UK economy

Is the 'cost of living crisis' over?

Wages may have just overtaken inflation, but there’s a lot of ground to make up.

Flagging Co-op loses its head

Is the resignation of Lord Myners a disaster for the Co-operative Bank? Matthew Partridge reports.

Is the earnings squeeze over?

The rate of inflation has now fallen below the annual growth in average wages.

The power of central banks

Why should central bankers have the power to insist on social and economic change, asks Merryn Somerset Webb.

Don’t speak too soon – but the housing bubble may be peaking

Dominic Frisby offers a ray of hope to house buyers that an end to the madness of property prices may be in sight.

The death of King Coal

The UK coal industry once employed 1.2 million people. Now, two of the last three underground mines are about to close. What went wrong? Matthew Partridge investigates.

When will interest rates rise? It’s 'lose-lose' for the Bank of England

Whether the Bank of England decides to raise interest rates or not, it can’t win, says Matthew Lynn.

Why we need to radically reform inheritance tax

Merryn Somerset Webb’s proposed changes to inheritance tax have proved divisive. Here, she explains why the objections are groundless.

Should inheritance tax be abolished?

The debate over whether to scrap inheritance tax has gathered pace.

Profit from Britain’s manufacturing revival – invest in the West Midlands

Britain’s manufacturing sector is undergoing a mini-revival. Nowhere more so than in the West Midlands. Matthew Partridge explains how you could profit.

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