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Why does Scotland want to Remain?

The SNP claims leaving the EU would be catastrophic for Scotland. But look at the numbers, says Matthew Lynn, and the argument doesn’t hold up.

We must make the case for immigration

Britain needs high levels of immigration if it is to thrive, says Matthew Lynn – regardless of whether or not we decide to join the single market.

The best way to profit from the Bank of England’s bubble-blowing

By cutting interest rates with money supply growth already at an all-time high, the Bank of England is inflating another asset-price bubble. Dominic Frisby picks the best way to profit.

The biggest financial risk to watch out for this September

If politicians get bored waiting for monetary policy to work economic miracles, they might decide to do something about it. That could make things worse than ever, says John Stepek.

The Bank of England is driving up your personal pension deficit

The pension deficit problem is worsening as “emergency” monetary policy continues. And it’s not just affecting company schemes, it hurts anyone with a “defined contribution” pension. John Stepek explains why.

Central bankers to governments: it’s time to spend, spend, spend

Central bankers have been using ever-more radical monetary policy to bolster the global economy. But they’re reaching the end of their tether. Now they want governments to start spending.

What to do about Britain’s housing crisis?

Governments sold off council houses and haven’t built more. The result has been a boon for buy-to-let landlords, but what about the rest of us? Simon Wilson reports.

Slash corporation tax to boost wages

The best way for Britain to get more money into the hands of the workers is to cut corporation tax. Matthew Lynn explains why.

The true cost of Olympic success

Britain outdid itself at the Olympics in Brazil thanks to the generous funding on offer. But was it really worth it, asks James Ferguson.

Fear the coming era of protectionism

Modern history can be divided into periods of globalisation and protectionism, says Merryn Somerset Webb. The latter have not been the good ones.

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