Europe’s economy

Dissent at the ECB

The ECB's executive board is split on whether to pursue a more ambitious asset purchase programme, or stick to a policy of 'fiscal prudence'.

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Europe turns to the money-printing presses again

It’s looking like the European Central Bank is gearing up to increase the pace of its European money-printing programme.

'Paris changes everything': the long-term consequences for Europe

The political fallout is likely to be huge – but what does the upheaval mean for markets and economies? John Stepek explains.

Europe in crisis

Markets have a habit of shaking off tragedies. But with Europe, says John Stepek – this time it’s different.

Cameron serves up thin gruel

David Cameron launched his European renegotiation this week, says Emily Hohler. But his demands have been criticised for being too modest.

Glimmers of hope in Italy

The notoriously inefficient and divided Italy has managed to drive through a huge reform of its parliament.

Don’t be fooled: the EU referendum will be nothing like Scotland’s

Those who compare the Scottish referendum to the EU referendum are wrong. John Stepek explains why.

Portuguese revolt against austerity grows

A coalition of the left has ousted Portugal’s conservative government of Anibal Cavaco Silva – can it survive?

First Greece, now Portugal – are we heading for another eurozone crisis?

While the Greek debt crisis rumbles on, Portugal may be the next country to fall out with Brussels. Matthew Partridge explains why, and what it all means for investors.

Erdogan’s gamble pays off

A different President Erdogan is in charge now, notes Matthew Partridge. One that believes in ‘majoritarian’ rule.

Spain’s growth is less than it seems

There may be less than there appears to be to Spain’s growth miracle.

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