Merryn Somerset Webb interviews

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews financial gurus including ‘deflationist’ Russell Napier, hedge-fund manager Hugh Hendry, and legendary investor Jim Mellon.

Craig Yeaman: how I beat the market, year after year

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Craig Yeaman, manager of the Saracen Growth Fund, and discovers the secret to his remarkable success, plus what he’s buying now.

Dan Godfrey: if fund management doesn't change, people will be "marching down the street with pitchforks"

Dan Godfrey

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Dan Godfrey, ex-chief of the Investment Association, about management fees, executive pay, and how to improve the industry.

Mark Dampier: how to be an effective investor

Mark Dampier

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Hargreaves Lansdown’s Mark Dampier about effective investing, the markets in general, and active and passive funds.

Edward Chancellor: why gold miners are a better bet than conventional miners

Ed Chancellor

In the second part of his interview with Merryn Somerset Webb, Edward Chancellor talks about the capital cycle and the prospects for gold stocks.

Edward Chancellor: ‘intelligent contrarians’ should follow the capital cycle

Ed Chancellor

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Edward Chancellor about how looking at the capital cycle can make you a better investor.

Hutch Vernon: Warren Buffett is a genius

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Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Hutch Vernon, co-portfolio manager of the Flexible Equity Fund, Brown Advisory, about Warren Buffett, American equities and the death of cash.

Peter Frankopan: the mismatch of expectation on the new Silk Roads

Peter Frankopan

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author and historian Peter Frankopan about Britain’s relationship with the new Silk Roads, and why we need to better understand China.

Dan Hannan: what we need from Europe is free trade, not a common government

Daniel Hannan MEP

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Conservative MEP Dan Hannan about the trouble with the European Union, and why Britain would be better off out of it.

David Smith: things might be bad, but they're going to get better

David Smith

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews journalist and author David Smith about the financial crisis, the rebirth of manufacturing in Britain, and the prospects for house prices.

Matt Ridley: climate change doesn't matter – bad policy does

Matt Ridley

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author Matt Ridley about how nobody is in control of the world economy – and that’s exactly how it should be.

Alex Perry: Africa could thrive, if only the aid industry would let it

Alex Perry

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Alex Perry about the opportunities in Africa’s vibrant, innovative economy – and the corrupting influence of the global aid industry.

Paul Hodges: the wave of immigration is positive thing

Paul Hodges

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Paul Hodges about how the current wave of refugees could be the answer to Britain’s demographic time bomb.

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