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The unlikely rise of Corbynmania

Few across the political spectrum would have foreseen the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a serious contender to lead the Labour party. Piper Terrett reports.

Corbynmania is bad news for investors – but not for the reasons you think

Like them or loathe them, politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn have chimed with voters’ fears. John Stepek explains why investors need to take note.

Britain's economy gathers pace

The recovery quickened again in the second quarter after its slowdown in the first three months of the year.

What does Jeremy Corbyn stand for?

A radical left-wing fantasist or a champion of traditional Labour values? Mischa Frankl-Duval asks what the Labour party would look like under Jeremy Corbyn.

How George Osborne could kill off Britain’s buy-to-let business

Changes announced in the Summer Budget could be brewing up a storm in the buy-to-let market. Dominic Frisby explains what that means for house prices.

The rise of Corbynomics is no joke – we must nip it in the bud

The failure of business and the government to explain why Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas are dangerous risks making them more influential, says Matthew Lynn.

The crisis in Britain's prisons

Britain’s prisons are overcrowded and violent places – and overstretched staff can’t cope. With more budget cuts on the way, what hope is there for change? Simon Wilson reports.

Should the state enforce equal pay for women?

The government wants to tackle the problem of equal pay between men and women. But not everyone agrees that it’s going about it in the right way.

'Operation Kill Boris' could backfire

George Osborne could get more than he bargained for in trying to derail Boris Johnson’s political ambitions.

The Tories versus the BBC

The government is spoiling for a fight with the BBC, aiming to end its “imperial over-reach”. The BBC looks flabby and ill-prepared for the scrap, says Simon Wilson.

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