UK economy

Time to get out?

Phil Oakley on how to spot toxic stocks before it's too late

“Monster” Repeal Bill passes first test

The Great Repeal Bill, which transfers some 12,000 EU laws on to the British statute book, passed its first hurdle in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A stockmarket for the many, not the few

We’ve drifted a long way from the ‘80s and ‘90s goals of a shareholding democracy, says Max King. A new investment trust aims to get us back on course.

A whiff of the 1970s in the air

With disgruntled unions and inflation on the rise, investors can be forgiven for having a sense of deja vu, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The Bank of England cries wolf again – but the villagers still come running

Bank of England governor Mark Carney made the right noises on interest rates again today. But ​yet again ​​failed to follow through with any action.

Bad news for savers – positive real interest rates are a long way off

“Real” interest rates – after inflation – have fallen to negative 2.65%. And they’re unlikely to turn positive any time soon. In fact, they could fall further still, says John Stepek.

How leaving the single market could affect British pharmacies

Matthew Partridge talks to Shamir Patel of Chemist 4 U about how Brexit, and the possibility of leaving the single market, could affect the UK’s pharmacies.

How to fix our failing high streets

Just two sectors are keeping Britain’s high streets alive – estate agents and restaurants. Now, even their numbers are dwindling. But things can still be fixed, says Matthew Lynn.

Cornwall: pasties, pints and free enterprise

Cornwall is a lot wealthier – and more entrepreneurial – than official data would have us believe. The rest of Britain should follow its example, says Max King.

Sterling’s slump should boost growth

One of the upsides of the Brexit vote was supposed to be that the slide in sterling would help rebalance the economy. It hasn’t worked out that way, yet, but it’s too soon to give up.

How Brexit will affect the British marine industry

Britain’s marine industry has a turnover of over £3bn. Matthew Partridge examines how Brexit is likely to affect it.

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