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Gear up for the Great Switch to European stocks

Forget America – the future belongs to Europe. Canny investors should ditch their anti-EU bias and snap up European stocks, says Jonathan Compton.

Turkey walks an economic tightrope

The Turkish central bank is in a bind over whether or not to raise interest rates.

Austria: The return of the debt crisis

Austria is feeling the pain from the Swiss National Bank’s decision to unpeg the franc from the euro.

Europe fires up the printing press

The European Central Bank has finally joined the other central banks in launching quantitative easing.

Greece on the brink again

The provisional agreement for Greece’s bailout is in danger of unravelling.

Eurozone crisis: Greece mentions the war

Greek prime minister Alexander Tsipras has caused consternation in Europe by threatening to seize German assets. Matthew Partridge reports.

We just saw the first sub-sovereign default in Europe since the Lehman crisis

The Austrian region of Carinthia stands on the edge of bankruptcy. But it won’t be getting bailed out, says. Bengt Saelensminde. ‘Bail-ins’ are the new norm.

France faces down socialism

France’s socialist government has forced through controversial economic reforms.

The Greek crisis isn’t over. That’s reason enough to buy Greek shares

Greece leaving the euro could turn out to be the least worst outcome for Greeks and investors alike. Matthew Partridge explains why.

FTSE investor? You’re in great position to benefit from new European QE

Sit tight with your UK-listed stocks, says Bengt Saelensminde. You’re about to feel the warm glow of European money printing.

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