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Why smaller stocks are better bets

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Oil – the next big move

The price of oil has been stuck in a narrow range for some time. So are we due a breakout? Dominic Frisby looks at where oil might go next.

A new way to invest in the pharmaceuticals sector

Huge pharmaceutical giants can end up with lots of drugs that are too small to make a difference to their business. That’s where this small-cap firm comes in.

What will happen to the trendy new lenders as interest rates rise?

P2P loans are really just bonds, which means they could soon be in trouble. David C Stevenson explains why diversification is the key to healthy returns.

Brazil needs more oil – these guys will give it to them

Brazil is aiming to double its oil production – which means a lot of new oil rigs. This Asian company is well placed to profit, say Lars Henriksson.

Shares in focus: Playing the waiting game

The bear case for Domino Printing Sciences is easy to make, says Phil Oakley. So, is there anything to be said for buying the shares?

Why businesses need to be in the government's good books

Any business that draws criticism from consumers or governments needs to watch out, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Gamble of the week: A beaten-up set-top box stock

This television set-top box company has had more than its fair share of problems, says Phil Oakley. Now could be a good time to buy in.

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