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MoneyWeek map: Britain’s richest and poorest cities

Chancellor George Osborne’s plan to build a “northern powerhouse” could be an uphill struggle, judging by the latest report from the Centre for Cities think tank.

EU referendum: We need another reformation

The EU is the Vatican of our time – and it’s high time for a protestant revolt. Spread the word and vote leave, says Charlie Morris.

UK share dividends dry up

Investors in UK-listed shares have been affected by a number of high-profile companies cancelling their dividends.

Capitalism needs you!

We need to ensure the managers of our investments behave in all of our interests, says Merryn Somerset Webb. So get out your red pens.

Tech giants in tax scandal

Google’s secret deal with the taxman has landed HMRC in hot water.

Taxes may be on the rise – but we’re still doing a lot better than our neighbours

Taxes may still be rising, and the economy may still be sluggish, but Britain is the one significant European economy bringing state spending under control, says Matthew Lynn.

Should we abolish the Bank of England?

Who needs a central bank anyway? Perhaps we should fire Mark Carney, get rid of the Bank of England, and replace it with “free banking”, says Simon Wilson.

Carney retreats on interest rates again

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney declared this week that “now is not yet the time to raise interest rates”.

Bids and deals won’t save the retailers – they’ll have to get radical

If traditional retailers are to stand any chance of surviving, they need to reach for the skies, says Matthew Lynn. Click and collect isn’t going to cut it.

Jeremy Corbyn and the longest reshuffle in history

Jeremy Corbyn’s claims to a strong shadow cabinet have been undermined by high-profile resignations.

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