Europe’s economy

Turkey plays a dangerous game

Turkey’s mistrust of American foreign policy in Syria has put its ceasefire with Kurdish rebels at risk.

Eurozone slump fears worsen

A third recession in the eurozone could be on the cards, economic data continues to disappoint.

This is what markets are most scared of right now

There are plenty of things that could be to blame for the markets’ current slump. But one thing stands out, says John Stepek. The eurozone crisis is back.

Capital flees Russia – the ruble falls

Russia’s ruble has sunk to new lows this year under the weight of international sanctions.

Eurozone heads for triple-dip recession

The eurozone is starting to resemble Japan as the currency union’s feeble recovery takes a turn for the worse.

France sinks deeper into the mire

The French economy is sliding back into recession with no reforms in sight.

The next independence referendum – should we stay in the EU?

Ignore warnings European firms will flee if Britain leaves the European Union, says Matthew Lynn – it’s happening already.

Good news for investors – the latest effort to save Europe has flopped

The European Central Bank’s latest plan to boost the economy has failed. That means opportunities for investors. Matthew Partridge looks at two ways you could profit.

The 'Celtic Tiger' roars again

Ireland’s growth rates resemble its glory days a decade a go.

Europeans are strangling innovation – why doesn’t the EU step in?

Instead of blocking internet-driven innovation, the European Union should be encouraging it, says Matthew Lynn.

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