Investing in property

UK house price indices

The Halifax and Nationwide indices are based on each lender's mortgage approvals, and exclude cash sales. Both are 'seasonally-adjusted' – the market is slower in winter and busier in spring. The Rightmove index is based on sellers' initial asking pricess, and the DCLG (Dept for Communities and Local Government) index is based on data including house prices, mortgages, transactions and land prices.

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How can you take equity out of your home?

Many homeowners will have a substantial amount of equity in their house as a result of soaring property prices. It may be possible to borrow against this, says Emma Lunn – although caution is needed.

Tenants to bid for rental properties

Househunters will be asked to bid against one another to “win” a rental property if they use a property auction service that has recently launched in the UK.

The Volvo effect on house prices

Volvo’s decision to go solely electric could create an opportunity for canny buyers in the housing market, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Pick up a steady income from supermarkets

A new real-estate investment trust – the Supermarket Income Reit – looks like it might could provide the kind of asset-backed, secure income stream that would traditionally be in demand from pension funds.

Should you insure your buy-to-lets?

You may already feel that you are insured to the hilt, but landlords’ insurance is one that you really can’t do without, says Sarah Moore.

How owning a home in Britain became a luxury

Home ownership has fallen sharply as house prices have spiralled out of control. The reason behind it is clear, says John Stepek. And there’s only one way to fix it.

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