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Five threats to your wealth

The threat of Greece leaving the eurozone has investors feeling jittery. But it’s far from the only big risk out there. John Stepek looks at the top five.

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Chart of the week: China’s slowdown hits consumers

China’s slowdown, hitherto confined to the property and industrial sectors, is spreading to consumers, despite what the official figures say.

China's economy dips as property weakens

The central bank in China has moved to prevent a slump in the country’s slowing economy.

Has China’s property bubble finally burst?

A correction in China’s over-heating property market will dampen China’s growth.

China’s debt milestone as the first company defaults

Corporate failure is a hallmark of capitalism, so the news that a struggling Chinese company had defaulted is a real milestone.

Worried about a China crash? Don’t be. It really doesn’t matter very much

Even if China does experience a hard-landing, says Matthew Lynn, it won’t matter much to anyone else.

China walks a tightrope

Credit and bad loans have put the breaks on China’s rampant growth.

China's debt grows, and growth slows

Chinese growth has slowed again towards the end of 2013, while local government debt has soared.

China: my super-sized contrarian bet for 2014

A push for reform in China will give a huge boost to stocks, says David C Stevenson.

PM leads trade mission to China

David Cameron led Britain’s biggest-ever trade mission to China this week in a bid to drum up demand for British exports.

China’s plan to break the stranglehold of the state

China has launched the most radical reforms in more than 30 years, easing social controls and paving the way towards a free-market consumer economy.

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