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Patient voters give power back to Syriza

Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, was returned to power despite polls predicting a close run-off with the conservative New Democracy party.

Is there anything else under Volkswagen’s bonnet?

The scandal surrounding Volkswagen installing technology to get around diesel emissions tests has forced the company’s CEO to resign. But is there more to come? Matthew Partridge investigates.

Migrant crisis: Germany says enough is enough

Europe’s Schengen system of open borders is under threat following Germany’s decision to impose border controls. Emily Hohler reports.

The great migration to Europe

Ever more people are arriving on Europe’s shores, seeking new homes. What has made them come? And can they expect a welcome? Simon Wilson reports.

The eurozone recovery gathers strength

The recovery in the eurozone has gathered pace following a rise in GDP in the first and second quarter of this year.

Central bankers are trashing the system – here’s how to profit

Central bankers’ meddling has completely distorted the financial system, and we may never get back to normal. But there are still ways to profit. John Stepek explains how.

The refugee crisis takes a deadly turn

Matthew Partridge looks at the latest developments in Europe’s refugee crisis, as the death of a young Syrian refugee catches Europe’s attention, and Hungary doubles down on its hardline stance.

Migrant crisis: “An exodus of Biblical proportions”

The number of migrants entering Europe is expected to rise to 3,000 a day over the next few months, with the favoured destination Germany.

The death of the European dream

Belgium’s prime minister has called for the re-introduction of border checks. Meanwhile, European leaders are struggling to agree a system of refugee quotas. Matthew Partridge asks: is the ‘European dream’ at an end?

Europe’s chaotic refugee crisis

Germany’s Angela Merkel and French leader François Hollande have announced a ten-point plan to tackle Europe’s refugee crisis.

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