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May's plan to stock up the UK economy

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Where will Theresa May lead Britain?

Certainly out of the European Union, she has promised. But what else has our new prime minster got up her sleeve? John Stepek reports.

Got a problem? Just blame Brexit

Markets are usually full of all sorts of nonsense, says Matthew Lynn. But following Britain’s vote to leave the EU, investors need to be especially on their toes this summer.

Neil Woodford: bigger problems facing Britain

Everyone is talking about Brexit. But for investment guru Neil Woodford, investors have bigger problems to worry about.

The plunging pound: Britain’s shock absorber

The falling value of the pound will boost Britain’s competitiveness, says Andrew Van Sickle. But don’t expect a huge new upswing in the economy just yet.

Theresa May pledges to take on the fat cats

Theresa May has taken over at Downing Street. Matthew Partridge explains why Britain’s fat cats should be worried, and asks what is she going to do about Brexit.

Enough about Brexit – it's time to talk about the fat cats

Fund managers may well find their industry being reformed for them, says Merryn Somerset Webb. And they only have themselves to blame.

Article 50: how do we leave the EU?

Voting to leave the European Union was the easy bit – years of political and legal wrangling and protracted trade deals now lie ahead, says Simon Wilson.

Britain's current-account deficit: the deficit that nobody’s talking about

Politicians are obsessed with the UK’s budget deficit, but our current-account deficit is the largest since the 1940s. Could Brexit turn it into a crisis? Simon Wilson reports.

A Brexit tale of two cities

London has been deeply divided by Britain’s vote to leave the EU, says Chris Carter. That hasn’t gone unnoticed in Paris.

Brexit is a symptom of a global problem

The global economy is facing huge challenges, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That’s reflected in Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

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