UK economy

The true price of paradise

The so-called Paradise Papers have highlighted the use of far-flung remnants of the British Empire as tax havens. The bargain tax rates are looking increasingly costly, says Simon Wilson.

Raising interest rates is the right thing to do

It’s very small and long overdue, but the Bank of England’s interest-rate rise offers hope that central banks are beginning to grasp that their extreme policies have serious consequences.

Betting on politics: the next Tory leader

There has been some movement at Betfair on who will be the next Conservative leader, says Matthew Partridge.

The “Pestminster” scandal

The “Pestminster” scandal, as a Twitter hashtag puts it, has gripped parliament. Matthew Partridge reports.

Britain's C-grade pension system

Low growth and an ageing population has seen to our pension system, says Merryn Somerset Webb. All the more reason, then, to plan for the future.

It’s Super Thursday: get ready for the first British interest-rate rise in ten years

The Bank of England is widely expected to raise interest rates today for the first time in ten years. John Stepek looks at what to expect.

Ecuador and the UK: an interesting study in post-Brexit trade relations

Matthew Partridge talks to Ecuador’s trade minister, Pablo Campana – the Andean country provides an interesting case study for how our own government’s thinking on Brexit is developing.

Don’t expect a Budget boost

Just a few weeks before the Budget, many fear the chancellor will take another look at tax on self-employment.

Are public-sector workers badly paid?

Pay for public workers was frozen in the years following the financial crisis, leading to a perception that they are hard done by. Do they get a bad deal?

We face a bigger threat than 1987

After the 1987 crash, many expected the worst, says Edward Chancellor. Investors would be wise to be on their guard in case it happens again.

The biggest lesson that 2007 can teach investors

Almost exactly a decade ago, the FTSE closed near its peak for the year. Then things deteriorated – rapidly. John Stepek looks at what lessons investors can draw from the crisis that ensued.

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