Europe’s economy

What to expect in 2017

The five events that will shake the world

  • Why Trump took Tsai's phone call

Italy heads for euro exit

Italy used to be able to gain breathing space by letting its currency depreciate. Now that it’s part of the single currency, it can’t.

How worried should you be about Italy's referendum?

This Sunday, Italy is holding a referendum on constitutional reform. Investors are worried it could spark a new crisis in the eurozone. John Stepek examines what’s at stake.

Why Thatcherism won’t work in France

Centre-right presidential hopeful François Fillon has grand plans for reforming France, says Matthew Lynn. It’s a shame none of them will work.

How the Italian referendum next month could surprise everyone

The next big political event is Italy’s referendum on constitutional reform. John Stepek looks at what’s at stake, and the surprises it could hold.

Colombia aims for new peace deal with Farc

The question investors are asking is can Colombian president Santos get the deal with Farc ratified?

Joseph Stiglitz: the euro is doomed

Nobel Prize-winning American economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz sees the death of the euro unless the eurozone can get its act together.

A Turkish turnaround?

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Italy: Renzi’s high-stakes gamble

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi threw his toys out of the pram recently by saying he might withhold approval for the next EU budget if Brussels insisted on its fiscal targets.

Brexit means Brexit, probably – but what does Brexit mean?

Will Britain actually leave the EU? And will that be a great disaster for the country – or a great opportunity? Will the economy hold up? John Stepek chairs our Roundtable discussion.

Could Trump’s legacy be the end of Europe?

Donald Trump may not win the US presidential election, says Dan Denning. But his parting political shot could spell the death of the euro.

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