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The war on cash

Central banks are after your savings

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Anne-Marie Slaughter: shaking up the workplace

Stop the talent drain and implement family-friendly policies. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Russia’s energy crunch

The oil and gas-dependent Russian economy shrank by almost 4% last year – and this year isn’t shaping up any better.

Philippines: off the sick bed

The Philippines has made rapid progress in recent years. Andrew Van Sickle reveals the best way to play the former “sick man of Asia”.

Savers can expect the beatings to continue until morale improves

Sending interest rates negative will pile on the pain for savers, says Tim Price. And it could get a lot worse before it gets better.

The panic over oil is overdone

Traders are sticking to a misguided belief that low oil prices signal an imminent global recession. Andrew Van Sickle reports.

Negative interest rates: the assault on savers

Negative interest rates are closer than you think – not to mention a ban on paper money. John Stepek looks at how you can defend your wealth.

Boom times for gold miners

One despised asset class that MoneyWeek has long been bullish on has done rather well. John Stepek explains why he’s sticking with gold miners.

Sweden lets rip another salvo in the currency wars

Sweden’s Riksbank has pushed interest rates further into negative territory. How long is it before the rest of the world’s central banks follow suit?

The biggest problem for banks: they aren’t very good at making money

There’s been a lot for investors to worry about lately. Now it’s the banks’ turn to freak everyone out. John Stepek explains why, and how to protect your wealth.

The next weapon in the war on cash: capital controls

Negative interest rates. A ban on large-denomination notes. If you know anything about central bankers, you’ll know what’s coming next, says Merryn Somerset Webb: capital controls.

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