BP boss raises the oil giant's dividend ahead of his departure

Bob Dudley, the departing CEO of oil giant BP, has given shareholders a parting gift by raising the dividend. But they would be happier if oil prices …
7 Feb 2020
BP oil workers © BP
Investment strategy

How reliable is your income from dividend payouts?

Many blue-chip stocks are stretching their dividend payouts to the limit. Make sure you don’t pay the price.
4 Nov 2019
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Navigating a low oil price

The low price of oil has thrown up a few opportunities for canny investors. Professional stockpicker Simon Gergel reveals three of his favourites.
1 Dec 2017
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Big Oil, big trouble

Profits are plunging at major oil companies, with Shell cutting back on exploration and extraction.
19 Feb 2016
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Will BP cut its dividend?

The renewed wobble in crude was accompanied by a 10% slide in BP’s shares, putting the dividend under pressure.
4 Feb 2016
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BP suffers a 40% profits drop

Oil major BP attempted to reassure investors that it will be able to maintain its dividend, as it unveiled a 40% drop in underlying profits.
29 Oct 2015

BP moves to end long legal battle

Last week BP agreed to settle all government lawsuits surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster for a total of $18.7bn. Matthew Partridge looks at wh…
10 Jul 2015

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UK Economy

Make BP a protected champion? When did we turn into France?

We're not meant to have 'national champions', says Matthew Lynn. And if we start now, there are better candidates than BP.
5 May 2015

FTSE weighed down by China slowdown, Swiss gold vote and oil

Worries over China's slowdown have depressed trading in London this morning, while gold bugs are feeling the disappoint of the Swiss 'No' vote.
1 Dec 2014
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BP warns of sanctions pain

The oil giant has warned that sanctions will hit its operations in Russia.
31 Jul 2014
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BP turns leaner and meaner

Shares in BP soared after the oil giant ditched billions of dollars-worth of assets and jacked up its dividend.
31 Oct 2013
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It’s time to buy BP

The Deepwater Horizon spill caused BP no end of headaches. But as Matthew Partridge explains, now could be a great time to buy back in.
21 Aug 2013
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BP’s Deepwater bill to hit profits

The on-going compensation saga at BP over the Deepwater oil spill continues to weigh on BP's profits.
1 Aug 2013