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Merryn Somerset Webb started her career in Tokyo at public broadcaster NHK before becoming a Japanese equity broker at what was then Warburgs. She went on to work at SBC and then UBS without moving from her desk in Kamiyacho (it was the age of mergers).


After five years in Japan she returned to work in the UK at Paribas. This soon became BNP Paribas. Again no desk move was required. On leaving the City, Merryn helped The Week magazine with its City pages before becoming the launch editor of Moneyweek in 2000.


14 years on, Moneyweek is the best-selling financial magazine in the UK and Merryn remains as its editor-in-chief. Merryn also has a weekly column in the FT and a monthly column in Saga. She is a regular TV/radio commentator and speaker on financial matters and contributes to publications from the Spectator and Prospect to Woman & Home and Libertine (a magazine for the thoughtful woman).


She is a trustee of the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation (which kindly financed her initial Japanese language education and sponsored her at NHK) and is a director of two investment trusts – the Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Trust and the Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust.


Merryn has a first class degree in history and economics from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in Business Administration from BBP University. She took and passed (with distinction) the Private Client Investment and Investment Management exam (which qualifies her to Level 6) in 2013.

Articles written by Merryn Somerset Webb

Jeremy Corbyn is what you get when you mess with capitalism

A delayed reaction to the bank bailouts is behind the surge in popular support for protest politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The rising cost of charitable tax relief

The more money given to charities in the form of tax relief, the less there is to spend on schools and hospitals.

If George Osborne doesn’t kill buy-to-let, Jeremy Corbyn will

I didn’t think there was a politician out there stupid enough to take right-to-buy to its ridiculous logical extreme, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But there is: Jeremy Corbyn.

Spanish galleons, treasure hunters and speculators: how bubbles never change

From 17th-century treasure hunting to prime London property, the bubbles of 400 years ago are no different to the ones we blow today, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Why bankers can’t afford boats any more

Bankers might still be getting bonuses, but it’s not like the old days. They and their industry are being eclipsed by a whole new breed of entrepreneur.

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