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QE is over: say goodbye to the Fed's fairy dust

The Federal Reserve has finally pulled the plug on money printing. Merryn Somerset Webb explains what that means for your wealth.

Next shares look to stand ground after profit warning

Next shares looked to shrug off a profit warning from the high-street clothing retailer this morning. Kam Patel reports.

Gold price could benefit from Swiss vote

Switzerland is planning to vote on the country’s gold reserves. Dominic Frisby explains why the result could send the gold price soaring.

If you don’t own Tesco, don’t worry about it

The fear of missing out on high-profile stocks such as Tesco is often a compelling reason to buy, says David Thornton. But it’s never a good one.

How to build an ethical portfolio

Buy quality and think long-term. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to First State fund manager David Gait about ethical investing.

Tough times for Tesco chief Dave Lewis

Tesco’s new CEO Dave Lewis risks further infuriating shareholders with his talk of bonus packages, says Kam Patel.

Why we still like Brazil

Investors in Brazil didn’t get the president they were hoping for. But as Matthew Partridge explains, there are still plenty of reasons to invest in the country.

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