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Latest Money Morning articles

One area of financial markets where ETFs could prove very disruptive

New York Stock exchange © Getty Images

Some people argue that ETFs undermine the structure of the stockmarket. That’s not really true, says John Stepek. But they could spark trouble in another area of the markets.

The charts that matter: the end of an era

Gold has finally cracked and dipped below $1,300 an ounce. John Stepek looks at how that and the rest of the charts that matter affect the global economy.

Ocado’s surge shows what happens when a hated asset springs a surprise

Ocado van © Getty Images

Shares in online grocer Ocado – hated by investors – suddenly spiked. It shows what can happen when sentiment turns, and holds a lesson for the broader UK market.

This could be the end of the longest-running trend in your financial lifetime

US Treasury © Getty Images

The decades-long bond bull market could well be over. But it won’t end quietly. Investment strategies that have worked for years, no longer will. John Stepek explains what happens next.

The oil price is going to keep rising – here's how to profit

US shale oil well © Getty Images

The oil price has been quietly rising all year. But it’s going to get noisy, and you need to be invested. Dominic Frisby picks the best ways to profit.

Italy is not this year’s problem – but it could be a big deal in 2019

Matteo Salvini and Giancarlo Giorgetti of Italy's League party © Getty Images

Italy is to be governed by a coalition of radical populist parties. But so far, markets have taken it in their stride. John Stepek looks at how long that can last.

A very simple investment tip that you should never forget

Shop sale sign © Getty Images

Active-fund managers are fighting back against the rise of cheap index-trackers. But there’s one vital thing to remember when investing, says John Stepek: costs matter.

The charts that matter: some respite from the rising dollar

The US dollar finally hit something of a wall this week. John Stepek looks at what that’s done to the charts that matter most to the global economy.

Unreliable central bankers are leaving investors bamboozled

Central bankers © Getty Images

Central bankers have huge influence on the markets. But their lack of conviction is leaving investors unsure about what to expect, says John Stepek.

The weakest link in the UK housing market right now

Property for sale in London © Getty Images

With house prices down 3.1% in April, the UK housing market is looking weaker than it has for a long time. John Stepek explains why, and asks what’s next.

Why investors should be grateful for short-sellers

Robert Maxwell © Getty Images

Short-sellers are often vilified. But this is unfair, says Dominic Frisby – they provide an essential market service, shining a light on the often murky details of company finances.

Why the oil price is likely to remain high and rising

Opec meeting © Getty Images

The oil price is at its highest in three years. And there’s plenty of evidence that it will remain high. John Stepek explains why, and what it means for you.

The charts that matter: the cracks start to show as the dollar squeeze continues

As the US dollar continues its rise, gold has been struggling. John Stepek looks over the charts that matter most to the global economy to find out what’s changed over the last week.

Argentina’s woes show that faith alone will no longer prop up markets

Mauricio Macri, president of Argentina © Getty Images

Argentina’s currency is collapsing, just a year after its government borrowed billions on the debt markets. John Stepek looks at what we can learn from Argentina’s fall from grace.

Has the Fed really turned hawkish? Or is it just an act?

Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell © Getty Images

Investors have got used to the constant support of the Federal Reserve. New boss Jerome Powell may change that – but how much of a tough guy is he really?

Sterling has taken a pounding – but I’m looking to buy back in

Mark Carney pocketing a £20 note © Getty Images

Despite a great start to the year, sterling has seen some dramatic falls recently. But, says Dominic Frisby, we may be getting close to a buying opportunity. Here’s why.

M&A deals are being done faster than ever – that’s not a good sign

Merger deal activity is growing at a faster pace than before the financial crisis. That’s a sure sign of “irrational exuberance” in the markets, says John Stepek.

What the merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda means for you

Sainsbury’s and Asda have decided to merge. John Stepek looks what it means for the troubled UK supermarket sector and asks: is it a good deal?

The charts that matter: yields rise, but so does the US dollar

Bond yields are rising; the dollar is getting stronger; gold is getting weaker. John Stepek looks for clues to the future in the global economy’s most important charts.

Why you should keep an eye on the strengthening dollar

US dollar bills © Getty Images

With most of the world’s financial transactions priced in US dollars, a strengthening dollar is not necessarily a good thing. But that’s exactly what we’ve got now, says John Stepek.

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