Quiz of the week, 12-18 September

Test your recollection of the events of the last seven days with MoneyWeek's quiz of the week.

Thiago Alcantara © Soccrates Images/Soccrates Images via Getty Images
Liverpool agreed to sign Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara
(Image credit: © Soccrates Images/Soccrates Images via Getty Images)

1. Which footballer won a nine-year legal battle to register his name as a trademark this week?

a. Mo Salah

b. Lionel Messi

c. Cristiano Ronaldo

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d. Gareth Bale

2. Uber pledged to shift to 100% electric vehicles by what year?

a. 2025

b. 2030

c. 2025

d. 2040

3. The Royal Mint said this week it doesn’t plan to make which coins for the next ten years?

a. 50p and £2

b. 50p and £1p

c. 1p and 50p

d. 2p and £2

4. How many people in the UK are in lockdown following the government's struggles to contain a surge in coronavirus cases?

a. 5 million

b. 8 million

c. 10 million

d. 12 million

5. The number of Japanese centenarians has risen to record highs. How many people aged 100 and over live in the country?

a. 75,000

b. 80,000

c. 85,000

d. 90,000

6. The heir to which supermarket chain is suing his mother, four sisters, and their lawyers, accusing them of embezzling millions of euros?

a. Lidl

b. Morrison’s

c. Asda

d. Aldi

7. Liverpool agreed to sign Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara for how much?

a. £18m

b. £19m

c. £20m

d. £21m

8. Which department store confirmed this week it will not pay a staff bonus for the first time since 1953 after a serious slump in sales?

a. John Lewis

b. Debenhams

c. Harrods

d. Harvey Nichols

9. Which company warned that demand for oil may have already hit its all-time peak last year?

a) Tesla

b) Shell

c) BP

d) GM

10. What potentially economically transformative discovery was made in Redruth, Cornwall, this week?

a) Gold

b) Lithium

c) Shale oil

d) Tin


1. b. Lionel Messi.

2. d. 2040. The ride-hailing platform said it will be all-electric by 2040, vowing to contribute $800m through 2025 to help drivers switch to battery-powered vehicles.

3. d. 2p and £2.

4. c. 10 million. Local lockdowns cover almost 15% of the population.

5. b. 80,000. The country has 80,450 centenarians, an increase of 9,176 since last year. One person in 1,500 is aged over 100.

6. d. Aldi. Nicolay Albrecht filed a one-page criminal complaint in August alleging a breach of trust of the Jakobus foundation, one of three charities that holds the family’s shares in the Aldi Nord group, says David Crossland in The Times.

7. c. £20m. The move is “a bold statement” of the club’s intent to retain the Premier League title, says Paul Joyce in The Times.

8. a. John Lewis. The company slumped to a £635m half-year loss.

9. c) BP. In its latest Energy Outlook report, BP painted a range of scenarios for future oil demand, one of which argued that 2019 will prove to be the year that demand peaked, at 100 million barrels a day.

10. b) Lithium. Cornish Lithium said it had found lithium reserves in the area of “globally significant” grade. The company said that there could be enough lithium in Cornwall to meet all of the UK's battery needs if and when the shift to electric vehicles arrives.

Nicole García Mérida

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