Blowing It

Why waste money on sparkly baubles?

Model wearing a diamond necklace © iStock

Owning fine jewellery and expensive toys is all very well – until they start to own you.

Bodyguard to the stars

Bodyguards © Channel 4

Bodyguard Mark Billingham isn’t fazed by celebrity.

Superyachts – as seen by an academic

Woman lying on a yacht © iStock

Emma Spence’s PhD study on the superyacht scene is one of the more readable.

Grouse moors are the true sign of wealth

If you really want to show off your wealth, sink your money into grouse moors.

Sam Allardyce: a modern definition of stupidity

England manager is no easy job. But Sam Allardyce’s performance takes the biscuit.

JK Rowling’s expensive mistake

Harry Potter author JK Rowling fell for the dream of owning a yacht hook, line and sinker.

The paranoia of the super-rich

Ecuador is not a natural home for the super-rich. But it is the cheapest place to get kidnapped.

The secret rules of how to get ahead

If you want to join the ranks of the elite, you need to know how to dress for it.

Two different ways to enjoy riches

The only people who say money doesn’t make you happy are rich people who want it to be a secret.

A fair-value $2m dinner

Fireworks in Singapore

A $2m dinner sounds extravagant. But it’s actually better value than you might think.

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