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Britain wins a pay rise

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It’s been a grim decade for Britain’s workers – their pay has been on the slide. But things are looking brighter for them now. Simon Wilson reports.

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Corbyn: more red flag than red box

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stuck to his guns, but many voters will find his policies hard to swallow. Emily Hohler reports.

Labour’s economics team

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have seven economists advising them on economic policy. But who are they and what do they stand for?

The MoneyWeek manifesto

Companies are all too often run for the benefit of the board at the expense of investors, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That needs to change.

Printed money won’t save us. Nor will China. But refugees just might

Migration isn’t the threat to Europe most people think it is – it’s a huge opportunity. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Paul Hodges.

Our high streets are suffering – and it can only get worse from here

Britain’s high streets are taking a hammering, says Matthew Lynn. For investors, that’s a worrying sign of things to come.

A 'catastrophic' seven days for Jeremy Corbyn

The past week has witnessed a series of political blunders committed by Jeremy Corbyn. Emily Hohler reports.

Cameron, the pig and Lord Ashcroft’s revenge

A rumour unleashed by Lord Ashcroft concerning David Cameron’s activities while at Oxford unravelled this week.

The move to abolish cash

Abolishing cash might seem like a good idea to some, says John Stepek. But’s it’s one society could live to regret.

Britain snuggles up to China

George Osborne is on a five-day trade mission to China, in the hope of turning the UK into China’s second-biggest trading partner by 2025.

Four reasons Corbyn and McDonnell will be good for business

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are a disaster for the Labour party, says Matthew Lynn. But as far as business is concerned, it works out rather well.

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