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6 Dec 2019

Money Minute Thursday 21 November: ECB minutes and Royal Mail results

The European Central Bank releases the minutes of its lates interest-rate-setting meeting today, while Royal Mail publishes its latest six-monthly res…
21 Nov 2019
Investment strategy

How the FTSE reshuffle works

Royal Mail has been demoted from the FTSE 100 in the latest quarterly review. John Stepek explains how the decision is made.
7 Dec 2018

Warning to employees: the value of your employer can fall as well as rise

If we are to make employee share ownership more widely available – as we should – we have to educate workers on how equity markets behave, says Merryn…
8 Oct 2018

Hands off the Royal Mail

If Labour comes to power, it has promised to renationalise the country’s postie. It should leave well alone – the business is doing just fine as it is…
13 Apr 2018
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Can Royal Mail deliver?

Royal Mail has struggled in the years since it was privatised. Should investors expect more of the same? Matthew Partridge investigates.
15 Sep 2017
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If you’d invested in: Wizz Air and Royal Mail

Wizz Air is the largest low-cost airline in central and eastern Europe – and it is flying high.
18 Aug 2017
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Company in the news: Royal Mail

Phil Oakley explains what the dramatic collapse of competitor City Link means for Royal Mail.
9 Jan 2015

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Shares in focus: Can Royal Mail deliver profits?

Pessimism surrounds the mail service’s prospects. Is it overblown, and should you buy the shares? Phil Oakley investigates.
17 Oct 2014
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Was Royal Mail's IPO really too cheap?

Royal Mail's share price chart shows why it pays to use a trading system that's independent of politics. John C Burford explains.
6 Oct 2014
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Company in the news: Royal Mail Group

Shares in Royal Mail were a steal at their flotation price, but have now fallen back as the company has run into a few problems. Phil Oakley asks if i…
25 Jul 2014
UK Economy

Everything’s for sale

The underpriced valuation of Royal Mail proves that nothing's changed in decades, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
31 Oct 2013
Stocks and shares

Company in the news: Royal Mail Group

Royal Mail shares looked tempting before the float. But, now the shares have risen in price, is it too late to buy? Phil Oakley reports.
18 Oct 2013

Was the Royal Mail sold off too cheaply?

Was the British public betrayed by an overzealous government in the Royal Mail sell-off? Emily Hohler reports.
17 Oct 2013
UK Economy

Royal Mail: Another botched sell-off

As the chaotic privatisation of Royal Mail showed, the government has learnt nothing, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
17 Oct 2013
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Royal Mail shares soar to new highs - should you bank profits?

As ‘unconditional trading’ starts in Royal Mail shares, the price has soared to new highs. Ed Bowsher looks at whether you should sell now, or hold on…
15 Oct 2013
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Should you sell your Royal Mail shares?

Royal Mail shares shot up by almost 40% on Friday. So is it time to take a quick profit, or should you hold on to them? Ed Bowsher investigates.
14 Oct 2013
UK Economy

Royal Mail comes to market

Britain’s biggest privatisation since the 1980s proved a big hit with the public this week.
10 Oct 2013

Royal Mail share sale – should you buy?

The Royal Mail is up for sale. Ed Bowsher looks at whether it's worth buying in, and how you would go about getting your hands on the shares.
3 Oct 2013
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Shares in focus: Should you buy Royal Mail?

From basketcase to well-run business, Royal Mail is finally going private. Should you buy the shares? Phil Oakley investigates.
20 Sep 2013
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Dying business, striking staff – should you really buy Royal Mail?

There are plenty of reasons to avoid buying shares in Royal Mail. But despite all its problems, could it still be worth a punt?
13 Sep 2013
UK Economy

Privatising the Queen’s head

Is the government right to be selling off yet another national treasure in the Royal Mail? Piper Terrett reports.
24 Jul 2013
Stocks and shares

Royal Mail's 3.0bn-pound IPO gathers momentum

The government has revealed that the flotation of the Royal Mail will be led by investment banks Goldman Sachs and UBS.
29 May 2013