Time to get out?

Phil Oakley on how to spot toxic stocks before it's too late

UK cities should follow Amazon’s blueprint for success

If we want to regenerate our cities, says Matthew Lynn, we should look at Amazon’s list of demands for its new US HQ, and meet as many of the criteria as possible.

What the pound’s rally can tell us about contrarian investing

The pound gave us a valuable lesson in contrarianism this week, says John Stepek. Plus, MoneyWeek’s charts that matter, and what they tell us.

The world’s greatest investors: Philip Carret

Philip Carret was a value investor, buying stocks in obscure companies that he felt were undervalued, aiming to at least double his investment.

Keeping the bank sweet

Many of HSBC’s small-business customers haven’t been able to access their accounts for months. David Prosser asks what lessons can be learnt.

The brutal global stockmarket crash that hit Britain hardest

In the latest of his series on stockmarket crashes, John Stepek looks at probably the worst in living memory: the crash of 1973/74.

Dull but worthy Merkel needs to up her game

Chancellor Angela Merkel may be favourite to win Germany’s election. But she needs to energise her campaign.

Betting on politics: A coup in North Korea

At least some in North Korea must be worried about Kim Jong-un’s sabre-rattling. Matthew Partridge weighs the odds on regime change in Pyongyang.

“Monster” Repeal Bill passes first test

The Great Repeal Bill, which transfers some 12,000 EU laws on to the British statute book, passed its first hurdle in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Italy, Europe’s laggard, is catching up – but only very slowly

There are signs that Europe’s recovery is finally trickling down to Italy, while Spain is on a roll.

UN tightens squeeze on North Korea

The United Nations Security Council has approved new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest missile and nuclear tests.

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