UK economy

Prepare your portfolio for the return of inflation

Investors have enjoyed unusually favourable markets since the global financial crisis, but inflation and interest rates are heading up. How should we protect our wealth now? Matthew Partridge reports.

Workplace perks are nice, but nothing beats more cash

Employers are offering all sorts of perks to their workers. But one perk they’re not offering is higher pay. That might soon have to change, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Customs union: the Gordian knot of Brexit

When Britain voted to leave the EU, almost nobody was talking about the customs union. Today it’s at the centre of the Brexit battleground. Simon Wilson reports.

Is another general election on the cards?

Speculation about a snap election could turn into reality, says Matthew Partridge.

The EEA: an imperfect but easy way to "take back control"

Joining the EEA would allow us to take back a reasonable amount of control while still enjoying many of the benefits of the EU, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Betting on politics: who will win the Lewisham East by-election?

Matthew Partridge casts an eye over the odds for the candidates in the Lewisham East by-election.

Will Brexit be good or bad for Britain’s small firms?

Matthew Partridge talks to Mark Brownridge of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association about the future for Britain’s small firms in a post-Brexit world.

Get set for another football financial record

The football season is almost over – which means eye-popping financial deals are about to get under way. But is the flood of money set to dry up? Simon Wilson reports.

Unreliable central bankers are leaving investors bamboozled

Central bankers have huge influence on the markets. But their lack of conviction is leaving investors unsure about what to expect, says John Stepek.

Chart of the week: the stroll of the makers

George Osborne’s widely trumpeted “march of the makers” a few years ago turned out to be a “gentle stroll”. And an upturn in UK manufacturing output in 2014 faltered, too.

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