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The great inheritance-tax giveaway

David Cameron’s proposal to reduce inheritance tax on many properties is controversial. But does the way we tax inherited wealth need an overhaul anyway? Simon Wilson reports.

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IMF: global recovery remains weak

IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned that governments had failed to deal with longstanding issues.

What the election means for small-cap investors

General elections can have a big impact on investments, says David Thornton. And that’s especially true for Aim-listed stocks.

Britain’s ticking time bomb

None of the political parties are seriously committed to cutting spending, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That’s going to lead us into trouble.

The City needs to regain its political voice – or we’ll all be worse off

All the political parties are rolling out policy after policy that will directly hurt the City. But these attacks will damage the UK, says Matthew Lynn. Finance is one of our most successful industries.

The ‘digital passport’ that could revolutionise British savings culture

In a bid to encourage us to save more, City institutions are developing a ‘digital passport’ that will make opening a new savings account as easy as buying a coffee.

Election 2015: why Scotland could be the biggest issue for investors

No matter who gets into power in May, the question of Scottish independence will continue to cause constitutional turmoil. John Stepek looks at what that means for investors.

Election controversy of the week: zero-hours contracts

Last week, Ed Miliband promised to ban zero-hours contracts for staff who are working regular hours. But is there really an “epidemic” of these contracts?

A ludicrous electoral bribe

It never occurred to me, says Merryn Somerset Webb, that there was an idiot out there who could make George Osborne’s ‘help to buy’ Isa policy worse. But there is: Ed Miliband.

Election 2015: Why David Cameron will remain as prime minister

Electoral arithmetic suggests that a Conservative-led coalition will still be in power after the general election. Adrian Sykes explains why.

When this zombie economy stumbles, we must let it fall

When the next financial giant comes cap-in-hand for taxpayers’ cash, let it fail, says Tim Price.

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