UK economy

It’s hard to believe, but Britain’s economy doesn’t look too bad right now

Rising wages, record high employment, moderate inflation and a growing economy. Things are actually looking quite good for Britain at the moment, says John Stepek.

The effect of low-skilled immigration on Britain's productivity

The effects of low-skilled immigration into the UK may be more complicated than many people think, says James Lewisohn.

Warning to employees: the value of your employer can fall as well as rise

If we are to make employee share ownership more widely available – as we should – we have to educate workers on how equity markets behave, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How Brexit will hit sterling

Matthew Partridge talks to currency expert Jeremy Thomson-Cook about how Britain leaving the EU could affect sterling and other currencies.

Tories will need to call the DUP’s bluff

The government will have to stare down the DUP if it is to get a Brexit deal. Matthew Partridge reports.

Squabbling Tories look out of touch

This week’s conference showed the party’s growing fear of Jeremy Corbyn. Cris Sholto Heaton reports.

Employee share ownership is a good idea – but how to make it work?

Employee share ownership is a very good thing. But the Labour Party’s plans won’t work, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Wanted: a plan to fix Britain’s railways

Labour wants to nationalise the trains as soon as it comes to power. The Tories are fighting back with yet another review of privatisation, just five years after the last one.

The wrong way to empower workers

Labour’s plans to put staff on boards and give them shares are well meaning but flawed.

Labour finds a radical new idea

John McDonnell’s speech at the Labour party conference was no triumph, but it did at least get people talking.

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