UK economy

Despairing of the triviality of our politics? Blame central bankers

Britain is facing huge economic problems. But our politics is descending into trivia and populism. John Stepek examines why, and looks to one country that’s taking democracy seriously.

Why Britain should copy Switzerland’s referendums

There are many issues the British public could have a say on. Matthew Lynn proposes five topics that should be put to a public vote.

Forex scandal pushes bank fines over $300bn

Banks found guilty of rigging currency markets could end up paying fines far higher than expected.

Eurozone recession is Britain’s biggest threat

Recession in the eurozone threatens to take the shine off Britain’s own recovery. Emily Hohler reports.

When should rates rise?

Rising wages has put renewed pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates.

What’s the forex scandal all about?

Matthew Partridge explains the ins and outs of the forex scandal: what’s happened, how it worked, and what can be done to stop it happening again.

Canary Wharf bid marks the end of an era for the City

The majority owner of Canary Wharf may be getting out at just the right time if it decides to sell, says Matthew Lynn.

Imaginary Labour leadership plot causes a flap

Labour’s insecurity over its leadership does not bode well for the party, reports Emily Hohler.

Cameron must face down Ukip

Should David Cameron adopt a more conciliatory attitude towards the European Union? Emily Hohler reports.

The wage squeeze is over

Wage growth has eclipsed inflation for the first time in five years.

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