Europe’s economy

Chart of the week: the return of the Celtic Tiger

Ireland’s economy has recovered so strongly since the financial crisis that yields on Irish government bonds are edging below French bond yields, despite France traditionally being deemed the better credit [...]

The golden age of television

Matthew Partridge picks the stocks to watch

What's behind the EU’s scrap with Google

The European Union has just hit the tech giant Google with a record-breaking fine for uncompetitive practices. Is that fair? Simon Wilson reports.

Chart of the week: eurozone confidence hits ten-year high

Europe’s Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI), an index that tracks both business and consumer confidence in each country, jumped to 111.1 in June, the highest level since August 2007.

Central bankers are playing a giant game of Jenga with markets

Forget interest rates or money-printing, central bankers’ most useful tool is expectations management. Tugging at bricks, testing reactions, keeping markets from tumbling. John Stepek explains how to play the game.

How to sell the free market

Forget about France’s Emmanuel Macron, says Matthew Lynn. If you want to know how to sell the free market, look to Germany’s Christian Lindner.

Avoid this “Brexit Bond”

The Family Building Society is offering a new fixed-rate “Brexit Bond”. But it’s best to steer clear, says Ruth Jackson.

Why we need a Quick Brexit

It’s neither a Hard nor a Soft Brexit we need, says Matthew Lynn. It’s a Quick Brexit. Britain can iron out the details later.

The next big emerging-market meltdown

Turkey is heading for default, says Jonathan Compton, and the resulting global domino effect should not be underestimated. Investors should stand clear.

Banco Popular: the eurozone finally gets a bank rescue right

Regulators have pushed Spain’s moribund Banco Popular into the arms of its giant rival Banco Santander.

France: strong and stable leadership

A government that is strong and stable has finally arisen, says Emily Hohler. Just not in Britain.

Enjoy Europe’s rally while it lasts

European stocks have had a good run so far this year. Just don’t bank on it continuing.

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