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Heading for disaster?

How central banks lost control

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How central banks are driving us towards disaster

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: the mess the world’s central banks have got us in, how corporate bullies are abusing intellectual property law, and should you be shorting shares?

Britain votes leave: don’t panic – this is an opportunity

Global markets have gone into a panic at the result of the EU referendum. But that doesn’t mean you should too. John Stepek looks at what it means for your investments.

Impressive potential in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has bowed to the inevitable and scrapped its currency peg to the US dollar.

Japan: the only way is up

This year has not been kind to Japanese equities. But at these levels, things can only get better for Japan, reports Andrew Van Sickle.

What will you do when banking dies?

Central banks have been aggressive in their attempts to boost growth. But all they will achieve is the debasement of the currency. That presages disaster, says Dan Denning.

The EU referendum is a sideshow

The referendum on whether to leave the European Union has just been a distraction to the real problem facing investors, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

George Soros is wrong about Brexit and the pound

George Soros believes Brexit would cause a fall in sterling that would damage the UK economy. That suggests he doesn’t know what’s good for Britain at all, says Bernard Connolly.

Brexit: the real fight begins on 24 June

Whatever the result of the EU referendum, the real work of redefining Britain’s relationship with Europe will begin on after the polls close, says Dr Pippa Malmgren.

What if there is no “new normal”?

The popular view of the global economy is that we’re experiencing a “new normal” – low yields, low productivity and long-term stagnation. But, says John Stepek, that’s not necessarily true.

Reports of the death of growth have been greatly exaggerated

Fear of economic stagnation is wreaking havoc in the markets. But it is nothing new. We didn’t see a “new normal” in the past, and we’re not seeing one now.

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