Chart of the week: 2018 set a record in the US labour market

For the first time in 18 years, US companies have more job openings than there are unemployed Americans.

China goes for growth

China hopes to move from an economy driven by investment to one based on consumption and service. But there are plenty of doubts as to whether it can pull it off.

Betting on politics: will we run out of milk?

Aside from the more serious bets, bookies are now offering odds on which household items will be out of stock after Brexit. Matthew Partridge reports.

America’s stalled withdrawal from Syria

Donald Trump stuns his allies over his plans to pull troops from Syria.

May defeated by Brexit rebels

MPs opposed to no-deal have tied the PM’s hands. Matthew Partridge reports.

Trump boxed in by his own wall

Donald Trump continues to battle Democrats over his planned wall, with neither side backing down.

No birthday party for the euro

The single currency project is now 20 years old. But is there anything to celebrate? Emily Hohler reports.

The future rarely does what you expect it to

In the world of finance, everyone is desperate to learn what the future holds. But, says Merryn Somerset Webb, it rarely holds what we expect.

Buy Brazil and watch out for solar flares – some of 2019’s most interesting calls

From buying Brazil to apocalyptic solar flares and the notion of a European debt jubilee, John Stepek looks at some of the more outlandish calls analysts are making for 2019.

The US booms and China starts spending again: is the bear market over?

A grim Christmas trading period has given way to New Year euphoria. John Stepek looks at whether it really is time to celebrate, and explains what it means for your money.

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