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Why I’m doing a show about tax

You may not think there is much to laugh about when it comes to taxation, says Dominic Frisby. But there’s certainly lots to talk about.

FTSE in “critical technical zone”

Things are getting complicated for UK stocks, says Dan Denning. And if you thought your retirement prospects were bad, spare a thought for the millennials.

The latest interest rate cut will be short-lived

With rapid economic growth and accelerating inflation, the Bank of England’s latest interest-rate cut may soon look like a mistake, says Matthew Lynn.

Brexit rattles London commercial property

UK commercial-property values fell by 3.3% in July, in one of the earliest indications of a post-Brexit slowdown in the sector.

Carney throws the kitchen sink

For all the fuss about the Bankof England cutting interest rates and restarting its QE programme, it signifies practically nothing.

One more reason to hold gold

Forget about central banks not having a plan, says Cris Sholto Heaton. Investors will come to realise they haven’t got a clue.

Could interest rates go negative?

The Bank of England has cut interest rates and expanded quantitative easing to boost the economy. If this fails, what might it try next? Matthew Partridge reports.

Negative-rate anarchy in the UK

Some UK government bond yields have already gone negative, says Dan Denning. That’s going to have a devastating effect on pensions. Here’s why.

Bond hoarders of Britain, unite!

The Bank of England’s bond-buying programme has hit a snag: nobody’s selling. Dan Denning looks at what’s going on.

How will Brexit affect trade?

Negotiating new trade agreements will be a prolonged and tricky affair. But there is another option: unilateral tariff disarmament. John Stepek explains.

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