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Douglas Carswell: only the free market has the answers

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Ukip MP Douglas Carswell about Greece, Europe, and how only the free market can fix our economic problems – centrally planned solutions always end in disaster.

Greece’s zombie war

On the one side are honest workers and businesses, says Bill Bonner, on the other, fixers and thieves.

A Greek deal built on betrayal and cruelty

The deal agreed between Greece and its creditors has no shortage of critics, reports Matthew Partridge.

The flaw in the euro 'grand projet'

The snag in the grand plans for the euro was so blindingly obvious, it’s amazing it’s come as news to so many people, says John Stepek.

George Magnus: The eurozone’s botched experiment

Without political union, the euro can’t work. George Magnus talks to Merryn Somerset Webb about the future of the eurozone.

A painful deal for Greece

Greece has signed up to the sort of demands its government has campaigned against.

What Britain should learn from the Greek deal fiasco

The Greek debt deal fiasco has exposed Europe for the mess it really is. It’s a huge warning to Britain ahead of the EU referendum, says John Stepek.

The Greek deal: what happens next?

Greece has finally agreed a deal which will keep it in the eurozone (for now). Here, Matthew Partridge looks at the key points.

We have a Greek deal – but how long will it last?

Europe seems to have finally agreed a deal with Greece. But, says John Stepek, the Greek crisis, and the whole folly of the eurozone, is unlikely to have a happy ending.

Would the drachma boost Greece's economy?

Ever since the Greek crisis kicked off an eternity ago, people have proposed a return to the drachma. But would that do any good?

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