Chart of the week: the return of the Celtic Tiger

Ireland’s economy has recovered so strongly since the financial crisis that yields on Irish government bonds are edging below French bond yields, despite France traditionally being deemed the better credit [...]

The golden age of television

Matthew Partridge picks the stocks to watch

How much is our Brexit bill?

Downing Street has been thrown on the defensive over what Britain does or does not owe the European Union.

Kim steps up war of words

The war of words hots up as North Korea goes face-to-face with America. Matthew Partridge reports.

Why are share prices so high? Because investors are daft

Investors’ irrational behaviour means we will never be rid of “boom and bust” – buying high and selling low is etched into our DNA. Here’s what it means for markets.

Why this fintech company sees Brexit as an opportunity

Fintech is one of fastest-growing parts of the economy. Matthew Partridge talks to Daniel Mayhew of Payoneer to find out how Brexit will affect his company and the wider industry.

What’s next for the most important currency in the world?

The US dollar matters. And it has reached a turning point, says John Stepek. Where it goes next could shape the markets for months to come.

A banking accident waiting to happen

There’s only one thing that will stop another banking crisis in the eurozone, says Matthew Lynn. But voters aren’t going to like it.

Germany’s trade surplus

Germany saves and exports too much and spends too little. That may not sound like a problem, but it might be distorting the world economy. Alex Rankine reports.

We all live in Greenspan’s dystopia now

It’s important to emphasise just how important former US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has been in shaping our current screwed-up financial system, says John Stepek.

Is Leo Varadkar Ireland’s Thatcher?

Leo Varadkar has been compared to the Iron Lady. But it is with Brexit that Ireland’s new prime minister will find his toughest test.

How cash flows move markets

Investors fret over valuations and geopolitics, but there are bigger forces at work that weigh on prices. CrossBorder Capital’s Michael J Howell explains.

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