, the Merseyside-based maker of purple fizzy drinks, has an unexpected fan club in the Middle East, says Alex Williams.

Chart of the week: China snacks on peanuts

A surge in demand for peanuts in China is outstripping supply from the top exporter Argentina, sending the price of the legumes soaring.

Britain votes leave: don’t panic – this is an opportunity

Global markets have gone into a panic at the result of the EU referendum. But that doesn’t mean you should too. John Stepek looks at what it means for your investments.

Impressive potential in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has bowed to the inevitable and scrapped its currency peg to the US dollar.

Japan: the only way is up

This year has not been kind to Japanese equities. But at these levels, things can only get better for Japan, reports Andrew Van Sickle.

London house prices are heading for a 20% fall

A new report warns that recent changes to buy-to-let rules mean London house prices are about to get hammered. John Stepek explains why.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues to rise

The FTSE continued to rise yesterday, adding a further 0.6% to close at 6,261.

Olli the driverless bus: what self-driving cars will really look like

A self-driving bus called Olli can learn its passengers’ likes and dislikes, and respond naturally to their demands. Could this be the future of driverless cars?

Markets: FTSE 100 edges higher

The FTSE edged higher yesterday, adding a further 0.4% to close at 6,226.

How a $53m heist could make this crypto-currency more valuable

Ethereum, a “decentralised, bulletproof” computing system based on the blockchain, has suffered a $53m theft. But oddly, says Mischa Frankl Duval, that could prove a stroke of good fortune.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues its rebound

The FTSE continued to rise yesterday, adding 3% to close at 6,204.

Reports of the death of growth have been greatly exaggerated

Fear of economic stagnation is wreaking havoc in the markets. But it is nothing new. We didn’t see a “new normal” in the past, and we’re not seeing one now.

Markets: FTSE 100 ends a torrid week on a high note

The FTSE closed higher on Friday as investors’ fears that Britain would leave the EU receded somewhat. The index closed up 1.2% at 6,021.

Buy commercial property where the jobs are

Long-term returns from commercial property depend on the local economy, says Natalie Stanton.

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