Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb started her career in Tokyo at public broadcaster NHK before becoming a Japanese equity broker at what was then Warburgs. She went on to work at SBC and UBS without moving from her desk in Kamiyacho (it was the age of mergers).

After five years in Japan she returned to work in the UK at Paribas. This soon became BNP Paribas. Again, no desk move was required. On leaving the City, Merryn helped The Week magazine with its City pages before becoming the launch editor of MoneyWeek in 2000.

Twenty years on, MoneyWeek is the best-selling financial magazine in the UK and Merryn remains as its editor-in-chief. Merryn also has a weekly column in the FT and is a regular TV/radio commentator and speaker on financial matters.

She is a non executive director of three investment trusts – the Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Trust, the Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust, and the Murray Income Investment Trust – and of Netwealth.

UK Economy

Good news at last – household debt is falling fast

Thre's not much good news around at the moment., But the fact that UK households are paying off debt at a record rate must surely count, says Merryn S…
4 Jun 2020
UK Economy

“Stealth” debt jubilees are here – and that’s a very good thing

We may not have had a full-scale debt jubilee, but many Covid relief measures quietly amount to “micro-jubilees”. That’s something to celebrate, says …
1 Jun 2020
UK Economy

Post-Covid life will look remarkably similar to pre-Covid life

Everybody is speculating on how life will look once lockdown is lifted. My guess, says Merryn Somerset Webb, is much the same as it looked before the …
29 May 2020

In support of active fund management

We’re fans of passive investing here at MoneyWeek. But active fund management has its place too, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
25 May 2020

A thousand thankyous

Welcome to the 1,000th issue of MoneyWeek – we couldn't have done it without our readers.
21 May 2020

Caught with the wrong portfolio? You're in good company

Many investors – including the great Warren Buffett, got caught with their trousers down by the Great Virus Crisis. But not everyone, says Merryn Some…
11 May 2020
Investment strategy

Where to put your money as the investible universe shrinks

If you had £1,000 to invest right now for a ten-year period, where would you invest it? That's not a simple question to answer any more, says Merryn S…
7 May 2020
UK Economy

Turn the Covid-19 bailout into a sovereign wealth fund

Rather than just throwing money at companies that may never get paid back, the government could equitise that debt, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It woul…
5 May 2020
Global Economy

“Cluster busting”: why Japan has been so successful in fighting Covid-19

Japan has had one of the lowest rates of death from Covid-19, despite its densely-packed, elderly population. Merryn Somerset Webb looks explains the …
4 May 2020
Investment trust model portfolio

A new fund for the model investment trust portfolio

After sifting through readers' suggestions, Merryn Somerset Webb picks a new fund for the MoneyWeek model portfoli of investment trusts.
1 May 2020
UK Economy

Dividends, directors and the holes in the government’s coronavirus furlough scheme

By topping up a minimal salary with dividends, many owner/directors of small companies have fallen through the net when it comes to the government’s …
27 Apr 2020

How new technology can bring retail investors back to the party

Companies are excluding small shareholders from emergency equity fundraisings. There is no excuse for it, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Especially since …
27 Apr 2020

Bad news for income trusts

There's very little good news around the future of income trusts, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
23 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Looking on the bright side

The great virus crisis is miserable in many ways. But there are glimmers of positivity, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
16 Apr 2020
Investment trust model portfolio

The trials of Temple Bar: an update on the MoneyWeek investment trust portfolio

Most of the funds in our investment trust portfolio have held up brilliantly through the recent market turmoil. But one trust in particular has had a …
14 Apr 2020

Why the world after coronavirus could be a lot fairer

The post-coronavirus world could look like the post-war world, argues Merryn Somerset Webb – with wealth redistributed from capital to labour, and fro…
14 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Markets haven't finished yet

Can the bear market really be over so soon? The consensus seems to be “surely not”.
9 Apr 2020
Share tips

A handful of promising income stocks to buy now

If you’re an investor looking for income, investment trusts are a particularly good way to go, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Here are a few to consider.
7 Apr 2020
Income investing

Here’s how to hold on to some dividend income

Companies are cutting their dividends. But the truth is that you don’t have to give up all of your dividend income, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Here’s …
6 Apr 2020
Global Economy

The same changes are happening, just faster

From international relations to working from home, the coronavirus outbreak hasn't so much radically changed the world as sped up changes that were al…
2 Apr 2020
UK Economy

How the coronavirus pandemic is killing cash

Covid-19 is making a huge difference to the way we live, work and do business. One of its less obvious effects, says Merryn Somerset Webb, is to accel…
31 Mar 2020

Buy stocks for the long term, but buy very carefully

After the wild ride of the last couple of weeks, equities are no longer expensive. But if you do decide to buy, be very, very careful indeed, says Mer…
30 Mar 2020
UK Economy

The UK’s bailout of the self employed comes with a hidden catch

The chancellor’s £6.5bn bailout of the self employed is welcome. But it has hidden benefits for the taxman, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
27 Mar 2020

Navigating a world in which the odd is has become the everyday

In these strange times, everything once deemed unthinkable is now thinkable. But that doesn't mean it is possible, says Merryn Somerset Webb
26 Mar 2020
UK Economy

How to protect the earnings of the self-employed as well as employees

The government has acted swiftly to protect the earnings of those in employment, But the self-employed deserve help too. Merryn Somerset Webb has a fe…
25 Mar 2020

Coronavirus and tax: now isn’t a time to have to worry about money

HMRC won’t penalise non-residents who might otherwise have to pay UK tax if they get stuck in the country. That’s going to be expensive, says Merryn S…
24 Mar 2020

Stockmarket crash: more to come

The stockmarket crash was hard and sudden – and it might not be over yet. But while the short term outlook is awful, says Merryn Somerset Webb, that d…
23 Mar 2020
Travel and holidays

The surprising joys of a Club Med ski holiday

It’s fun at Club Med – and everything is taken care of for you. What’s not to like?
20 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The financial system gets reset

Things are very much different now, says Merryn Somerset Webb. We are entering period of financial – and possibly also political – reset.
19 Mar 2020
UK Economy

Sunak’s Budget: good, but short-term measures must be temporary

Rishi Sunak’s Budget contained some well thought-out support policies. But, with policies introduced in times of crisis hard to back out of, we must e…
16 Mar 2020
UK Economy

Exceptional measures don't come cheap

Rishi Sunak promised so much in his Budget that's its impossible to tot up just how much it will all cost. That is not a good thing, says Merryn Somer…
12 Mar 2020
Investment trusts

If you think now is a good time to buy, look at these investment trusts

With the latest market slides, an awful lot of assets are beginning to look very cheap indeed. If you are thinking of buying, Merryn Somerset Webb has…
10 Mar 2020

ESG and “ethical” investing: where should you start?

“Ethical”, or ESG investing (environmental, social and governance) is all the rage. But what exactly does it mean? And where should you start? Merryn …
9 Mar 2020
Global Economy

Coronavirus disruption will take some time to play out

There are already plenty of obvious casualties of the nasty combination of coronavirus-driven supply and demand shocks. But second-round casualties ar…
5 Mar 2020

Should we replace entrepreneurs’ tax perks with employee ownership?

The chancellor could well abolish entrepreneurs’ relief in the Budget. We could use some of the tax savings to create more worker-owned businesses, sa…
5 Mar 2020
Self employed tax

A legal judgment that could seriously dent housebuilders’ profits

An employment tribunal has ruled that two recently dismissed bricklayers were not self employed, whatever the contract they signed said. The conseque…
4 Mar 2020