Europe’s economy

Chart of the week: Germany’s business-friendly parliament

In the last Bundestag there were 35 company owners and self-employed MPs; now there are 76 out of 709, meaning the proportion of entrepreneurs is roughly the same as in the overall population.

When it comes to trade with the EU, imports are as vital as exports

When trading with the EU, exports are clearly important. But cheap, reliable imports keep prices low and give consumers a wider choice.

Europe should let its regions break free

We shouldn’t fear a splintering of Europe into mini-states, says Matthew Lynn. We should actively encourage it.

Eurozone shrugs off Catalonia crisis

Catalonia’s bid for independence has caused jitters in markets recently. But the standoff with Madrid looks unlikely to cause a major correction.

Ecuador and the UK: an interesting study in post-Brexit trade relations

Matthew Partridge talks to Ecuador’s trade minister, Pablo Campana – the Andean country provides an interesting case study for how our own government’s thinking on Brexit is developing.

What Spain’s constitutional crisis means for your money

Catalonia’s bid for independence has created a constitutional crisis in Spain, with consequences beyond its borders. John Stepek looks at what it means for you.

Italian regions vote for autonomy

While the the Catalonia secession crisis continues in Spain, centrifugal forces in Italy are gaining momentum.

Brexit talks inch forward

The clock is ticking in the Brexit negotiations, but the main issues remain unsettled, says Matthew Partridge.

The populist revolt is far from over in Europe

A new problem has cropped up in eastern Europe – a pro-Russia billionaire named Andrej Babis.

Score attractive profits from the global growth of the beautiful game

Football has become a multi-billion-pound business in recent decades – and European leagues’ popularity in emerging markets means there’s more to come, says Matthew Partridge.

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