Europe’s economy

Italy fights a brutal battle to reform itself

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi faces an up-hill challenge in pushing through tough economic reforms.

Bank stress-tests: Can we trust the tyre-kicking?

Europe’s banks have undergone another round of health tests, with worrying results for Italy.

The end of Germany's economic miracle

Yet another recession in the eurozone looms, as German economic growth stumbles.

Debunking the European productivity myth

Britain may well be less productive than other European countries, says Bengt Saelensminde. But that’s something we should celebrate.

Gold price could benefit from Swiss vote

Switzerland is planning to vote on the country’s gold reserves. Dominic Frisby explains why the result could send the gold price soaring.

It’s time to vent my spleen – Europe’s got a serious problem

The eurozone’s problems all stem from the single currency, says Bengt Saelensminde. What Europe needs is a handicapping system.

A dose of common sense for France

The French economy has showed signs of moving in the right direction with reforms.

Turkey plays a dangerous game

Turkey’s mistrust of American foreign policy in Syria has put its ceasefire with Kurdish rebels at risk.

Eurozone slump fears worsen

A third recession in the eurozone could be on the cards, economic data continues to disappoint.

This is what markets are most scared of right now

There are plenty of things that could be to blame for the markets’ current slump. But one thing stands out, says John Stepek. The eurozone crisis is back.

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