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The Nordic model has been good for investors

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It’s time to rediscover the Africa story

The Africa story has gone off the boil in recent years, says Andrew Van Sickle. It’s time investors changed that.

Banks make a dash for gold

The dash for gold suggest banks are more worried about the effects of quantitative easing than they let on, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Investing in Scandinavia, where the winner doesn’t take it all

Free education, high pay, excellent healthcare, generous pensions – but a great business environment and booming stockmarket too. Jonathan Compton is heading to Scandinavia.

1990: the year Brexit became inevitable

Britain started down the road to Brexit the day it joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Rejoice: lower oil prices are here for a while longer

Oil producers are meeting in an attempt to bolster prices. But don’t expect them to strike a deal. Here’s why, and what low prices mean for the rest of us.

What the return of politics means for your money

After years of being left to do their own thing, markets are back at the mercy of politicians. John Stepek explains why politics matters again, and what you must do.

Don’t let financial repression crush you and your investments

Low interest rates, which aim to stimulate investment, are having the opposite effect and depressing returns for investors. But there are still opportunities out there, says John Stepek.

Fear this new and more deadly QE

Whether or not Britain needs more quantitative easing is questionable, says Matthew Lynn. But you can be sure we don’t want it Japanese-style.

Globalisation in retreat

World trade is stagnating and protectionist populism seems to be on the rise. Is this the end for globalisation? Alex Rankine reports.

Nick Train: Don’t entrust your money to the clever-clogs

Dull plodding is what wins the race in the end. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Nick Train of Finsbury Growth & Income Trust.

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