Japan stockmarkets

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Three stocks to cash in on corporate Japan’s cash piles

Japanese companies have been piling up cash, but investors have been discounting its value. Here, professional investor Joe Bauernfreund highlights th…
6 Jul 2020
Japanese finance minister Taro Aso rings the opening bell at the Tokyo Stock Exchange © 	KIMIMASA MAYAMA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
Japan stockmarkets

Japanese stocks are a two-way bet

If a global recovery takes hold, Japan’s export-orientated businesses will enjoy a surge. But if growth stays weak, its corporate cash mountain will s…
19 Jun 2020
Japan stockmarkets

More mammoth stimulus in Japan

Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has unveiled a mammoth stimulus plan worth 20% of GDP. 
9 Apr 2020
Japan stockmarkets

Japanese stocks are still a bargain – investors should consider buying in

On a price/earnings ratio of 15.9, Japanese stocks are among the most reasonably priced in the developed world.
28 Feb 2020

Japan has seen plenty of false dawns – but this time it’s for real

Japan suffered one of the most spectacular bubbles in financial history. But today, the market is so cheap that it’s practically the opposite of where…
14 Nov 2019

Japanese stocks: when will we see Nikkei 39,000?

Japanese stocks remain far below their bubble-era highs. But if reforms continue, the market could finally set a new record within a decade, says auth…
2 Aug 2019

Why I favour Japan over the UK market

The FTSE 100 is cheap, says Tim Price. But it’s not where I would invest now. The best value is to be found in Japan. Here’s why.
13 Jun 2019

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Where to find Japan’s small, cash-rich bargain stocks

One of the few big opportunities in global markets is Japan’s small-cap value sector. And now there is finally a fund that focuses directly on this ni…
21 Sep 2018

The top contrarian bets for your money today

Japan is set to surprise investors, Alasdair McKinnon of the Scottish Investment Trust tells Merryn Somerset Webb.
8 Jun 2018
Japan stockmarkets

Japanese stocks are far from ugly – here’s how to buy in

When people look at Japanese stocks, all they see is ugliness. But investors are currently enjoying record dividend payouts. Merryn Somerset Webb pick…
7 Jun 2016
Japan stockmarkets

What happens when the Bank of Japan owns everything?

As part of its “stimulus” programme, the Bank of Japan has taken a huge stake in Japanese companies. That's bad for both businesses and democracy, sa…
5 May 2016

Is Japan finally turning the corner?

Japanese voters recently turfed out the party that has ruled the country since 1955, and replaced it with a party that has never governed before. Cris…
7 Sep 2009