UK economy

Trump's threat to Europe

Even if he loses, he could destroy the euro

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MoneyWeek map: Europe’s gender pay gap

Theresa May has made closing the gender pay gap a priority. But how does Britain compare to the rest of Europe?

Inflation forecasts are wishful thinking

Those who are expecting prices to fall sharply post-Brexit may be in for a surprise, says Peter Warburton.

What sterling’s nosedive means for your money

The pound has collapsed as Theresa May talks tough on Brexit. But is this really a disaster – or a long-overdue rebalancing? John Stepek investigates

The great Marmite war is a sign of things to come

The spat between Tesco and Unilever over rising costs is just one effect of the weaker pound. We may get higher inflation, but there will be huge opportunities too.

What the crashing pound means for your money

Brexit jitters sparked a “flash crash” in sterling last week, with the pound sliding 6% against the dollar. John Stepek explains what happened, and what it means for your investments.

Want more houses? Leave it to the market

The only way to solve Britain’s housing crisis is to throw the door open to the free market, says Matthew Lynn.

MoneyWeek Conference 2016: what happens when money dies?

How to invest during the monetary endgame was the theme of this year’s MoneyWeek Conference in London. John Stepek sums up the debate.

What the falling pound means for you

Whether you think the falling pound is good or bad, it proves you need to take control of your finance now more than ever, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Perhaps we can have our cake and eat it

Britain may not be able to get access to the single market and control of immigration right now, says Matthew Lynn. But don’t count on it staying that way.

1990: the year Brexit became inevitable

Britain started down the road to Brexit the day it joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

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