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Why the Tories will win at the polls

The Conservatives have emerged as the favourites to win May’s general election, says Emily Hohler. But the real question is how well will they win.

Inflation drops to zero

Britain is on the cusp of deflation after prices failed to rise over the last year.

Why no inflation?

Britain’s rate of inflation has hit zero. So, what’s gone wrong, asks Merryn Somerset Webb.

Britain’s broken finances

George Osborne’s Budget speech was full of paltry tweaks that will fail to deliver the serious spending overhaul Britain needs, says James Ferguson.

It’s a crazy world – and the lunatics are taking over the asylum

The financial world has been turned on its head and investors have lost touch with reality, says Tim Price.

At above 7,000, just how expensive is the FTSE 100 today?

The FTSE 100 burst through the 7,000 mark last Friday. But don’t take that as a signal to pile in, says Kam Patel.

Osborne's lifetime allowance plans are deeply unfair

Given the state of Britain’s finances, you might think Osborne’s cut to the lifetime allowance is reasonable, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It isn’t.

When divorce doesn’t mean it’s over

They divorced in penury a quarter of a century ago. But a judge has ruled that the wife is entitled to £1.9m of her ex-husband’s new fortune. Can that be right? Simon Wilson reports.

Four ways we can stop the tumbling euro crushing our recovery

Britain must take action to prevent the pound becoming too strong against the euro, says Matthew Lynn. The recovery is at stake.

Budget 2015: good news for savers – but the young get stiffed again

This Budget was great for those with savings. But all it did for the young was to encourage yet more housing debt, says Bengt Saelensminde.

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