Tim Price

Tim Price is co-manager of the VT Price Value Portfolio and author of "Investing through the Looking Glass: a rational guide to irrational financial markets".
Investment strategy

The secret to avoiding being panicked out of your portfolio

With the coronavirus continuing to occupy headlines, investors still aren’t sure how to react. But the one thing you mustn’t do is panic. Tim Price ex…
11 Feb 2020

MMT: beware the great inflation game

A decade of ever more outrageous monetary experimentation by central banks will soon culminate in steeply rising prices. Make sure you hold gold, says…
31 Jan 2020
Investment strategy

How to invest when surrounded by threats to your wealth

As an investor, it generally pays to be optimistic, says Tim Price. Here, he explains how he navigates the current dangerous investment environment th…
2 Dec 2019

What to look for in a good active fund manager

Big is not beautiful when it comes to investing in funds. Indeed, most big fund managers are constrained on multiple fronts. Here, Tim Price explains …
22 Nov 2019
Investment strategy

Three investments to own in our debt-soaked world

There is too much debt in the world, says Tim Price, and not all of it will get paid back. With that in mind, here's how he's investing now.
30 Jul 2019

Why I favour Japan over the UK market

The FTSE 100 is cheap, says Tim Price. But it’s not where I would invest now. The best value is to be found in Japan. Here’s why.
13 Jun 2019

Ten years after the great financial crisis, things could have been so different

The shock waves from the great financial crisis have finally reached the shore. Turns out socialism for the rich doesn’t play well with electorates, s…
2 May 2019

How to avoid being ruined by a Patisserie Valerie-style disaster

If people are determined to commit fraud, there is probably not much we can realistically do to stop them, says Tim Price. But there are certain steps…
5 Feb 2019

The three things that can stop you from investing profitably

Professional investor looks at three traits inherent to humans that make us less effective as investors.
24 Jan 2019