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Why the case against gold is wrong

A number of economists have made the case for why investors should shun gold. They are all dead wrong, says Jim Rickards.

Chart of the week: America’s cheese glut

The US cheese mountain has hit a 30-year high, with a billion pounds of excess cheese locked away in cold storage.

The Greek crisis has gone quiet – but the problems aren’t over

It’s a year since the Greek crisis was declared to be over. But rather than returning to health, the Greek economy has continued its downward spiral.

Is the US heading for a slump?

The US should be on the brink of a new recession if history is any guide. But we shouldn’t be too quick jump to conclusions.

Are you ready for the sixth irruption in technological innovation?

The industrial revolution paved the way for four further periods of major technological innovation. Now a new wave of change could transform the fortunes of prescient investors, says Nick O’Connor.

Fear the coming era of protectionism

Modern history can be divided into periods of globalisation and protectionism, says Merryn Somerset Webb. The latter have not been the good ones.

Quantum computing: the ultimate disruptor

The next generation of computers aren’t just faster or simply better, says Andrew Lockley. They are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Re-engineering the world through your DNA

Gene-editing has the power to completely revolutionise medicine. As Nick O’Connor explains, it could be the most exciting story this century.

Human brain, robot brawn

Don’t fear the robotic revolution, says Nick O’Connor. When you combine human sensitivity with robot brawn, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Driverless cars – the immunisation period begins

Under Uber, driverless cars have gone commercial. And you can expect to see many more driverless cars on the road in the coming years, says Nick O’Connor.

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