Europe’s economy

Italy, Europe’s laggard, is catching up – but only very slowly

There are signs that Europe’s recovery is finally trickling down to Italy, while Spain is on a roll.

Round one to Macron

Protesters, galvanised by trade unions, have gathered to fight a French president’s plans to reform the economy. But Macron is so far showing no signs of giving in.

Polish market is still on a roll

Poland’s GDP is expanding rapidly, consumption is growing at the fastest pace in eight years, unemployment is at a record-low and new child-benefit payments are boosting confidence.

Will Macron finally fix France?

French president Emmanuel Macron is launching his “flagship reform”: a revamp of France’s notoriously rigid labour market. Two previous attempts flopped – can Macron succeed?

Leaving the Customs Union could cause border chaos

If Britain decides to leave the Customs Union after Brexit, expect there to be chaos on the roads, says Matthew Partridge.

Chart of the week: the return of the Celtic Tiger

Ireland’s economy has recovered so strongly since the financial crisis that yields on Irish government bonds are edging below French bond yields, despite France traditionally being deemed the better credit risk.

Why you must be invested in Europe

For all its faults, Europe is bouncing back. Max King tips the best funds for investors to get stuck in.

How much is our Brexit bill?

Downing Street has been thrown on the defensive over what Britain does or does not owe the European Union.

A banking accident waiting to happen

There’s only one thing that will stop another banking crisis in the eurozone, says Matthew Lynn. But voters aren’t going to like it.

Germany’s trade surplus

Germany saves and exports too much and spends too little. That may not sound like a problem, but it might be distorting the world economy. Alex Rankine reports.

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