Barclays goes on trial

Four former banking executives have been charged with fraud over the bailout of Barclays by Qatar in 2008. Will the trial really be in the public interest? Simon Wilson reports.

Selling the silver

Beware of investment trusts that are spending beyond their means

It’s time to top up on Tokyo stocks

There is a compelling argument for topping up your Japan holdings, says Andrew Van Sickle.

The Volvo effect on house prices

Volvo’s decision to go solely electric could create an opportunity for canny buyers in the housing market, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The man who wants to revolutionise France

Emmanuel Macron has promised a “profound transformation” of France. Investors should be sceptical about whether he can succeed, says Frederic Guirinec.

What a top City economist thinks about Brexit

Matthew Partridge talks to Samuel Tombs of Pantheon Macroeconomics about how Brexit could affect growth over the short and medium terms.

Cheap money isn’t the only reason to invest in Japan, but it helps

Unlike other developed markets, Japan’s supply of central-bank-created free money shows no sign of drying up. But that’s not the only reason to invest there, says John Stepek.

Make student loans what they effectively are: a tax

The student loans system is systematically flawed. We should call a spade a spade, says Merryn Somerset Webb, and make it a tax.

What's behind the EU’s scrap with Google

The European Union has just hit the tech giant Google with a record-breaking fine for uncompetitive practices. Is that fair? Simon Wilson reports.

The best way to end austerity

If the government really is going to relax austerity, we might as well be smart about how we spend the money. Matthew Lynn has five suggestions that should help the economy grow.

The tea leaves are dancing (and other great metaphors for rising interest rates)

Markets are trying to get used to the idea of higher interest rates. With no way of telling what the future holds, investors need to keep their wits about them.

EU turns the spotlight on the spread-betting sector

In December the UK financial watchdog, the FCA, published draft proposals on how spread betting should be regulated. Now the EU has stepped in too.

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