Blowing It

Till contractual obligations do us part

Marriage has taken a consumerist turn as pre- and postnups become the norm.

Cameron chillaxes in his man cave

David Cameron in his posh shed

Free from the burdens of office, David Cameron is “chillaxing” and writing his memoirs in a new bespoke £25,000 garden shed.

Spare the child and blow the inheritance

Leaving all your money to your grandchildren can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Cashing in on Brand Beckham

Let’s face it, Brand Beckham are a world apart from the likes of us.

Emma Watson’s lucrative decision

Still from the film Beauty and the Beast

Actress Emma Watson rued the day she passed up La La Land, but hit the jackpot with Beauty and the Beast.

How violins can ruin your life

South Korean-born musical prodigy Min Kym was left distraught by the theft of her Stradivarius violin.

Ed Sheeran: a breed of pop star as rare as a unicorn

Ed Sheeran is about as far away from your typical pop star as you can possibly get.

Mudslinger Katie Hopkins slips on her own muck

Libelling food blogger Jack Monroe was an expensive mistake for columnist Katie Hopkins.

The price of a knighthood

Philip Green

Money may not buy you love, but it does help if you want to hang on to your fancy title.

The award for biggest gaffe goes to…

Handing the best picture award to the wrong film was exactly what the Oscars needed.

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