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Governments and central banks have acted on coronavirus: is it time to buy?

The authorities are taking unprecedented measures to combat coronavirus. Are they enough? Are they too much? And what happens after the crisis is past…
26 Mar 2020
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The coronavirus crisis: will the cure be worse than the disease?

Governments and central banks across the globe are scrambling to get ahead of the coronavirus crisis, writes John Stepek. Will they succeed? And what …
19 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: what happens next?

The immediate impact of the coronavirus outbreak is bad enough, writes John Stepek. But the real risk is that it could change our financial system for…
5 Mar 2020

Investing in hydrogen: the cleaner, greener fuel that will power the future

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and when it burns it releases nothing but energy and water. Could it be the answer to our climat…
27 Feb 2020
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The end of outsourcing? Why companies are taking back control

Until fairly recently, corporations did everything in-house rather than delegate activities to others. Now the “vertical integration” model is making …
20 Feb 2020
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How to profit as the world goes vegan

Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular and even the fast-food giants are looking to cash in. It looks like veganism might be more than a …
13 Feb 2020
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Asian income stocks: where to find the continent's top money machines

International dividends shouldn’t only mean companies in the US or Europe – the Far East has plenty of big payouts to offer. Cris Sholto Heaton looks …
6 Feb 2020
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Where to find "ten-bagger" stocks – the market's Holy Grail

“Ten-baggers,” stocks with the potential to rise tenfold, are rare but not impossible to find. Dr Mike Tubbs explores their key characteristics and su…
31 Jan 2020

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What leaving the EU means for your money

We’ve finally left the European Union. It may seem like nothing has changed, but investors need to look at what it means for their portfolio right now…
30 Jan 2020
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How to play the galloping growth of the gaming sector

Digital games have become so popular that the market is now bigger than both the television-streaming and film industries. Yet years of expansion stil…
23 Jan 2020
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What to invest in – and what to avoid – as a new decade dawns

Is the UK a screaming buy now that the Brexit fog has cleared? Will inflation make a comeback as politicians wrestle the printing presses back from ce…
27 Dec 2019
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Secret sauce: the key to serial innovation and profit growth

Why do some companies fizzle out and fade away while others build on a strong start? Dr Mike Tubbs looks at the key factors behind sustainable success…
5 Dec 2019

Japan has seen plenty of false dawns – but this time it’s for real

Japan suffered one of the most spectacular bubbles in financial history. But today, the market is so cheap that it’s practically the opposite of where…
14 Nov 2019
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Ready to motor: it’s platinum’s turn to shine

Palladium and rhodium have outstripped platinum in the past few years. But thanks to the advent of fuel-cell cars, that could soon change, says Domini…
7 Nov 2019

Why Hong Kong’s protests are an urgent warning for Beijing

The protests that have shaken Hong Kong will not threaten China’s grip on power for now. But the country’s leaders will need to learn the right lesson…
31 Oct 2019
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Ecuador’s El Dorado: be brave and beat the crowd to the boom

Ecuador is finally set to cash in on its vast metals deposits. The domestic political backdrop has stabilised and international investors are beginnin…
24 Oct 2019
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Making great strides: invest in the future of prosthetic medicine

Intelligent artificial limbs, medical exoskeletons and devices that link artificial limbs directly with the brain may sound like science fiction, but …
17 Oct 2019
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Brexit: Will we stay or will we go? And what does it mean for investors?

Brexit has descended into a farcical war of attrition. John Stepek looks at what it all means for your money – whatever the eventual outcome – and pic…
10 Oct 2019
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The cycles in the metals market: when will zinc and copper shine?

The prices of two of the world’s most important industrial commodities have slipped over the past few years. Dominic Frisby assesses the outlook and e…
3 Oct 2019

Hold gold: it’s an insurance policy against global volatility

Gold has proved a wonderful hedge against recent turbulence for British investors, reaching a record peak in sterling terms. Now bulls should be looki…
26 Sep 2019

Why Modi’s magic now looks like an illusion for investors in India

Investors are losing confidence in India’s prime minister and his promise of further reforms. The country’s potential remains intact, but be prepared …
19 Sep 2019
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3D printing: a blueprint for the future of manufacturing

Five years ago, 3D printing was a bubble that burst. But now its time has finally come – and its successor technology, 4D printing, is on the horizon,…
29 Aug 2019

How investors can profit from the dawning of a new reality

Widespread use of virtual-reality technology has been “just around the corner” since the 1980s, says Ben Judge. But with the growing popularity of aug…
22 Aug 2019