UK economy

Debunking the European productivity myth

Britain may well be less productive than other European countries, says Bengt Saelensminde. But that’s something we should celebrate.

Curbing immigration into Britain

Under pressure from Ukip, the prime minister is tacking to the right on immigration – and perhaps towards the exit from the EU. Simon Wilson reports.

Higher property taxes will cool the housing market

Property taxes must rise regardless of who wins the next election. That will weigh on the housing market, says Merryn Somerset Webb. You just have to look at London.

What the rise of the Ukip 'fruitcakes' means for investors

The success of Ukip could hit the profits of some companies in the future, says Matthew Lynn.

Chart of the week: The growing pay gap

Salaries for the chief executives of the FTSE 100 have soared to new heights in comparison to what the average worker is paid.

Dave’s dance with Nigel

David Cameron’s strategy so far has been to ape Ukip rather than take on Nigel Farage’s party. Enily Hohler reports.

It’s time for stockmarkets to go into rehab

Stockmarkets are struggling to ween themselves off central bank money-printing.

Britain's deficit just keeps growing

The government has kept up its borrowing in order to bridge the gap created by falling tax income.

Controlling the weather

Politicians can no more boost the economy at will than tourism officials can make the sun shine, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Is your glass half-full or half-empty?

When it comes to investments, optimism is usually a better philosophy than pessimism, says David Thornton. Here, he explains why.

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