Europe’s economy

The alchemists

Five firms that are transforming themselves to earn bigger profits

  • The battered old coins that are worth a pretty penny

French election unnerves investors

The worry that François Fillon, the centre-right candidate, has fatally damaged his bid for the presidency has sent French bond prices down to an 18-month low.

Greek debt: the neverending story

Ever since the Greek debt crisis began seven years ago, Greece and its creditors have failed to conclude a single review of the country’s debt relief programmes on time

Scandal reshapes the French presidential election race

François Fillon gave an impressive press conference this week. But was it enough to get his campaign back on track?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Aegean

Greece is back in the headlines with the same old problem: too much debt and no hope of ever paying it off. John Stepek looks at what happens next.

This year’s French election turmoil could be a cracking buying opportunity

People are waking up to the idea that Marine Le Pen could win the French election. If she does, it would create a great buying opportunity for investors.

Betting on politics: a big year for Europe

Matthew Partridge weighs up the odds on the French and Dutch elections coming up in the next few months.

A very French scandal

François Fillon’s presidential bid has been dealt a blow over work allegations concerning his wife.

An unlikely apostle of liberalism preaches at Davos

Chinese president, Xi Jinping, turned out to be an unlikely defender of globalisation.

Martin Schulz, the new face from the left to challenge Merkel

Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament is hoping to give Angela Merkel a run for her money.

The Supreme Court rules on Article 50

This week, the Supreme Court ruled that the government must get parliament’s permission to trigger Article 50.

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