Britain should woo bitcoin boosters

The City is missing a trick, says Matthew Lynn. London is the natural home for the growing cryptocurrency industry.

Robert Shiller: cryptocurrencies are doomed to failure

Cryptocurrencies may be yet another in a long line of failed attempts to establish new kinds of money, says Nobel-prize inner and professor of economics, Robert Shiller.

Sterling has taken a pounding – but I’m looking to buy back in

Despite a great start to the year, sterling has seen some dramatic falls recently. But, says Dominic Frisby, we may be getting close to a buying opportunity. Here’s why.

Why you should keep an eye on the strengthening dollar

With most of the world’s financial transactions priced in US dollars, a strengthening dollar is not necessarily a good thing. But that’s exactly what we’ve got now, says John Stepek.

Bubble or no, cryptocurrencies aren’t going away any time soon

Cryptocurrencies are back on the rise and they’re here to stay. So it’s vital you familiarise yourself with them. Dominic Frisby explains why, and how to do it.

Chart of the week: The Mexican peso has peaked

The Mexican peso has gained 8% against the dollar this year. But that’s as far as it is likely to go.

Hong Kong dollar will stay stuck to the greenback

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has had to intervene to prop up the HK dollar – the first time since 2015. But the peg to the US dollar will remain.

The Canadian dollar's "loonie swoon" is not over yet

The Canadian dollar, AKA the loonie, has spent most of the past two years recovering from long-term lows against the US dollar. But now it has hit the skids again.

How the world’s biggest financial market is affecting share prices

US stocks are going from strength to strength while European markets falter. But there’s no mystery. They are at the mercy of a much bigger market than equities.

Why bitcoin isn’t money

Cryptocurrency speculators claim that bitcoin and its peers will mean the end of state-controlled money. That’s economically and politically impossible, says Edward Chancellor.

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