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Five questions for: Sanj Mahal, CEO of AndCo

Sanj Mahal, CEO of AndCo

AndCo transforms spaces in pubs, cafes, hotel lobbies and restaurants into co-working spaces during the working week.

Money makers: a start-up masterclass in profits

Gym exercise © Getty images

When Payal Kadakia could find the dance class she wanted, she decided to make the search easier – much easier, says Chris Carter.

How to cut your business phone costs

An alarmingly casual businessperson talking on the phone ©

If you run a business, you need to make sure you’re not being ripped off by your mobile-phone company.

Five questions for: Imam Hoque, Quantexa

Imam Hoque of Quantexa

By bringing together disparate data sets and enriching internal data with external sources, Quantexa can produce insights to allow for better-informed decisions.

Money makers: a recipe for success in cosmetics

Gregg Renfrew © Rex Features

Gregg Renfrew set out to shake up the personal care industry when she started Beautycounter. Chris Carter reports.

Five questions for: John Ramsay, CEO of Shift 8*

Care home with Shift8*'s Tovertafel

Shift 8* makes the Tovertafel, a series of award-winning games aimed at those living with mid-to-late-stage dementia.

HMRC: making tax taxing for small businesses

Frustrated businessman © iStockphotos

The government is belatedly raising awareness of its new digital tax drive for small businesses.

Building a powerhouse beauty brand

Jamie O’Banion

Jamie O’Banion, a former Miss Teen Texas, developed a passion for chemistry at the age of 12, out of which she created a $100m cosmetics company.

Avoiding pensions auto-enrolment is costly for SMEs

Man behind a big pile of paperwork © Getty Images

The Pensions Regulator is cracking down on companies that don’t meet their pensions auto-enrolment responsibilities.

Nappy ever after: turning a crisis into a £6m turnover

Guy Schanschieff

Guy Schanschieff had always wanted to start a business but was lacking a strong idea. But a conversation about dirty nappies spurred him into action.

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