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George Magnus: Now is not the time to relax over China

A peaceful, slumbering dragon? Think again, economist and commentator George Magnus tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Tobacco’s last battlefield

Plain packaging could deal a fatal blow to the tobacco industry, says Alex Williams. It’s time to sell.

Income investors take heart – there’s still money to be made

In MoneyWeek this week: investing in a world of flatlining interest rates; George Magnus on China; plus, how stop rogue tenants from running off with your house.

Saudi Arabia feels the squeeze

The slide in the oil price has blown a hole in Saudi Arabia’s budget with the deficit reaching 15% of GDP last year.

Why Italy is stuck in the slow lane

Italy has gone through a whole global recovery with no growth. What’s gone wrong, asks Andrew Van Sickle.

Hawkish Fed spooks global markets

Earnings and valuations are unappealing, while another headwind is an increasingly hawkish central bank, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Beat flatlining interest rates with the 5% solution

The “new normal” of below 2% is bad news for income-orientated investors – but accept a bit of risk and there’s still money to be made, says David C Stevenson.

The 5% solution

It could be time to move beyond the conventional balanced portfolio, says Merryn Somerset Webb, and take a little risk.

The “elites” don’t get it – no one trusts them anymore

The financial elite led us into the 2008 crisis. And those same people are still in charge. John Stepek looks at where they might lead us next.

Carney should have kept schtum over Brexit

The economics of Brexit are complex, with arguments on both sides, says Matthew Lynn. Mark Carney should have left people to make up their own minds.

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