Toys and gadgets

Toys and gadgets

The AMB 001: Mr Bond, your motorbike is ready

With the AMB001, Aston Martin and Brough Superior – two icons of motoring – have banded together to create a fabulous new machine, says Nicole Garcia …
3 Jul 2020
Toys and gadgets

Three of the best new bikes

Looking for an alternative to public transport for the commute? Nicole Garcia Merdia has some ideas.
26 Jun 2020
Toys and gadgets

Professionalise your home office

This kit will make help make life easier when you’re working from home, says Nicole Garcia Merida
19 Jun 2020
Toys and gadgets

Set up home in the garden

Many of us will have been spending more time in our garden. Why not make it more like home?
9 Jun 2020
Toys and gadgets

Turn your living room into a cinema

Missing the big screen? Bring the experience home, says Nicole Garcia Merida
5 Jun 2020
Toys and gadgets

Gadgets for brewing the perfect cup of coffee

It’s time to start thinking about working again. Your brain might need jump leads, says Jasper Spires
22 May 2020
Toys and gadgets

Four of the best new luxury watches

A dose of retail therapy might help chase away the lockdown blues. Nicole Garcia Merida has some ideas
15 May 2020

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Toys and gadgets

Are you missing the gym?

Don’t let quarantine keep you from your workout, says Nicole Garcia Merida
8 May 2020
Toys and gadgets

Turn your home into a luxury spa

You needn’t leave lockdown to indulge in some pampering, says Chris Carter.
8 May 2020
Toys and gadgets

Plough your own furrow on furlough

Seen and done all the box sets and cleaning you can face? It’s time to get creative, says Nicole Garcia Merida.
24 Apr 2020
Toys and gadgets

How to keep the children busy

Get the kids out from under your feet with these peace-inducing distractions, says Nicole Garcia Merida
17 Apr 2020
Toys and gadgets

Nikon Z50: an affordable, professional-quality camera

Nikon has expanded its range to appeal to more casual users. Matthew Partridge is impressed.
27 Mar 2020
Toys and gadgets

Three of the best smartwatches

The latest gadgets not only tell you the time, but also how your workout is going, says Nicole Garcia Merida.
6 Mar 2020
Toys and gadgets

Sunseeker’s alarmingly rapid superboat

The Sunseeker Hawk 38 is great fun and hard to beat if you want to go fast safely.
14 Feb 2020
Toys and gadgets

Aston Martin's luxury chopper for Bond villains

If you’ve a few million to spare, the man at Aston Martin wants to talk to you about a helicopter
21 Jan 2020
Toys and gadgets

Fuji X-T30 – an excellent budget camera

The Fuji X-T30 will meet the demands of most photography enthusiasts, says Matthew Partridge.
26 Apr 2019