Europe’s economy

Chart of the week: Deflation threatens the eurozone

The euro has slid against the dollar. But compared to a basket of trading partners’ currencies, it’s performance has been solid.

Now is not the best time to buy Russia

Russia is on the verge of a full-on emerging-market crisis. Cris Sholto Heaton looks at similar past crises, and asks when should investors buy in.

The euro crisis returns

A flare-up of the eurozone crisis could be on the cards as Greece’s prime minister fights to win over MPs.

Russia is heading into uncharted territory – Putin could soon face the chop

The Russian rouble may have stopped falling, but its economy still faces a long, cold winter. Is Putin’s position under threat? Dr Matthew Partridge investigates.

FTSE 100 gains on US Fed’s new patient stance on rate hike

Investors have responded positively this morning to the US Federal Reserve’s promise to take a cautious approach to raising interest rates.

Russia is the first casualty of the oil price crash – it won’t be the last

Russia’s drastic interest-rate hike is a sure sign the country’s in trouble. But as John Stepek explains, it’s not the only market that’s feeling the pain.

Greek elections: The euro’s fate could be decided on Wednesday

Greece could be on the path to a government that would make its position in the eurozone untenable. That could have a huge impact on the rest of the continent.

Two scenarios for Europe – and how Britain will fare in the aftermath

Britain can relax about the mess the eurozone is in, says Matthew Lynn. Whatever happens, it’s a win-win situation for the UK.

Good news for European stocks – it’s QE or bust for the eurozone

The ECB has no choice, says John Stepek. Quantitative easing is inevitable for Europe. And that sets the stage for a huge rally in eurozone stocks.

Spectre of a 'Grexit' returns

The Greek prime minister’s decision to call a snap presidential election could lead to a chaotic Geek exit, or ‘Grexit’, from the eurozone.

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