If you'd invested in: Games Workshop and Connect Group

Nottingham's Games Workshop has doubled its share price in the last year, while that of newspaper distributor and logistics firm Connect Group has slumped by two-thirds.

If only...


Games Workshop (LSE: GAW) makes miniature models for fantasy role-playing war-gamers, and owns the successful Warhammer franchise, among others. The Nottingham-based company operates more than 460 shops around the world and 75% of its revenues are generated abroad. It seems to be bucking the trend of big names disappearing from the high street. The year to June 2018 saw revenue rise by almost 40% to £219m, with pre-tax profit up by 66% to £74.5m. The share price has almost doubled in the last year and has hit an all-time high.

Be glad you didn't...


Newspaper distributor and logistics outfit Connect Group (LSE: CNCT) has seen its share price more than halve in the past year as revenues fell and the company issued a series of profit warnings. The group owns the struggling Tufnells parcel-delivery firm. Earlier this year Tufnells was handed a £1.5m fine from the Health and Safety Executive, and it has also hit trouble with HMRC after underpaying staff. Connect's distribution business has fared better, but weaker magazine sales have hurt profitability. The stock is down by more than 68% this year.

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