UK economy

Chart of the week: Back to square one at last

Britain has finally made up ground lost to the recession. Meanwhile, Canadian and American economies continue to forge ahead.

Ed’s desperate play for popularity

Labour leader Ed Miliband says it’s his ideas that are important, not his image. Will voters agree? Emily Hohler reports.

How Lloyds picked our pocket

Lloyds has admitted to ripping off the taxpayer despite the bank having been bailed out with public funds.

Is the financial crisis finally behind us?

After four years, Britain’s economic output is back to where it was before the financial crisis.

Not much of a milestone

Britain’s GDP is back to where it was before the recession – except, it isn’t really, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How Fred the Shred broke Britain

Book review: Shredded: Inside RBS, the Bank That Broke Britain
Ian Fraser’s book on the near-collapse of RBS is “well written, impeccably researched and hard to put down”.

Cameron’s reshuffle: cowardice or sound tactics?

Cameron’s demotion of Michael Gove was either the mark of a ‘disloyal weakling’ or a canny and successful political move.

Britain's still deep in the red

Big budget deficits have scuppered the government’s plans to cut back borrowing.

Slaying the union dragon

The government is planning new legislation to make it harder for workers to strike. But hasn’t that fight already been won? Simon Wilson reports.

Why Gove had to go

David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle has proved controversial ahead of next year’s general election. Ed Bowsher reports.

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