Micro-finance: do good and turn a profit

Micro-finance is the ultimate example of ethical investing. Here, David C Stevenson looks at one scheme bringing renewable energy to remote parts of Africa.

A new, green fund for our portfolio

This week, David C Stevenson introduces a new addition for the income portfolios – one for the conscientious investor.

Central and Eastern Europe charges ahead

Central and Eastern Europe has seen a dramatic turnaround in its fortunes, with unemployment down, confidence up and stockmarkets rallying.

Are holiday homes the new buy-to-let?

Letting out your home to holidaymakers could offer you a better deal than buy-to-let. Sarah Moore explains.

The bitcoin craze is worse than the tech bubble

The near-vertical price rise of bitcoin, the digital currency, has been likened to the Nasdaq bubble. But there’s really no comparison.

Navigating a low oil price

The low price of oil has thrown up a few opportunities for canny investors. Professional stockpicker Simon Gergel reveals three of his favourites.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to this week’s share tips.

Where to find the hottest growth stocks

Swapping your hard-earned cows for magic beans can make sense. But how do you know which ones will grow and grow? Matthew Partridge reports.

What to do if you’ve missed out on the bitcoin super-bubble

Bitcoin is a bubble. It’s gone bananas. But it could go a lot higher yet. So what do you do? Dominic Frisby explains.

How central banks paved the way for bitcoin’s birth

The success of cryptocurrency bitcoin is a direct result of the financial crisis and central banks’ reaction to it, says John Stepek. It’s what happens when you can’t trust money.

SPONSORED: Four factors that affect exchange rates

William Shepherd, head of treasury at forex company OFX, explains what drives sterling’s movements in the currency markets.

Is it time to buy Centrica for its huge dividend?

Shares in Centrica, owner of British Gas, come with a dividend yield of 8% after the share price fell dramatically last week. So should you buy in?

Buy-to-let investors need to do their sums

In his recent Budget, Philip Hammond promised there will be “more maths for everyone”. That’s going to be especially true for buy-to-let investors, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The charts that matter: the Fed steps in to soothe the jitters

John Stepek with another roundup of the charts that matter to the global economy.

The Great Depression: How the Wall Street Crash of 1929 unfolded

In the latest in his series of history’s worst financial crises, John Stepek looks at how the Wall Street Crash of 1929 unfolded.

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