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Why corporate tax needs reform

Apple faces a €13bn tax bill after Brussels ruled its tax arrangement broke European law. Does this spell the end for tax-dodging by multinationals? Simon Wilson reports.

Spain’s deadlock threatens recovery

Spain has held two national elections in six months, and may be heading for a third.

The Greek crisis has gone quiet – but the problems aren’t over

It’s a year since the Greek crisis was declared to be over. But rather than returning to health, the Greek economy has continued its downward spiral.

Italy stuck in a deepening economic rut

After a triple-dip recession, Italy finally began growing again in early 2015. But the rebound already appears to have petered out.

Something nasty lurks in Germany

German banks’ collapsing share prices tells you something nasty is going on, says Matthew Lynn. And it may burst into the open at any time.

EU serves up more fudge on bank stress tests

There were no nasty surprises in the latest European bank stress tests. But there is the usual whiff of “eurofudge” about the results.

Bargains in the banking sector

Many of Europe’s banks still look pretty haggard, says John Stepek. But if you look carefully, you might just find some bargains.

Brexit denial is a psychology of despair

Remain lost the war, says Tim Price. Better by far that they come to terms with the peace as quickly as possible.

Brexit and the City

The City was largely in favour of remaining in the EU and was worried about the prospects for business if we voted Leave. What’s on the cards for the financiers?

Turkey: a no-fly zone for investors

Turkey’s equity market and the Turkish lira, which had fallen sharply in the wake of the country’s failed coup, have recovered some of their lost ground. But the gains may not last: there is still a great deal to worry about.

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