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The case for taking an axe to tax credits

With £12bn of welfare cuts on the horizon, tax credits look set to take the hit. What are they? And what effect will slashing them have? Matthew Partridge reports.

The pollsters keep getting it wrong – and that matters for investors

Recent elections polls have been way off and that’s making it harder to invest, says Matthew Lynn. Chances are, it’s only going to get worse.

The 'out of Europe' lobby deploys its trustiest weapon

The biggest gaffe made by Britain’s pro-Europeans is being exploited by the ‘out of Europe’ lobby, reports Emily Hohler.

£5.7bn for parliament repairs? Here’s how other countries have done it

The Houses of Parliament are falling down, and could cost anything from £3.5bn to £7.1bn to repair. Natalie Stanton looks at the cost of parliamentary buildings around the world.

Midland Bank II: rebooting old blockbusters is a sign of desperation

High-street banking needs to be re-invented, says Matthew Lynn. Stepping back into the 19th century isn’t going to help.

Osborne’s new Golden Rules

George Osborne’s plans for a budget surplus is a political ploy to trap Labour.

Labour’s leadership campaign lurches left with Jeremy Corbyn

Leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn’s last-minute nomination for party leader has put Labour in a predicament. Emily Hohler reports.

Why the pound is going up

The pound has hit five-year highs against many currencies, and it’s even taking on the mighty dollar. Dominic Frisby takes a look at what’s behind the pound’s impressive rise.

Three reasons we’re about to have a new FTSE takeover frenzy

Whether a FTSE takeover frenzy is good for the economy is open to debate, says Matthew Lynn. But it’s certainly good for investors.

Cameron fluffs his hand on Europe

Europe’s leaders have called David Camron’s bluff before negotiations have even got underway, reports Emily Hohler.

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Gervais Williams: if you want real dividend growth, buy small-cap stocks

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews small-cap stock expert Gervais Williams about how penny shares outperform blue chips 'again and again'.

Which investment platform is the right one for you?

When it comes to buying shares and funds, there are several investment platforms and brokers to choose from, with varying fees and charges. Find out which is best for you.