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What fund managers are saying about Brexit

Hedge funds have been a big part of the EU referendum debate so far. Here we profile four of the biggest players.

Public back Jihadi John drone strike

Jeremy Corbyn has found himself at odds with the British public over the drone strike against Jihadi John.

Corbyn’s terror U-turn: too little, too late?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has had to backpedal on comments he made on the government’s ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy. Emily Hohler reports.

Aldi and Lidl hit the big boys

Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have reached an unprecedented combined grocery market share of 10%.

Another month of deflation

The annual rate of consumer price inflation (CPI) held steady at -0.1% in October, the lowest since 1960.

It’s right to get our wrinklies working – here are three ways to keep them at it

We should celebrate the fact that people are working for longer, says Matthew Lynn – and be figuring out ways to encourage their numbers to grow.

Gene editing: a cut-and-paste cure for cancer

Recent advances in the field of gene editing open up a multitude of exciting medical possibilities, says Simon Wilson. But the moral implications should be carefully monitored.

Junior doctors threaten strike in pay row

Government ministers and junior doctors are locked in a dispute that could result in the first junior doctors’ strike for 40 years.

Cameron serves up thin gruel

David Cameron launched his European renegotiation this week, says Emily Hohler. But his demands have been criticised for being too modest.

Narendra Modi courts the diaspora

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi will address a crowd of 60,0000 British Indians at Wembley Stadium.

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