Blowing It

Debutantes who crave “a bit of rough”

An heiress choosing a “bad boy” to marry is a win-win for everybody.

What’s worse than a boring boss?

Having a boring boss is not necessarily the worst thing in the world.

The rush to decadence in New York’s bars

New York's Oscar Wilde bar

The Big Apple’s bar owners are creating ever more extravagant watering holes.

Mary Poppins meets James Bond

The sky’s the limit when it comes to some parents hiring nannies for their children.

The Middle East’s Great Gatsby

Arms dealing may be morally dubious, but as Adnan Khashoggi well knew, it is lucrative.

Paltrow’s New York parking lot detox

The actress was out hawking her wares at an exclusive health-and-wellness exhibition in New York.

The cult of the competitive honeymoon

The average honeymoon is getting more and more lavish and ever more expensive.

The smug world of the Notting Hill set

Still from Notting Hill

The death of the Notting Hill set is all but assured, regardless of what happens in the election.

Schmoozing with the A-list in Cannes

Pirates of the Caribbean still

It’s the mega-yachts that are grabbing all the attention at the film festival.

A magical mystery tour of Brexit Britain

American tourists to Britain can wallow in Brexit ambience with a visit to the capital.

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