Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Money makers: Selling the unsellable

Optoro founders

Returned and unsold goods were a massive headache for retailers and manufacturers until Optoro arrived on the scene.

Money makers: Chasing the dream

Switch founders

Clara Delétraz and Béatrice Moulin were unhappy with their jobs and did something about it. Now they’re helping others to do the same.

Small business: why it pays to adapt

Entrepreneurs must be ready to change their minds about what works and what doesn’t, and change their business model accordingly.

Money makers: Smart clobber for mothers-to-be

Cecile Reinaud

When Cecile Reinaud’s pregnant colleagues came to her complaining they didn’t have anything to wear, she got down to business and set up Séraphine.

Five questions for… François Briod, co-founder and CEO of Monito

Monito is an online comparison tool that provides a new way for people to find, compare and review money-transfer services and fees when sending money abroad.

Keeping the bank sweet

Disgruntled bank customer © Getty images

Many of HSBC’s small-business customers haven’t been able to access their accounts for months. David Prosser asks what lessons can be learnt.

Money makers: A trip to the Titanic

Stockton Rush

Only four deep-diving submersible submarines exist and they all belong to national governments. Stockton Rush is out to change that.

Moneymakers: The skateboarder giving career advice

Mike Smith

Entrepreneur Mike Smith is anything but a typical start-up boss. Plus, the “country bumpkin” who made a million; and why would anyone burn £1m?

Moneymakers: Making a big splash from spending a penny

Buc-ees © Rex Features

Buc-ee’s has grown from a modest convenience store in 1982 to a US titan with sales of $275m last year by providing travellers with five-star toilets.

Five questions for Chaz Englander, CEO of Fat Lama

Chaz Englander of Fat Lama

Chaz Englander runs Fat Lama, a peer-to-peer marketplace which allows people to rent spare items to others nearby.

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