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Anarchy in the EU

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Investors need not worry about who is or isn’t in charge of eurozone governments, says Matthew Lynn. As far as the markets are concerned, it makes no difference.

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Why Europe could be the biggest loser from Brexit

Most of the focus in the EU referendum debate has been on Britain, and what happens here if we leave. But the real losers from Brexit would be Europe.

Brexit and consumer rights

Sarah Moore looks at what might happen to EU legislation if Britain votes to leave.

What would happen after Brexit?

No country has ever left the European Union, so if Britain does leave, it will be a major global event. Matthew Lynn looks at what could happen if we decide to take the plunge.

Peter Hargreaves: why business needs Brexit

Don’t listen to the big cheeses: Britain would thrive outside the European Union, Peter Hargreaves tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Germany: economic miracle or mirage?

Everyone is used to thinking of Germany as the eurozone’s powerhouse. But it may not be for much longer.

Russia: too much, too soon

Russian assets have been on a roll in the past few weeks. But it looks more like a short-term bounce than the start of a long-term recovery.

Tax dodge scandal claims first scalp in Iceland's prime minister

Icelandic prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson has been the biggest casualty so far of the Panama Papers scandal, says Matthew Partridge.

Brexit: the only way to protect Britain

Why opt out of the EU? Because Britain’s interests are more important than “Une certaine idée de l’Europe”, Bernard Connolly tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Bernard Connolly: the EU is an "explicitly anti-democratic", crony capitalist state

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews economist Bernard Connolly about the democratic deficit in the EU, the certainty of a new financial crisis, and what you can do about it.

The case for leaving the EU isn’t about free trade or immigration

Europe as an area with free movement of goods and people is all very well. But the EU is bent on “ever closer union”. And that’s why we should leave, says John Stepek.

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