UK economy

An EVEL plan that’s doomed to failure

The arguments over English votes for English laws are not only complicated but also irrelevant. Emily Hohler reports.

Calls mount for inquiry into UK complicity in CIA torture

David Cameron is facing pressure to launch an investigation into Britain’s role in the CIA abuse scandal.

Most banks pass first stress test

Britain’s eight biggest banks have undergone the first of the annual stress tests, with two failing to make the grade.

Two scenarios for Europe – and how Britain will fare in the aftermath

Britain can relax about the mess the eurozone is in, says Matthew Lynn. Whatever happens, it’s a win-win situation for the UK.

Thatcherites need a better song on spending cuts

Believers in a smaller British state need to make a more appealing case to the public, reports Emily Hohler.

The run on British food banks

The government’s record on ‘food poverty’ has come under scrutiny following calls to cut state spending.

Slay the Leviathan and create a smaller state

The truly terrifying thing is not a smaller state, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’s one whose spending is out of control.

The banks are being punished – but that’s not the good news it might seem

Bank fines risk becoming part of the government’s revenues – and that could be very dangerous, says Matthew Lynn.

Higher interest rates are coming – it’s time to fix your mortgage

The Bank of England has made it clear that interest rates will rise in 2015. So if you own a home, or plan to buy one, fix your mortgage now.

Don’t believe the hype – banks are lending

Banks are not as tight as we’ve been led to believe, says Bengt Saelensminde. If they’re not lending to a particular business, there’s probably a good reason.

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