Selling the silver

Beware of investment trusts that are spending beyond their means

Chart of the week: eurozone confidence hits ten-year high

Europe’s Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI), an index that tracks both business and consumer confidence in each country, jumped to 111.1 in June, the highest level since August 2007.

Happy birthday to ultra-low interest rates

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the last interest rate rise in the UK, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’s about time the Bank of England saw sense.

We’re all ten years older and deeper in debt

It’s ten years since the UK’s last interest-rate rise. Much has changed since then. But the economy is as broken as ever. John Stepek explores ways to fix it.

Central bankers are playing a giant game of Jenga with markets

Forget interest rates or money-printing, central bankers’ most useful tool is expectations management. Tugging at bricks, testing reactions, keeping markets from tumbling. John Stepek explains how to play the game.

Why this EU entrepreneur isn’t worried about Brexit

Matthew Partridge talks to an Irish-born entrepreneur about what Brexit holds for him and his business, and why he’s optimistic about the future.

The DUP: the party that’s propping up May

Theresa May has struck a “confidence and supply” deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to back her minority government. Who are they? Simon Wilson reports.

How to sell the free market

Forget about France’s Emmanuel Macron, says Matthew Lynn. If you want to know how to sell the free market, look to Germany’s Christian Lindner.

Avoid this “Brexit Bond”

The Family Building Society is offering a new fixed-rate “Brexit Bond”. But it’s best to steer clear, says Ruth Jackson.

The world’s greatest investors: Martin Taylor

Legendary investor Martin Taylor’s focus was on emerging markets.

Five high-quality EM funds

Emerging markets offer plenty of potential, but the standard of listed companies is often poor. Cris Sholto Heaton picks five funds that focus on better-quality businesses.

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