Japanese stock markets

Buy in to Japan’s new dawn

Overseas investors were net sellers of Japanese stocks last year. But Japan is entering a new era of “beautiful harmony”, and investors should get on board.

Why now could be a good time to top up on Japan

Japanese stocks haven’t done well this year as deflation maintains its grip on the country. But a big buying opportunity could be just around the corner. John Stepek explains why.

Japan’s skewed stockmarket

The Bank of Japan is now the largest investor in exchange-traded funds in the Japanese stockmarket, thereby skewing the market in two key ways.

Japan: the only way is up

This year has not been kind to Japanese equities. But at these levels, things can only get better for Japan, reports Andrew Van Sickle.

Why now looks a good time to back Japan over the US

There are many reasons to buy Japanese stocks over US stocks. Here, John Stepek outlines three of the most compelling.

Don’t expect Japan to put up with the strengthening yen

With the yen getting stronger, Japan looks to be losing the global currency war. But that could all be about to change, says John Stepek. Here’s why, and what it means for you.

Central banks out of ammo? You wish

The Bank of Japan’s introduction of negative interest rates proves that when it comes to central banks, there is no limit to their meddling. John Stepek looks at what the latest move means for the markets.

Japan’s bear market: a buying opportunity

Despite the drop in the value of Japanese shares, the fundamentals look auspicious.

Simon Somerville: looking for income? Buy Japan

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to fund manager Simon Somerville about investing in Japan, and why things are getting better and better for shareholders.

In MoneyWeek this week: How I learned to love the oil price crash

After another thrilling week, with UK stocks hitting bear territory, and oil getting cheaper and cheaper, Ben Judge takes a look at the main stories in this week’s MoneyWeek magazine.

An intriguing play on Japan

A new investment trust launching in London next week could herald a new way of thinking about Japan. David C Stevenson explains.

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