Markets: interest rate cut boosts FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 saw a sharp rise yesterday after the Bank of England cut interest rates to 0.25% and extended its quantitative easing programme. The index closed up 1.6% at 6,740.

If you'd invested in: Bovis Homes and Crest Nicholson

Regional housebuilder Bovis has seen its shares rise by 40% in the last year, while Crest Nicholson’s have slid by 20%.

There’s no need to flee emerging markets

Investors are worried that Argentina and Turkey could be the first two dominoes to fall in a wider emerging-markets crisis.

Price is everything when it comes to investing

The biggest driver of long-term returns is the price you pay when you buy, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Recovery stocks – boost your wealth and your ego

Buying out-of-favour, beaten-down stocks may require impetuousness bordering on recklessness, says Max King – but buying recovery stocks can be mighty satisfying when it pays off.

Who will win the battle of the tech firms – America's west or China's east?

Will America’s west coast or China’s east win the battle for tech firm supremacy? It’s still all to play for, says Matthew Lynn.

Why company mergers usually fail

When markets are flying high, it’s easy to make the case for mergers and takeover bids. But be wary, says John Stepek.

Turkey’s economic goose may be cooked

Turkish stocks have lost 20% this year and the Turkish lira has slipped by more than 10% against the US dollar.

CYBG's big bid for Virgin Money

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank is aiming to snap up Virgin Money. Will the merged firm be more of a threat to the big banks? Alice Gråhns reports.

Doomsday has been postponed for the markets

Media chatter would have you believe markets are heading for disaster. Don’t believe a word of it, says Max King.

Don’t unplug the TV – old media will have the last laugh yet

In recent years, the big story in the advertising industry has been the soaring market share of digital disruptors such as Facebook. But the Mad Men of traditional media are fighting back, says Tim Dams.

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