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How falling oil prices will affect Latin America

Many Latin American countries depend on oil exports for income, says James McKeigue. Falling crude prices could spell trouble ahead.

Don’t let a bit of volatility put you off – stocks are still your best bet

Despite all the market turmoil, it’s best to stick with stocks, says Bengt Saelensminde. After all, there’s nowhere else to go.

Two stocks to buy for the long term

Some of the best drivers of growth can take years to play out. Professional investor Marcus Morris-Eyton tips two stocks for patient investors.

Gamble of the week: A punt on property

The housing market may well fall into a slump, says Phil Oakley. But if the fears are overdone, this property services company could be a good investment.

Don’t bet on more money-printing to save the market – at least, not yet

America’s QE programme is coming to an end – for now. John Stepek looks at the future for the markets, and what might force the Federal Reserve back into action.

The next-gen battery just dropped – here’s how to invest

Rechargeable battery technology has recently made a huge leap forward. Bengt Saelensminde explains the best way for you to buy in.

What’s going on in North Korea?

The recent low profile of supreme leader Kim Jong-un and a visit to the South by his top deputies have fuelled speculation about power games in the hermit state, writes Simon Wilson.

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