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Whose flag flies from the North Pole?

The scramble for the Arctic cooled when the oil priced plunged. But the countries on its borders are still jockeying for position, says Simon Wilson.

Hugo Dixon: Compromise is inevitable – so let’s stay in the EU

The economy, foreign policy, Scotland – for all its faults, these provide reason enough to stick with Europe. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to financial writer Hugo Dixon.

EU referendum: We need another reformation

The EU is the Vatican of our time – and it’s high time for a protestant revolt. Spread the word and vote leave, says Charlie Morris.

Taxes may be on the rise – but we’re still doing a lot better than our neighbours

Taxes may still be rising, and the economy may still be sluggish, but Britain is the one significant European economy bringing state spending under control, says Matthew Lynn.

What was behind the Cologne attacks?

Europe faces up to the challenges posed by the migrant crisis following the New Year’s attacks in Cologne. Emily Hohler reports.

A 400-year old trend is reversing before your eyes

When we talk about the “disintegration of Europe” we’re talking about reversing a 368 year old trend, says Dan Denning.

Sweden tightens border controls

The walls are going back up in Europe. That’s a big deal, says Dan Denning – for several reasons.

Banks would fail a real stress test

Our banks are still “too big to fail” and would wilt in a crisis. It’s time to end the excesses of crony capitalism, says Ukip MP Douglas Carswell.

Ireland: the comeback kid does it again

Ireland has made a roaring comeback since it almost went bankrupt in 2008/09.

Brexit: time to electrify this absurd charade

David Cameron kicked off his campaign to keep Britain in the European Union at a summit in Brussels last week.

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