UK economy

Don’t speak too soon – but the housing bubble may be peaking

House buyers are entitled to feel disgruntled at today’s vastly inflated prices. Dominic Frisby offers a ray of hope that an end to the madness may be in sight.

The death of King Coal

The UK coal industry once employed 1.2 million people. Now, two of the last three underground mines are about to close. What went wrong? Matthew Partridge investigates.

When will interest rates rise? It’s 'lose-lose' for the Bank of England

Whether the Bank of England decides to raise interest rates or not, it can’t win, says Matthew Lynn.

Why we need to radically reform inheritance tax

Merryn Somerset Webb’s proposed changes to inheritance tax have proved divisive. Here, she explains why the objections are groundless.

Should inheritance tax be abolished?

The debate over whether to scrap inheritance tax has gathered pace.

Profit from Britain’s manufacturing revival – invest in the West Midlands

Britain’s manufacturing sector is undergoing a mini-revival. Nowhere more so than in the West Midlands. Matthew Partridge explains how you could profit.

Farage versus Clegg: the most effective phoney takes it

Ex-stockbroker Nigel Farage is hardly the most likely candidate to lead the people’s army.

Maria Miller: When sorry just isn’t good enough

Has the press been hypocritical in its pursuit of former culture secretary Maria Miller? Matthew Partridge reports.

Farage made a good point last week

Nigel Farage was spot on – those in power must be held to account, says Bengt Saelensminde. And with companies, that starts with the shareholders.

How to build your very own annuity

Pension changes mean you need to take charge of your retirement. David C Stevenson explains how.

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