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Angola’s “Princess” dethroned

The fall from grace of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former Angolan leader, has put a severe dent in her fortunes.

The curious twins who bet big on bitcoin

The Winklevoss twins may have lost out on Facebook, but they have won big on bitcoin.

Xavier Rolet and the bitter scrap that split the City

The sacking of London Stock Exchange boss Xavier Rolet prompted a huge row in the City.

The Sackler Dynasty: masters of the alchemy of marketing

The Sacklers face widespread accusations that they owe their wealth in part to the worst drugs crisis in US history.

Andrey Andreev: the visionary who reinvented dating

More than a decade after it was founded by Andrey Andreev, Badoo remains the world’s largest social network you’ve probably never heard of.

Saudi Arabia’s king of bling purged

The arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a pusher of liberal reform in Saudi Arabia, has come as a surprise to many.

Xi Jinping: The world’s most powerful man

China’s president Xi Jinping has tightened his grip on the reins of power.

He Qiaonv: The billionaire turning China green

He Qiaonv © Panthera

One of China’s wealthiest women, He Qiaonv, is leading a new culture of environmental awareness.

Harvey Weinstein: a shocking end to a Hollywood legend

The allegations mounting against Harvey Weinstein represent a spectacular fall from grace for the Hollywood producer.

Jeffrey Gundlach: The new bond king strikes back

A custodian of some $111bn, Jeffrey Gundlach has been waging a one-man campaign against The Wall Street Journal.

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