China’s economy

China: Asia’s next success story

Ignore the gloomsters, says Rupert Foster. Growth will slow for now, but the economy is undergoing a healthy transition to consumer-driven growth. The process will prove stronger than demographic headwinds.

China creates new giant state-owned enterprises

China is likely to see a consolidation of state-owned enterprises, especially in key sectors such as coal, power, heavy equipment manufacturing and steel.

Is China turning Japanese?

The key question for China now is whether it can avoid repeating the fate of Japan in 1989 and its “lost decades”.

Chart of the week: MSCI takes baby steps into China

After several years of deliberation, index provider MSCI has considering added domestic Chinese A-shares to one of its major benchmarks, the Emerging Markets index.

Why a Chinese chemicals maker paid $1bn for a cartoon cat

You wouldn’t think a Chinese chemical maker and a talking tom cat would have much in common. And you’d be right.

Does China’s credit rating cut matter?

Moody’s decision to downgrade China’s credit rating is no surprise, and many believe it will have no real impact.

The crackdown on China’s billionaires

China may now have more billionaires than America. In 2000, it had just one. That should be good news – but some of them are feeling very nervous. Alex Rankine reports

How much longer can China prop up commodities?

Donald Trump’s election gave commodities a boost last autumn. But now the trend has reversed, with metals especially weak. The culprit is the key driver of demand: China.

Brace yourself for another panic over China

Markets are getting worried about China’s massive levels of debt. No matter how it’s resolved, there’s going to be pain for everyone, says John Stepek.

It’s only a matter of time before China has the biggest gold pile in the world

Whoever has the most gold, makes the rules, says Dominic Frisby. For the moment, that’s the US – but don’t count on things staying that way.

China tackles dodgy data

China has launched a new online system where a million large firms can report figures directly, bypassing corrupt local officials.

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