Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Head for the high street

Phil Oakley finds four winners in the retail sector

Rate hike hits small firms

Cornish shops © iStock

Much-needed business-rates relief still isn’t getting through to small- and medium-sized enterprises, says David Prosser.

Money makers: Netting a billion from pollock

Chuck Bundrant © Alamy

When crab stocks began to dwindle, American fishing tycoon Chuck Bundrant turned it to his advantage with a little lateral thinking.

Five questions for… Kilian Pender, chief executive, Green Deal Finance Company

Kilian Pender

The Green Deal Finance Company provides loans to UK homeowners to allow them to invest in renewable energy or energy-efficient products for their homes.

The cost to small businesses of going cashless

With the number of contactless card transactions doubling last year, The UK is moving towards a cashless society. But that would make many small businesses much worse off.

Money makers: Africa's first Cognac maker

Olivier Tebily

After hanging up his foots, former Birmingham City footballer Olivier Tebily turned his hand to a whole new occupation.

Money makers: Distilling whisky in the Cotswolds

Daniel Szor © Cotswolds Distillery

Former hedge-fund manager Daniel Szor took up doing what he always wanted to do – distill whisky in the Cotswolds.

Five questions for… Nik Whitfield, founder of Panaseer

Nik Whitfield of Panaseer

Nik Whitfield founded Panaseer, which uses advanced data analytics to advise firms where to spend money on cyber-security.

Money makers: the editor with a taste for luxury

Tyler Brûlé created the upmarket magazines Wallpaper and Monocle, making him the “tastemaker of late capitalism”.

How small businesses can get a top rate on their cash

Small businesses are earning little or even no interest in the bank, and are missing out on a useful source of income.

Money makers: George Clooney’s home-brew tequila

Rande Gerber and George Clooney © Getty images

George Clooney and Rande Gerber started out making small-batch tequila, says Chris Carter. Then, everybody wanted a taste.

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