Dr Matthew Partridge

Matthew graduated from the University of Durham in 2004; he then did an MSc, followed by a PhD at the London School of Economics.

He has previously written for a wide range of publications, including the Guardian and the Economist, and also helped to run a newsletter on terrorism. He has spent time at Lehman Brothers, Citigroup and the consultancy Lombard Street Research.


Boeing’s bleak future

Aircraft maker Boeing’s nosedive has accelerated this week owing to emails highlighting its toxic corporate culture. Matthew Partridge reports.
16 Jan 2020

How to profit as tobacco stocks go up in smoke

Philip Morris International is the most vulnerable stock in the embattled tobacco sector. Matthew Partridge explains the best way to play it.
14 Jan 2020
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Reed Slatkin’s Investment Club

Reed Slatkin studied with Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard and became an ordained minister in the cult 1975. He used his position to set up an unl…
13 Jan 2020
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Will the Fiat-Chrysler/PSA mega-merger work?

Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot’s owner PSA are tying the knot to tackle the structural upheaval in the car industry. Matthew Partridge reports.
26 Dec 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: John Rigas and Adelphia

John Rigas and his family embezzled at least $1bn from their company, Adelphia, wiping out shareholders.
20 Dec 2019
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Cineworld heads to Canada with purchase of Cineplex

Cineworld's purchase of its Canadian rival Cineplex will allow it to tap the $770m annual revenues from the Canadian box office.
19 Dec 2019
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IFF’s DuPont takeover could prove a tasty dish

Food flavourings giant IFF has just spent $26.2bn on DuPont’s nutrition and biosciences business in its bid to become the giant of the flavourings and…
19 Dec 2019
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How my 2019 spreadbetting tips fared

Matthew Partridge reviews performance of his 2019 spreadbetting tips. This year’s winners include Bellway, JD Sports and Taylor Wimpey.
17 Dec 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Joel Steinger and the Mutual Benefits Corporation

Joel Steinger and the Mutual Benefits Corporation specialised in selling viaticals, shares in the life-insurance policies of the terminally ill.
16 Dec 2019
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Saudi Arabia's Aramco IPO falls short of expectations

Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil giant, has finally made it to market. But the regime struggled mightily to get it there. 
12 Dec 2019

Yet more trouble at Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil shares have plunged to a 16-year low after the company slashed its annual production forecast.
12 Dec 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Takafumi Horie and Livedoor

Takafumi Horie used Enron-style dummy partnerships to inflate the revenue and operating profits of his company Livedoor.
11 Dec 2019
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Betting on politics: some safe Labour bets

Matthew Partridge outlines a few flutters on what should be safe Labour seats in the general election.
10 Dec 2019
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Yet another clanger at Ted Baker as it overstates its inventory by £25m

Ted Baker, the struggling fashion retailer, saw its share price fall to a ten-year low this week after it admitted that it had overstated the value of…
5 Dec 2019
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DS Smith will deliver: here's how to play the share price

Packaging group DS Smith is profiting from the online retail boom. Matthew Partridge explains how traders can play the share price.
3 Dec 2019
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Betting on politics: don't put your money on the SNP

Scottish voters are strongly opposed to another independence referendum, says Matthew Partridge. That opens up a few tasty punts against he SNP.
29 Nov 2019
Stock markets

Can LVMH make Tiffany shine?

LVMH has clinched a deal to buy the jewellery group Tiffany & Co for $16.6bn, marking the largest takeover on record in the luxury sector. But is the …
28 Nov 2019

Uber’s London roadblock will be good for the competition

Ride-hailing app Uber has been denied a new licence to operate in London. This is excellent news for rivals. Matthew Partridge reports
28 Nov 2019
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Finding hidden treasure: value investing is back in fashion

Focusing on cheap stocks, historically a highly successful investment strategy, has been a disappointment over the past ten years. But the tide is sta…
28 Nov 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Richard Whitney and the White Knight’s pensions raid

Richard Whitney went from being the “White Knight” of Wall Street and president of the New York Stock Exchange to a convicted embezzler.
27 Nov 2019
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Xerox hits a paper jam with its HP takeover bid

HP has turned down a $33bn bid from rival Xerox, insisting it is worth more. But a merger seems likely before too long. Matthew Partridge reports.
21 Nov 2019
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Alibaba’s cash call comes off

Despite the ongoing violence in Hong Kong, demand for Alibaba’s secondary listing has been so strong that it will stop taking orders from retail inves…
21 Nov 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Lord Kylsant and RMSPC

Owen Philipps, AKA Lord Kylsant, manipulated the account of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSPC), leaving the company's shareholders with nothi…
20 Nov 2019
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Taylor Wimpey’s a winner – here's how to play it

Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey pays a generous dividend and the shares are cheap.
19 Nov 2019

Betting on politics: odds on Labour’s total seats

Matthew Partridge looks at how many seats the bookies think Labour could get in the upcoming election.
19 Nov 2019
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Boeing faces further turbulence

Boeing’s shares saw their best one-day performance in over five months early this week. But the plane-makers' troubles aren't over yet.
15 Nov 2019
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Disney takes on Netflix in the TV streaming wars

A major new US player has arrived in the television and film streaming market – and the UK is launching a service too. Matthew Partridge reports.
14 Nov 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Jerry Dominelli’s Ponzi scheme

J. David “Jerry” Dominelli's classic Ponzi fraud cheated investors out of $80m in the 1980s.
13 Nov 2019
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Saudi Aramco heads to market in history's biggest IPO

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil colossus, is set to float on its home market. Are the shares appealing?
7 Nov 2019
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Mothercare’s inevitable demise

Mothercare's UK arm has gone into administration, But that's hardly any surprise.
7 Nov 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Byrraju Ramalinga Raju and Satyam

Byrraju Ramalinga Raju boosted the share price of his company by inflating profits, cash flows and assets, creating false bank statements, customer in…
6 Nov 2019
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Time to short Twitter stocks

Twitter, the social media website, is under pressure from regulators and advertisers. In the past week, the company’s shares have plunged by around 20…
5 Nov 2019
UK Economy

Betting on politics: who will get the most seats in the general election?

Matthew Partridge casts his eyes over the odds on which party will get most seats in December's general election.
1 Nov 2019
Stock markets

Will luxury goods rivals fight for Tiffany & Co?

LVMH wants to add the jeweller Tiffany & Co to its portfolio of luxury brands – but will shareholders be disappointed by the price tag? Matthew Partri…
31 Oct 2019
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Tesla short-sellers left licking their wounds

Short-sellers of Tesla stock have been caught out by the carmaker's surprise share-price bounce.
31 Oct 2019
Great frauds in history

Great frauds in history: Victor Jacobowitz’s phony account

Victor Jacobowitz fiddled the inventory records of his health and beauty products business and defrauded investors out of €177m.
30 Oct 2019