UK economy

We have nothing to fear from the robot takeover

Robots in the workplace won’t cause mass unemployment. On the contrary, says Matthew Lynn – they’ll create whole new industries.

The onward march of the Faragistes

Nigel Farage’s Ukip has continued to gain momentum after the party recently won its first MP. Emily Hohler reports.

Inflation heading below 1%

The lacklustre rise in prices could persuade the Bank of England to put off hiking interest rates.

What some so-called ‘research’ tells us about Britain’s great housing gamble

There’s only one winner when it comes to investing in property, says Bengt Saelensminde – and it’s not the buyer.

Ugly background to looming NHS crisis

The government is facing a huge challenge to plug the widening hole in the NHS budget. Emily Hohler reports.

Is Britain's recovery fading?

Rising wages has helped keep the recovery on track despite a manufacturing slowdown.

Clegg flings aside invisibility cloak

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg won plaudits at the party conference over his plans for tax reform.

Fracking would unleash our very own economic miracle

The opportunity for fracking to transform some of Britain’s poorest areas is too good to pass up, says Matthew Lynn.

Three stocks that may be going the way of Tesco

Companies that are too aggressive on prices are leaving themselves open to attack, says Matthew Lynn.

Ukip splitters could hand victory to Labour

In may be in the interests of both the Conservatives and Ukip to do a deal before the next election. Matthew Partridge reports.

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