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Labour’s farcical voting system

The changes Ed Miliband made to the Labour party voting system is a threat to the party itself. Emily Hohler reports.

Inflation inches above zero

The annual rate of consumer price inflation (CPI) ticked up from 0% to 0.1% between June and July.

The smart money is backing print – so why is Pearson flogging The Economist?

In selling The Economist, Pearson might well be flogging the wrong assets at the wrong time, says Matthew Lynn.

What’s wrong with British dairy farmers?

Dairy farmers are protesting against low milk prices and farmers unions want the government to intervene. Are supermarkets to blame, or is dairy production flawed? Matthew Partridge reports.

Are we heading for a genuine three-party system?

It’s not just Labour that could split over a Jeremy Corbyn victory, the Tories could too.

Why Kids Company deserved to close

To escape tougher regulation, charities such as Kids Company, must run themselves like businesses. Emily Hohler reports.

Deflation: why TV is depressing the population

Many things are weighing on prices and we’re about to enter a period of deflation. The gogglebox must share some of the blame, reckons Pete Comley.

The real cost of charities to the taxpayer

Tot up all the tax breaks and the real cost of the charity sector to the taxpayer is far higher than you think, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The technology that threatens to put bankers out of business

Start-ups simply don’t need the City anymore, says Matthew Lynn. And pretty soon they might not need the stockmarket either.

The cost to the UK of the Calais migrant crisis

Thousands are trying to stowaway on lorries at Calais to seek refuge in the UK. But how big is this problem really? Simon Wilson reports.

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