UK economy

The NHS funding gap

Britain’s National Health Service always seems to be in crisis and running out of cash. Is it really, and what can be done? Alex Rankine reports.

The golden age of television

Matthew Partridge picks the stocks to watch

A central bank in Europe raised interest rates yesterday. Not ours, unfortunately

The Czech central bank has raised interest rates by 400%. But the UK won’t see higher rates anytime soon. John Stepek explains why, and what it means for your money.

Cabinet fight over Brexit transition

Ministers have clashed this week over the issue of free movement after Britain leaves the European Union. Matthew Partridge reports.

“I’m shocked – shocked! – to find that irresponsible lending is going on in here”

The Bank of England slashed interest rates and flooded the economy with cheap money. Now it’s worried about dangerous levels of debt. Could the two be connected, asks John Stepek?

What a “chaotic Brexit” could mean for Britain

Professor Anand Menon of Kings College London talks to Matthew Partridge about the consequences for Britain of a “chaotic” or “cliff-edge” Brexit.

Retailers need a radical rethink

A bunch of merger deals might look good on paper, says Matthew Lynn. But it won’t fix the cracks in Britain’s retail sector.

Is this the end for austerity?

Some Tories reckon it’s time to give that magic money tree a good shake and end austerity. Others wonder when austerity is actually going to start. Simon Wilson reports.

Whatever happened to the “Northern Powerhouse”?

The transport secretary, Chris Grayling, has been accused of betraying millions of taxpayers over Crossrail 2.

An ugly pay gap at the BBC

What more can be done to close the gender pay gap so awkwardly exposed at the BBC? Emily Hohler reports.

Why I’m buying into the big banks again

It’s ten years since bank behaviour triggered a global financial crash. But the bad boys have reformed – it’s time to learn to love them again, says Jonathan Compton.

Capitalism's reputational problem

People in the developed world are losing faith in capitalism, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Perhaps it’s time the system was given a reboot.

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