UK economy

Roaring back

Trump's tax plans will jump-start the US economy

  • How Bernie Madoff cornered the market for hot chocolate

What Brexit really means

Not only has Theresa May spelt out what Brexit means, we’re beginning to see a little more clarity in America too, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Why Britain should play hardball and go for a hard Brexit

Being totally relaxed about a hard Brexit would be Britain’s best opening gambit in the negotiations to come, says Matthew Lynn.

Generating power from taming the tide

The rise and fall of the tides is an obvious and reliable source for renewable energy. But is exploiting it economically feasible? Simon Wilson reports.

Theresa May is no ditherer

Pundits have sprung to the defence of the prime minister who has been criticised for wasting time.

Corbyn maximum wage proposal backfires

Jeremy Corbyn’s wage remains more of an aspiration than a fully fledged new policy.

NHS in humanitarian crisis

Is talk of a crisis in the NHS overblown? Matthew Partridge reports.

May must declare her hand

Prime minister Theresa May seems intent on keep her cards close to her chest despite signs that patience is wearing thin.

A hard rain’s not gonna fall after Brexit

John Stepek looks at how Brexit might unfold from here – and how it could affect your investments.

Three roads to Brexit: which one should we take?

Britain is heading out of the EU. But there are many potential exit routes, each with advantages, each with potholes and delays. Matthew Partridge considers the three options.

Don’t look to the Commonwealth for post-Brexit trade deals

Those looking to the Commonwealth to secure preferential post-Brexit trade deals could well be disappointed, says Matthew Partridge.

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