Europe’s economy

Macron’s listening exercise

A bold democratic initiative or a cynical political move? Matthew Partridge reports

No birthday party for the euro

The single currency project is now 20 years old. But is there anything to celebrate? Emily Hohler reports.

Buy Brazil and watch out for solar flares – some of 2019’s most interesting calls

From buying Brazil to apocalyptic solar flares and the notion of a European debt jubilee, John Stepek looks at some of the more outlandish calls analysts are making for 2019.

Greece’s recovery unlikely to last

While the spotlight is on Italy and France, Greece has been largely ignored in the last few months. But that could change in 2019.

Betting on politics: Denmark's general election

Denmark is holding one of the major forthcoming European elections of next year. Matthew Partridge looks at the bookies’ favourites.

“Slave law” sparks unrest in Hungary

Hungary’s efforts to deal with chronic labour shortages have led to one of the strongest challenges of Viktor Orbán’s eight years in power.

Macron’s tactical retreat

A tax U-turn has calmed protests – but for how long? Matthew Partridge reports.

Eurozone growth cools as ECB ends QE

Now that the European Central Bank is to stop buying government debt, and growth is slowing, concern over the sustainability of the single currency area is flaring up again.

Giants of the Dax under attack

German companies are ripe for a shake-up, says Matthew Lynn. That’s good news for investors.

How to prepare your portfolio for a “bare-bones” Brexit

Theresa May’s political woes are grabbing headlines, but leave us no wiser as to which type of Brexit we’ll get, says John Stepek. So what would a no-deal Brexit mean for your money?

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