The fracking revolution

Hydraulic fracturing - 'fracking' - is the energy story of the 21st century. This new technology means previously unrecoverable reserves of oil and gas can now be extracted. It has transformed the energy markets in the US, and led to huge new opportunities for investors. Below, we explain what fracking is, and explore the best ways to play this exciting story.

The lowdown on fracking

Investors could make big money from fracking - but it’s not a sure thing. There are risks. Ed Bowsher explains what fracking is, and looks at the pros and cons from an investment perspective.

Fracking FAQ: what is fracking, and why is it in the news?

Fracking is a subject that’s constantly in the news. But what exactly does it entail, and what are the arguments for and against?

The fracking process explained in 30 seconds

How to solve Britain's fracking problem

There’s only one way the government can sell fracking to the public, says Matthew Lynn – give landowners mineral rights.

Is fracking the answer to our energy crisis?

Will fracking mean cheaper gas in Britain or will it just blight the countryside and poison the water supply? Emily Hohler reports.

The shale gas revolution: the winners to buy and the losers to avoid

Shale gas extraction is a game-changer. But along with the winners, there will be losers. Matthew Partridge looks at what to buy and what to avoid.

Britain’s coming shale gas boom

New estimates of the amount of shale gas in northwest England have raised hopes that Britain could be sitting on an energy gold mine.

The British shale gas revolution – will it boom or fizzle?

Britain could be sitting on much bigger reserves of natural gas than anyone expected. So are our energy problems over? John Stepek looks at whether we can replicate America’s shale gas bonanza, or whether it’s all just a mirage.

Britain’s shale gas revolution

The government has lifted its moratorium on ‘fracking’ – but will this, as in America, lead to big changes in our energy markets? Simon Wilson reports.

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