Europe’s economy

Mario Draghi’s last hurrah

Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank boss, steps down shortly. What has he achieved with his parting shot?

Money Minute Tuesday 17 September: German economic sentiment and US industrial production

Tuesday’s Money Minute looks at the latest snapshot of economic confidence in Germany and, from the US, the latest report on industrial production.

Mario Draghi pulls out his big bazooka

Mario Draghi pulled out the biggest bazooka he could find in his second-last monetary policy meeting as boss of the European Central Bank. John Stepek explains what it means.

If Mario Draghi fails to deliver today, there will be a lot of disappointed investors

Markets expect European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi to deliver extra stimulus at his policy meeting today. But can he live up to their expectations? John Stepek weighs up his options and the likely outcomes.

Can Mario Draghi save the eurozone all over again?

Mario Draghi’s policy of doing “whatever it takes” is credited with ending the eurozone’s economic panic in summer 2012. Now, Europe is facing the spectre of deflation. Can Draghi pull it off again?

Money Minute, Wednesday 4 September: eurozone retail data and Canadian inflation

In Wednesday’s Money Minute, we preview July’s retail sales data for the eurozone and Canada’s latest decision on interest rates.

Money Minute, Tuesday 3 September: US and European manufacturing figures

Welcome to Tuesday’s Money Minute, in which we preview the big stories of the day in just 60 seconds. Today, we get the latest manufacturing figures from the eurozone and the USA.

Money Minute, Wednesday 28 August: German consumer confidence

Welcome to today’s Money Minute, your 60-second preview of the day’s most important economic issues. One data release to watch for today is German consumer confidence.

Germany on the brink

GDP in Europe’s largest economy fell 0.1% in the second quarter and early signs for this quarter are ominous. Alex Rankine reports.

Why German exports are falling

Project Fear failed to move us Brits, but it should really have put the wind up the Germans, says Matthew Lynn.

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