Eoin Gleeson

Eoin came to Money Week in 2006 having graduated with a MLitt in economics from Trinity College, Dublin. He taught economic history for two years at Trinity, while researching a thesis on how herd behaviour destroys financial markets.

Eoin acts as managing editor of MoneyWeek's newsletters.

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What to buy in the hunt for yield

With interest rates so low, it's not easy staying ahead of inflation. But there are ways to earn a higher income for your money. Eoin Gleeson reports.
19 Jul 2012
Investment strategy

The search for safe havens for your money

With the eurozone in crisis and the global economy faltering, where is safe for investors now? Eoin Gleeson and Sean Keyes consider the best new haven…
25 Nov 2011

Profit from the fight against cybercrime

As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, billions are being spent shoring up internet security. That leads to opportunities for investors. Eoin Glees…
24 Jun 2011
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Join the rush for rare earth metals

Rare earth metals are an invaluable industrial resource. And with consumption far outstripping supply, their price has shot up. Eoin Gleeson considers…
30 Jul 2010
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Strike gold at your local rubbish dump

Miners shift tonnes of ore to extract a mere gramme of precious metal. But there is an easier way – and it could prove to be the next gold rush, says …
5 Mar 2010

Five ways into the waste sector

With waste looking like it could be the next gold rush, Eoin Gleeson looks at five ways to buy in to the waste management sector.
5 Mar 2010
Merryn's Blog

Forget Apple's iPad, buy these gadgets instead

Apple's iPad is causing a stir among the world's technophiles. But there are plenty of other devices poised to make a splash that have slipped under t…
29 Jan 2010
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Profit from the transport revolution

The planet's transport problems will not be solved by electric cars, but by 'reinventing the wheel', say Eoin Gleeson and Jody Clarke. Here, we look a…
15 Jan 2010
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Profit from the Google v iPhone war

With the launch of Apple's iPhone, demand for smartphones has gone through the roof. And now with Google entering the hardware market, things will onl…
8 Jan 2010
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How our sector tips played out in 2009

This time last year, it was a job to find any stocks that could survive the turmoil. But thanks to the world's central bankers, stocks have surged. He…
24 Dec 2009
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Profit as drug giants farm out testing

Bringing a new drug to market isn't cheap. So now, pharmaceutical firms are contracting research out to China in a bid to cut costs. A whole new indus…
4 Dec 2009
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Profit from China's rediscovered love for dairy

China's demand for milk is on the rise. But a recent contamination scandal caused panic and led to the closure of several suppliers. But for the bran…
27 Nov 2009
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Profit from video gaming's recovery

The release of the latest in the line of Modern Warfare video games demonstrates just how big the market is, where a new game's takings dwarf those of…
20 Nov 2009
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Profit from China's medical reforms

Beijing is to spend $125bn over the next three years on thousands of new clinics and hospitals. That will be a major boost to China's medical device i…
13 Nov 2009
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Make fat returns from the fast-food boom

As fast-food culture sweeps the globe, firms in the sector are on the rise. And that's yielding some tasty investment opportunities, say John Stepek a…
6 Nov 2009
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Profit from the power of the tides

The sea is the world's largest untapped source of renewable energy. But harnessing it is difficult and costly. But now, with the backing of venture ca…
6 Nov 2009
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Profit from the tech spending slump

Those technology firms that survived the dotcom bust of the late 1990s have spent much of the time since hoarding money. Now they are one of the few i…
30 Oct 2009

American medical property bucks the downturn

Commercial property in America is in bad shape. But one property sector is profiting nicely from the US's ageing population, says Eoin Gleeson.
30 Oct 2009
Merryn's Blog

Make money from medical isotopes

Radioactive isotopes, which are used in 18 million medical procedures a year in the US alone, are in critically short supply. That means excellent opp…
30 Oct 2009
Merryn's Blog

How to profit from genetic data mining

One hundred thousand elderly Californians could hold the key to the next big medical breakthrough. And better yet, you can profit from it – here's how…
22 Oct 2009
Merryn's Blog

The best tech stocks to buy now

With Cisco's $2.9bn acquisition of wireless group Starent Networks, the long-awaited tech buyout frenzy has finally started. And with plenty of thrivi…
19 Oct 2009
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Five ways to profit from the new agriculture revolution

In the 1960s, new agricultural technology tripled crop yields. Now there is a second green revolution going on. Eoin Gleeson looks at the latest devel…
16 Oct 2009

Shell's floating LNG facility - they're going to need a bigger boat

Just when gas traders thought America had all the gas reserves it could handle, Royal Dutch Shell announces plans to build the world's first floating …
12 Oct 2009
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Two hot plays on natural gas

It's been a tough year for gas traders, and gas prices will remain low for some time yet. But you can still make money from natural gas. Here, Eoin Gl…
9 Oct 2009
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How to profit from molybdenum

There is one metal that China has not yet cornered the market in: molybdenum, which makes steel resistant to corrosion and extreme heat. But China wan…
9 Oct 2009
Merryn's Blog

How to profit from China's land grab

2009 looked like it was going to be a quiet year for the Chinese Investment Corporation, China's main sovereign wealth fund. Compared to the $8bn it s…
30 Sep 2009

Eight growth industries of the future to buy into now

"I want to say one word to you. Just one word," Mr McGuire told Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. "Plastics - there is a great future in plastics". I…
29 Sep 2009
Merryn's Blog

How to make money from US healthcare

It's angry-mob time again. After a summer of fulminating against evil bankers and tacky politicians, we have a new group of villains to wring our hand…
28 Sep 2009
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Explorers strike black gold

As the price of oil spiked two years ago, the industry began scouring remote reaches of the ocean to find new reserves. and now, oil explorers have re…
25 Sep 2009
Merryn's Blog

Don't lose out in Gordon's nuclear fire sale

It's been ten years since Gordon Brown flogged the Bank of England's gold. And still he hasn't learned his lesson. This week Gordon went fire sale cra…
23 Sep 2009
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How to profit from the scramble for technology metals

The modern world relies on a supply of certain exotic metals. And China is sitting on top of most of them. Eoin Gleeson reports on the sector, and pic…
18 Sep 2009

Don't mention the Trade War

The smell of trade war is suddenly in the air, says the Wall Street Journal. Last Friday night, Barack Obama make a shock move by slapping a 35% tarif…
16 Sep 2009
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New aircraft boom will see titanium price take off

Growing trade between Asia and the Middle East has meant new routes for airlines and fresh demand for aeroplanes. And in air transport, the key metal …
11 Sep 2009
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Cash in on medical breakthroughs

Genetics is continuing to revolutionise medicine, and is throwing up some exciting investment opportunities. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector, and pic…
4 Sep 2009
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Turning electrical junk into profit

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing form of rubbish worldwide. And with world governments clamping down on the disposal of used electrical items, …
28 Aug 2009
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Can solar energy survive a price war?

A fall in demand for solar panels and growth in production facilities heralds a price war in the solar power business as the industry struggles to com…
21 Aug 2009