Help to Buy: a crazy subsidy for housebuilders

The government’s Help to Buy scheme would appear to be a great success in terms of the numbers of people it has helped to buy a property. But it has a darker underside, says Simon Wilson.

The charts that matter: the bond bubble keeps getting bigger

Markets are still absorbing the impact of the Federal Reserve’s shift closer to cutting rates that we saw last week. John Stepek looks at what’s happening to the charts that matter the most to the global economy.

Why competition makes everyone better off

Almost all companies think they’d be better off without competition. They might be right in the short term, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But they are wrong in the long term.

Theresa May’s vanity projects

Now that Brexit is no longer her problem, Prime Minister Theresa May has been making a flurry of spending pledges to shore up her legacy – which the chancellor, Philip Hammond, has been furiously resisting.

Betting on politics: Conservative Party leader update

Bettor interest in the contest to decide who will become the next Conservative Party leader is at fever pitch. Matthew Partridge looks at the latest odds.

How will Boris Johnson bring about Brexit?

It’s far from obvious how Boris Johnson, the man likely to be the next PM, will achieve his goals.

The bond bubble is back and bigger than ever before

Many developed-world sovereign bonds now carry negative yields – investors are paying for the privilege of lending governments money. John Stepek explains what’s going on.

Why Channel 4's luvvies should stay in London

The idea of spreading Channel 4 staff around the country is well meant, but the regions have their own ideas, says Matthew Lynn.

Is the GDPR data protection law working?

Last spring’s GDPR is one of the most complex pieces of legislation the European Union has ever devised. But is it achieving what it was supposed to? 

The charts that matter: the great central bank-sponsored rally

With the US central bank now on board with the idea of cutting interest rates, John Stpeek looks at what this means for the charts that matter most to the global economy.

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