Investing in property

Push for profits

Invest with the activists to earn higher returns, says Matthew Partridge

Investing in property

Property has held up remarkably well since US sub-prime mortgages sparked the financial crisis. UK house prices, for example, have risen to record highs. But there's more to investing in property than buying a holiday home or buy-to-let.

Commercial property has become an attractive investment via, for example, real estate investment trusts (Reits) or even property crowdfunding. At MoneyWeek, you can find some of the best ways of money from investing in property.

UK house price indices

The Halifax and Nationwide indices are based on each lender's mortgage approvals, and exclude cash sales. Both are 'seasonally-adjusted' – the market is slower in winter and busier in spring. The Rightmove index is based on sellers' initial asking pricess, and the DCLG (Dept for Communities and Local Government) index is based on data including house prices, mortgages, transactions and land prices.

Don't buy that house!

The positive climate surrounding the buy-to-let sector is unravelling – fast. A rash move now and you could pay a heavy price.

To avoid the time bomb at the heart of this sector you need to read our new investment report.

It'll arm you with everyone you need to become a well-informed buy-to-let investor.

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Should you insure your buy-to-lets?

You may already feel that you are insured to the hilt, but landlords’ insurance is one that you really can’t do without, says Sarah Moore.

How owning a home in Britain became a luxury

Home ownership has fallen sharply as house prices have spiralled out of control. The reason behind it is clear, says John Stepek. And there’s only one way to fix it.

A legal threat against right-to-rent

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants as threatened to take the Home Office to court if it doesn’t re-evaluate its controversial right-to-rent scheme.

Is the UK exceptionally hostile to landlords?

Changes to the way landlords are taxed have been accused of being overly harsh. Is that fair? Emma Lunn investigates.

Are house prices set to slump?

The property market has fallen for the third month in a row. Is a dramatic fall in house prices on the cards, asks Sarah Moore.

The UK housing market is definitely struggling – but will it tip over into a crash?

UK house prices have been falling for three months now. John Stepek explains why, and whether this is a healthy adjustment, or the start of a crash.

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