Frightening times for fat cats

Why lower pay for bosses could be good for investors

  • What's best: value investing or growth investing?

The £635m tax dodge that went wrong

Hundreds of sports stars and celebrities will be receiving million-pound bills after the failure of a tax-avoidance scheme. Simon Wilson explains how it was supposed to work.

A second referendum would be a disaster

There is a perfectly respectable political case for holding a second Brexit vote, says Matthew Lynn. But to do so would be a disaster for business for these three reasons.

Diana Choyleva: the unravelling of globalisation

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Diana Choyleva about how globalisation is “unravelling”, and what that means for the world economy.

Italy heads for euro exit

Italy used to be able to gain breathing space by letting its currency depreciate. Now that it’s part of the single currency, it can’t.

Can the Trumpflation rally last?

There has been a remarkable shift towards bullishness since Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

This week in MoneyWeek: the truth about excessive executive pay

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: executive fatcats: are they worth the money? The unravelling of globalisation. And which is best: value investing or growth investing?

Are soaring CEO salaries a burden on business?

Executive pay has been rocketing for decades, exciting the envy of wage slaves. But should investors avoid or opt for stocks helmed by well-rewarded executives, asks Richard Beddard.

Time to tackle executive pay

The government’s plans to tackle unfair lettings fees is a good start, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Now let’s move on to executive pay.

Can the Trump rally last?

Since Donald Trump won the US election, stocks and commodities have roared higher. But, asks Dominic Frisby, is the rally here to stay?

How worried should you be about Italy's referendum?

This Sunday, Italy is holding a referendum on constitutional reform. Investors are worried it could spark a new crisis in the eurozone. John Stepek examines what’s at stake.

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