Panic over – for now

The French election has thrown up few surprises, with the progressive centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron likely to win. John Stepek looks at what this means for your money.

Racing to victory

As May calls a snap general election, is it time to buy British stocks?

  • Should everybody get a handout from the state?

Brexit really is the least of our worries

Brexit won’t calamitous, traumatic or disastrous, says Merryn Somerset Webb – it will be boring. Forget about it. There are much more serious problems to concern you.

How Marine Le Pen could cause chaos in France – and Europe

If the far-right Marine Le Pen becomes president of France, things could get very bad very quickly. It would be bad for France, for the EU, and for Britain.

Is Putin a threat to the West?

So long as the Russian economy remains a basket case, Vladimir Putin poses no real threat, says Matthew Lynn.

How to hang on to your sanity for the next few months

Brexit will be a long process, with little of any substance said about it in the next few months. Instead, John Stepek looks at six things that do matter.

This week in MoneyWeek: how to get a second passport

In MoneyWeek magazine this week: why getting a second passport is probably a good idea (and how to go about it); how to invest in gold; and how to hedge against market shocks.

Italy: the eurozone’s Achilles heel

With an economy almost eight times the size of Greece’s, Italy is too big to fail and too big to bail out. And it is drowning in debt

Chart of the week: Brexit has rebalanced the economy

Manufacturers are hoping for a handy fillip from sterling’s sharp post-referendum slide, which makes our goods cheaper abroad.

Article 50 is here – keep calm and carry on investing

Lots of different things affect the way you should invest, says Merryn Somerset Webb. The invocation of Article 50 isn’t one of them.

Diversify your nationality – get a second passport

The rush for passports after the Brexit vote may have been hasty – but “political diversification” makes sense, and not just for tax purposes. Merryn Somerset Webb explains.

A different take on EU food policy

EU farm subsidies a controversial. But it’s not just Europe that subsidises its agriculture, as Matthew Partridge found out when he spoke to a UK sugar manufacturer.

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