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Ben Bernanke: markets should curb their enthusiasm

Markets have got ahead of themselves over Donald Trump’s election victory, reckons formed Fed chief Ben Bernanke.

Putin’s Rasputin, Alexander Dugin – and his White House allies

Alexander Dugin © Rex Features

A cheerleader for the Kremlin, Alexander Dugin is out to win friends in Donald Trump’s White House.

Paul Mumford: simple steps to successful investing

Merryn Somerset Webb and Paul Mumford

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to veteran fund manager Paul Mumford about the secret of his successful career and the stocks he’s buying now.

Hans Rosling: farewell to the rock star of statistics

Hans Rosling © Getty images

Hans Rosling will be fondly remembered for making statistics on the state of the world accessible to the masses.

Money maker: tracking the origins of food

Jessi Baker

Entrepreneur Jessi Baker is using blockchain technology to track down the provenance of food.

Eddie Lampert: a painful entanglement with Sears

Eddie Lampert

Hedge-fund manager Eddie Lampert isn’t ready to throw in the towel over troubled American retailer, Sears.

Seth Klarman: 2016 made no sense

Famed value investor Seth Klarman of Baupost Group found last year highly bizarre for investors.

Money makers: the holy grail for menswear fans

Arun Gupta © Rex Features

Arun Gupta turned the search for sought-after hard-to-find fashion items into a thriving business with Grailed.

Five questions for… James Marchant, CEO, Just Opened

Just Opened Group is the go-to place for the hottest openings in London and New York, says James Marchant.

Stephanie Flanders: how to deal with political surprises

Investors have taken the political upheaval Brexit and Trump “in their stride”, says Stephanie Flanders. Burt they “will need to be creative” to preserve their wealth.

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