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Peter Hargreaves: an upset for the world’s happiest billionaire

Peter Hargreaves © Getty Images

Peter Hargreaves created a FTSE 100 company from scratch without borrowing or acquisition – and without scandal – at least until the Woodford one blew up in its face. 

Rock-star fund manager Woodford gets booed off stage

Neil Woodford © Rex

Neil Woodford had humble origins, but built an enthusiastic following among retail investors by promising to make them rich. Now, they’d just like their money back.

Amancio Ortega: the humble introvert who made a billion

Amancio Ortega © Alamy

Amancio Ortega shook up the retail industry with his “fast-fashion” revolution. Now he’s the richest man in Spain and has a property empire bigger than the Duke of Westminster’s. 

Niki Lauda: racing hero and serial entrepreneur

Niki Lauda © Getty Images

Niki Lauda was a legend in Formula One racing and a pretty formidable dealmaker and entrepreneur, too. His life is a testimony to the power of the will and of single-mindedness. Jane Lewis reports.

Julian Richer's crusade to clean up capitalism

Julian Richer © Getty Images

Julian Richer, the entrepreneur who put people before profits, and yet produced plenty of the latter, has been lauded for handing his empire over to his staff. What is his motivation?

Garrett Camp: the quiet techie who dreamt up Uber

Garrett Camp © Alamy

The taxi app is always associated with its former boss Travis Kalanick. But it was actually his co-founder, Garrett Camp, who came up with the idea. He’s now sitting on billions. Jane Lewis reports.

Edward Bramson: the quiet activist barging into Barclays

Edward Bramson © Getty Images

Edward Bramson may have failed to secure a seat on the board last week, but past form suggests his Sherborne investment fund will soon be back to shake things up. 

Hui Ka Yan: the real king of debt

Hui Ka Yan © Getty Images

Hui Ka Yan, China’s richest property mogul, rode to success on the back of a boom. Now there are fears that it could all come to a messy end.

Terry Gou: the fiery gadget chief guns for top job

Terry Gou © Getty images

Terry Gou, the head of a $41bn gadget assembly empire, has stepped back from his role to contest the presidency of Taiwan. Will that disturb the island’s fragile peace with China? Jane Lewis reports.

Ben Silbermann: creating Silicon Valley’s “silent unicorn”

Ben Silbermann © Getty images

Ben Silbermann, who launched the digital pinboard Pinterest in 2010, is not your typical tech entrepreneur. Quiet and meticulous, he has built the company in his own image. Jane Lewis reports.

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