Blowing It

The world’s glitziest prisons

Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey © Getty images

It’s not all bad when it comes to being banged up behind these bars.

Space tourists are ready for take-off

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie © Rex Features

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are among those to have booked their seats to go into space – which may prove to be a little awkward.

Still partying like it’s 1999

Aynhoe Park © Getty images

Forget turning 21, the hip age at which to get down and boogie is now 50.

How Trump killed soap

Scriptwriters would be hard pushed to beat the Trumps when it comes to melodrama.

Billionaire publisher who liked a gamble

Si Newhouse and Anna Wintour © Rex Features

Publishing lost one of its characters in Si Newhouse earlier this month.

Boris Becker’s crippling £54.4m debt

Boris Becker and John Caudwell © Getty images

Even during his salad days there were hints that Boris Becker wasn’t the most responsible of people.

The man who lost £2m in an afternoon

Harry Findlay © Getty images

A lesser man would have quit gambling after sustaining such losses. But not Harry Findlay.

A second home for the rich-but-dubious

Every year, several thousand people spend a combined $2bn or more on buying a second citizenship.

The trials of America’s most hated man

Martin Shkreli © Getty images

Being America’s most hated man may not seem an enviable position, but it does have its perks.

The stylish exit of a born magnifico

David Tang © Getty images

With Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell among his pals, David Tang’s memorial service is likely to be the most A-list event of the year.

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