Europe’s economy

Could turning a blind eye solve the Irish question?

With the Brexit bill agreed, the biggest barrier to trade talks is the desire to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Turning a blind eye to difficult issues might be an option, says Simon Wilson

Germany retreats into its comfort zone

As Angela Merkel struggles to piece together a government, a return to the status quo of 2013 looks ever more appealing.

Central and Eastern Europe charges ahead

Central and Eastern Europe has seen a dramatic turnaround in its fortunes, with unemployment down, confidence up and stockmarkets rallying.

Britain coughs up to the EU

The government offers to pay the European Union €45bn to €55bn to start the next phase of talks.

The Brexit bill is no big deal

Lots of people are getting worked up about the potential £40bn-£50bn Brexit bill. But they shouldn’t, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’s really no big deal.

Let’s cheer the end of Merkel’s reign

Germany needs bold and decisive leadership, says Matthew Lynn. The sooner Angela Merkel departs the stage, the better.

How European politics could derail Brexit negotiations

Many of Europe’s politicians are soon to face or have recently been through elections. The results will affect the stance each country takes in Brexit negotiations. Matthew Partridge explains why.

What Germany’s political crisis means for your money

This year’s German election was supposed to be dull and efficient. But it turned out to be very messy indeed. John Stepek looks at how that might affect your money.

Europe's economy recovers from long illness

After years of stagnation caused by the euro crisis, economic growth is bouncing back in Europe.

Why Brexit troubles Ireland

The “Irish question” continues to loom over the Brexit negotiations. Matthew Partridge reports.

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