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Finding the hidden dragons in eastern Europe

Forget the Brics and the Asian Tigers – the beasts sitting on the largest hoards of treasure are to be found in eastern Europe, says Jonathan Compton.

Greece goes to the polls again

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras is still likely to lead the next government, with one poll giving him an approval rating of 61%.

What the snap elections mean for Greece

Snap elections have been scheduled for 20 September. What does this mean for Greece and the future of the single currency, asks Matthew Partridge.

Chart of the week: Europe’s other debt crisis in Ukraine

The chaos in Ukraine has sunk the currency and rapidly rendered the country’s debt pile unsustainable.

Greece is set for a third bailout

Greece and its creditors, the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Union, have agreed a draft €86bn, three-year bailout.

The cost to the UK of the Calais migrant crisis

Thousands are trying to stowaway on lorries at Calais to seek refuge in the UK. But how big is this problem really? Simon Wilson reports.

Europe must work together to resolve the migrant crisis

If the migrant crisis is to be solved, the 28 members of the European Union are going to have to work together.

Greek stockmarket re-opens – and crashes

The Greek stockmarket, closed this the latest crisis, reopened this week and promptly plunged.

Why it’s time to double down on Greece

The Greek stockmarket reopened this week – and promptly slid 25%. But contrary to what you might think, Greek stocks could be a very good investment. Matthew Partridge explains why.

Refugees fleeing chaos storm Eurotunnel

Hundreds of refugees have tried to storm the Eurotunnel Paris terminal this week, attempting to sneak onto buses and trains.

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