Libya versus Goldman Sachs

Muammar Gaddafi © Getty images

A clever bank meets an unsophisticated customer with a huge pile of cash. The customer and the cash part company. Did the bank do anything wrong? Simon Wilson investigates.

Trump's threat to Europe

Even if he loses, he could destroy the euro

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Should Pokémon fiat money get its gold standard?

Virtual currencies in Japan may be about to enter the real world, says Chris Carter.

How Donald Trump could destroy the euro

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: Donald Trump’s legacy could mean the death of the euro; you can’t trust your pension fund trustees; and the insane money pouring into tech funds.

Ray Dalio: a big squeeze is on the way

Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates thinks we’re running out of room to boost growth through monetary policy.

South Africa’s power struggle hits the rand

A power struggle between the shambolic, corrupt regime of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma and the country’s finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, means a volatile few months for the rand.

Could Trump’s legacy be the end of Europe?

Donald Trump may not win the US presidential election, says Dan Denning. But his parting political shot could spell the death of the euro.

Donald Trump's one redeeming feature

As repellent a character as Donald Trump is, he’s the only candidate to have articulated voters’ anger, says John Stepek – however incoherently.

Inflation is heading your way – here’s how to prepare your portfolio

Inflation is returning – and not just in the UK, but everywhere. John Stepek explains why, and looks at how to protect your wealth as prices rise.

Former PM of Italy: Brexit could create a two tier Europe

In an ideal world, says Enrico Letta, former prime minister of Italy, Brexit would create a two tier Europe. But we don’t live in an ideal world.

Central banks welcome inflation – what does that mean for bonds?

Central bankers are hoping that a little inflation could heal some of the damage caused by the Great Recession. But that won’t make bond investors happy, says John Stepek.

Reasons to be cheerful about sterling

Sterling’s fall will bring many of the things we’ve wanted for ages, says Merryn Somerset Webb: rising interest rates, a little inflation, stockmarket gains and a rebalancing of the economy.

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