UK economy

Slaying the union dragon

The government is planning new legislation to make it harder for workers to strike. But hasn’t that fight already been won? Simon Wilson reports.

Why Gove had to go

David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle has proved controversial ahead of next year’s general election. Ed Bowsher reports.

The costs of regime change in Scotland

A ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum could pose a significant financial risk to the rest of the UK.

Clampdown on payday lenders

Tighter regulation of payday lenders could cost the industry £420m a year.

Britain's surprise jump in inflation

Analysts had forecasted a lower rise in Britain’s consumer price index.

Our shrinking houses

New-build houses in Britain are among the smallest in Europe. But that’s not the real problem, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

An Englishman’s home is meant to be his castle – it’s more like a rabbit hutch

Britain not only needs more houses, it needs bigger houses, says Matthew Lynn. The solution, however, may not be popular with everyone.

There aren’t many under-priced assets around – but cash is one of them

What can you do when everything is expensive? Don’t dismiss cash, says John Stepek.

The executive pay racket is anti-business – it’s time for a clampdown

Excessive executive pay is bad for business, says Matthew Lynn. A lot more still needs to be done to curb the abuse.

Ed Miliband faces biggest dilemma of his leadership

Criticism of Ed Miliband’s leadership could threaten Labour’s chances in the next general election. Emily Hohler reports.

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