SPONSORED: Four factors that affect exchange rates

William Shepherd, head of treasury at forex company OFX, explains what drives sterling’s movements in the currency markets.

We’ve seen the low for the pound – sterling is in a bull market now

Against pretty much every major currency, the pound is undervalued, says Dominic Frisby. Now, the stars are coming into alignment – the only way is up for sterling.

SPONSORED: What causes the fall in the pound's exchange rate?

Jake Trask, foreign exchange research director at OFX, explains the wide range of global events that have the power to move currencies.

Credibility of ICOs faces its first big test

Tezos received plenty of hype ahead of its initial coin offering during the summer, says Ben Judge. But for those who bought in, the cryptocurrency has yet to materialise.

Francisco García Paramés: Bitcoin is gambling

Buying bitcoin is just a form of gambling, says Francisco García Paramés, Spain’s best-known fund manager – and he doesn’t see the appeal.

Three reasons why bitcoin could go to $100,000

Cryptocurrencies – bitcoin in particular – are the bull market of the decade. It’s just possible the price of one bitcoin could hit $100,000, says Dominic Frisby. Here’s why.

Chart of the week: Turkish lira slumps to all-time lows

The Turkish lira slipped by more than 5% against the US dollar in October alone, and is now close to revisiting January’s all-time lows.

Hold your nerve over bitcoin

Matthew Partridge holds steady with his latest bet on the cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

The greenback makes a comeback

A weak US dollar is usually a good thing for stocks, says John Stepek. So it will be interesting to see how much higher it can go before it impacts on earnings.

Chart of the week: government splits rock the rand

The South African rand slipped by almost 3% last week, its worst five-day showing since August amid worries that President Jacob Zuma may be set to sack his competent and economically literate deputy Cyril Ramaphosa.

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