Scrapheap beckons for Universal Credit

Tories’ big welfare reform is set to be ditched. Matthew Partridge reports.

Betting on politics: a Senate battle in Arizona

This week, Matthew Partridge looks at Arizona, one of the key battlegrounds for the control of the US Senate.

Macron reshuffles cabinet, not policies

The French president has reshuffled his cabinet amid his plunging approval ratings.

Brexit: bordering on the impossible

It’s hard to see how Theresa May can cut the Gordian knot of the Irish border. Emily Hohler reports.

A tough week for investors

Stock markets have heaped plenty of woe on investors this week, says John Stepek. At least workers have reason to be cheerful.

It’s hard to believe, but Britain’s economy doesn’t look too bad right now

Rising wages, record high employment, moderate inflation and a growing economy. Things are actually looking quite good for Britain at the moment, says John Stepek.

The effect of low-skilled immigration on Britain's productivity

The effects of low-skilled immigration into the UK may be more complicated than many people think, says James Lewisohn.

Why Unilever will have to Remain

Unilever, the consumer-goods giant, is staying in the UK after all. That tells us something important about Brexit, says Matthew Lynn.

Amazon's pay rise and the minimum wage

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave his workers a pre-Christmas boost, which led some to say that everyone else could do with one too. But don’t minimum wages cost jobs?

The charts that matter: a short-lived panic – or something deeper?

John Stepek looks at whether the charts that matter most to the global economy point to the market fall being just a blip, or if this is something more serious.

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