UK economy

Frightening times for fat cats

Why lower pay for bosses could be good for investors

  • What's best: value investing or growth investing?

Time to tackle executive pay

The government’s plans to tackle unfair lettings fees is a good start, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Now let’s move on to executive pay.

The government is coming for your money

Britain’s finances are in a bad way. Somebody is going to have to pay for that, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That person is likely to be you.

An underwhelming Autumn Statement – and that's probably for the best

Philip Hammond managed to underwhelm pretty much everyone with his first Autumn Statement. And that’s probably just as well. But he did have one very good idea, says John Stepek.

The Autumn Statement – business as usual

Philip Hammond’s first budget was, to a great extent, business as usual , says John Stepek. Here, he goes through the main points and explains what it means for you.

What will the new chancellor's first Budget mean for you?

John Stepek looks at what hints have been dropped about Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement, what he’s likely to do, and how that could affect you.

Will Philip Hammond sort out the rich’s pension problems?

People don’t think the rich have suffered under austerity. But they’ve been hit with plenty of stealth tax rises, says Merryn Somerset Webb – especially on their pensions.

How Britain is squeezing the rich

The taxman has a specialist department for going after the rich and shaking them down for more cash. How has it been doing? Simon Wilson reports.

Forget the EU – let’s tilt towards Trump

A Donald Trump presidency alongside Brexit presents the City with a great opportunity, says Matthew Lynn. But it’s got to show that it wants it.

First President Trump – next Prime Minister Corbyn?

Donald Trump defied the odds and took the American presidency. Can Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeat the trick? Stuart Watkins reports

No encore for the gig economy

Apps for sharing stuff were going to change the world. Now they’re looking rather more prosaic. What went wrong? Simon Wilson reports.

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