Pensions are changing. Old-style defined-benefits pensions are disappearing. State coffers are running dry. And the government is constantly fiddling with the pensions rules. A comfortable retirement is by no means guaranteed.

So now more than ever it’s vital that you build up a healthy pot of money that you can draw on to fund your retirement. At MoneyWeek, we can help you do that. Not only accumulating your pension pot throughout your working years, but also making sure it produces the income you need to enjoy your retirement.

Latest articles on pensions

Will you miss out on state pension cash?

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Pressure is mounting on ministers to relax rules that mean thousands of people have missed out on state-pension benefits by failing to register for child benefit.

Beware of the lifetime allowance on pension funds

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It’s easier than you think to run up against the pensions lifetime allowance, says David Prosser.

The end of the road for insane pension transfer values

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The Pensions Regulator could put a stop to the ridiculously high offers made to people transferring out of their defined-benefit pension schemes.

Are you paying too much for your DIY pension?

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If you have a DIY pension, keep an eye on the fees, says David Prosser.

Brexit: no deal, no pension

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A no-deal Brexit could scupper pension payouts for retirees in Europe. Should you worry?

Pensions and savings tax relief under attack

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MPs want to reform the savings and pensions tax relief system to benefit the less well-off.

Children's pensions: should you save for junior?

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Starting a pension for your child might not be the best option, says David Prosser.

Pension withdrawals tax trap won’t be closed

Chirpy pensioners playing Jenga © Alamy

HMRC refuses to reform its clumsy taxation of pension withdrawals, says David Prosser.

How to avoid pension drawdown rip-offs

Woman holding money © Alamy

Pensions freedom has overwhelmed some savers, says David Prosser. But new rules are on the way.

Civil partnership ruling boosts pension rights

A Supreme Court ruling that it is unlawful for an opposite-sex couple to be barred from entering into a civil partnership could help many more people qualify for pension benefits.

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