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Latest Money Morning articles

Trump’s trade war is the perfect excuse for a market sell-off

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Donald Trump’s determination to start a trade war has seen markets sell off. But Trump is a sideshow, says John Stepek. There are more fundamental reasons for markets to fall.

Why higher interest rates don’t always mean tighter monetary policy

Jerome Powell © Getty Images

The US Federal Reserve may have raised interest rates, but that doesn’t mean central bankers are tightening monetary policy, says John Stepek. What matters is “real” interest rates.

Another US stockmarket domino has toppled

Reporter by a Nasdaq stock board © Getty Images

Tech stocks have been propping up the US stockmarket. But the Facebook allegations have triggered a change in sentiment. This could be a major turning point,, says Dominic Frisby.

It’s a big week for central bankers on both sides of the Atlantic

Mark Carney © Getty Images

In both the US and UK this week, central bankers will decide on interest rates. John Stepek explains what to expect, and how it will affect the markets.

The charts that matter: Amazon’s unstoppable rise

Tech giant Amazon continues its march higher, with seemingly nobody concerned about any downside. John Stepek looks at this, and the rest of the charts that matter this week.

Central bankers won’t tell you – but they’d like inflation to be higher

Jerome Powell © Getty Images

There are two ways to destroy the debt burden the world is still struggling under – deflation or inflation. John Stepek explains why inflation is the lesser of two evils.

Ten years on: how the 2008 crisis spawned our era of populism

Man protesting against the bailout of Bear Sterns © getty Images

It’s been ten years since investment bank Bear Stearns collapsed and the financial crisis began. John Stepek looks at what’s changed since then.

It sounds mad today – but the flying taxi could revolutionise our lives

Kitty Hawk Cora flying taxi

Self-flying taxis are now a reality – and the implications are huge. Dominic Frisby looks at what it could mean for transport, cities and your investments.

What to expect from Hammond's spring statement: nothing, hopefully

Philip Hammond © Getty Images

The trouble with many chancellors is that they insist on making their mark. But often, doing nothing is the best course of action. John Stepek explains why.

Don’t be fooled by the weak US wages data – inflation is still on the cards

Worker in a US factory © Getty

The US economy is creating plenty of jobs, but wages are lagging. That should be good for markets. But investors shouldn’t get too excited, says John Stepek. Here’s why.

The charts that matter: markets bide their time

Donald Trump may be serious about imposing trade restrictions, but you’d struggle to see much sign of that in the charts this week.

Searching for a market top? Keep an eye out for mega-deals

RBS HQ © Getty Images

The peak of virtually every market bubble has been heralded by some ludicrous, overblown, corporate mega-deal. John Stepek looks at what to watch out for this time.

Why you can’t rely on markets to tell you anything useful

Donald Trump © Getty

The market reaction to Donald Trump’s threat of a trade war has been muted to say the least. But that doesn’t mean anything, says John Stepek. Here’s why.

It’s time to buy silver (and sell gold)

Silver coins © Getty

Over the years, silver has been something of a disappointment to investors. But Dominic Frisby is bullish. Here, he explains why you should sell your gold, and buy silver instead.

Forget Brexit – here’s the real reason the UK housing market is fragile

UK house-price growth is slowing down and the number of transactions is falling. Some are blaming Brexit – but the real reasons go much deeper than that, says John Stepek.

The golden age of central banking is nearly over. What happens now?

Central bankers © Getty

Since the financial crisis, central bankers, not politicians, have been in charge of developed-world economies. But that’s starting to change, says John Stepek. Here’s what it means for you.

Trump’s tariffs are yet another sign that inflation is coming back

Donald Trump © Getty

Donald Trump’s new tariffs on US steel and aluminium imports will have a serious effect on American business. John Stepek explains what that means for inflation, and for your money.

Will the new Fed chairman’s bark be worse than his bite?

Jerome Powell © Getty Images

Jerome Powell is talking a tough game with the markets. But, says John Stepek, it won’t be too long before we find out just how hard-nosed he really is.

How the world’s biggest financial market is affecting share prices

Banknotes © Getty

US stocks are going from strength to strength while European markets falter. But there’s no mystery. They are at the mercy of a much bigger market than equities.

China’s Great Leap Backward is bad news for investors

Xi Jinping © Getty Images

China’s president, Xi Jinping, wants to change the constitution so he can stay in power past 2023. That’s bad for China and bad for investors, says John Stepek.

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